Dreamsmall 81 Pounds lost. My weight loss journey.

hello and welcome to my youtube channel been trying all morning to get this video up and so I’m hoping that this time I might finally be able to work out this technology business type thing so anyway, Im Marie and I have been losing weight since April the 11th of last year which was 2016 Up to date I have lost 81 pounds… 81 pounds!! that’s amazing five stone 10 pounds. I have four stone left to lose and I’m initially I wanted to put a video right at the beginning of my weight loss journey but I had no confidence and to be fair I’ve been on a lots of diet before and never lost so I guess in my own mind I thought I would fail I didn’t realize how far how I would come and in such a short time either to be honest with you and I’m going to show you a picture on my computer because i’m not very techincal minded so i don’t know how to put a look at pop-up things that you get in here youtube videos maybe i will learn that! So excuse my hand, so this is what I used to look like I’m hoping thats in focus. Erm that was about a year before I started losing weight and hope you can all see that so yeah that was me before I started losing weight and this is me now. So my youtube channel will be a little bit different I think from the ones that are usually found on YouTube. I’m not following a plan a diet ketones thing or anything like that that I’m just eating normal food same food my family eats obviously I clearly exercise a lot more than he used to I would like to try and inspire you to believe that even normal people, people on a budget people who don’t don’t necessarily wear full face of makeup or nail varnish or girly girls I can’t afford any of them things so I don’t have them I don’t miss them because I never had them so i’m just a normal mom my husband works but you know we’re not rich by any means of anything so like I said this is just a small video just to say hello I’m going to try and upload two or three videos a week depending on what I am doing, whether i go for a walk or if I just think of something that you know inspires me or makes me angry or anything like that so I hope that you will tune in to my videos subscribe like comment and there will be more of them and as I get more able to work the YouTube things I might be able to do all these technical nice things but up until then it will just be me talking to a camera which I think is fine and so anyway like I say it’s lovely to meet you all and welcome to my channel and I hope that you come back and see me soon ok take care of yourself until then bye

7 thoughts on “Dreamsmall 81 Pounds lost. My weight loss journey.

  1. Made ne smile when you said(this is me now.) 🙂 well done marie you've come so far and you will inspire lots of people.Me included.

  2. 💜💚💜💙💜 Congrats on all the weight loss, I've subscribed! Plz visit me too

  3. Hi Marie, congratulations on losing 81lbs in less than a year! That is excellent. I like what you said about "normal" people losing weight. I don't have the budget for fancy gadgets, specialty protein shakes, equipment, etc, but I CAN do this! I just started my journey and pray I will continue this time until I am successful. I just uploaded my first video this week, maybe YouTube will help to hold myself accountable. I just recorded my workout this morning…yikes, what I saw is scary…not sure I will post, but maybe! Anyway, I have subscribed and am here to support you through this. 🙂

  4. your videos are great. i'm the same. i don't know how to fancy up anything, it will be a learning process

  5. Wow, congratulations on the weight loss. You are an inspiration and keep up the great work. I am not tech ssvvy either, but I do the best can.

  6. Juicing with Mama Beast.. Gone wrong
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  7. congratulations! I think eating "normal' food is so smart, we are on a weight loss journey as well and that is what we agreed also, to do. Peace and love Jenny

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