DrinkPure HOME – Water filter – Safe water from tap

Natural water is essential for our health, but unfortunately tap water often tastes bad and can be polluted. Imagine you can get instant water wherever you are and wherever you go This is why we have developed DrinkPure HOME. DrinkPure HOME is a revolutionary water filter made in Switzerland. You can easily attach it to every faucet. Enjoy great tasting and safe water. In most cases, tap water tastes bad due to rust, iron and high limescale levels. Even worse, studies have shown that you can find the same type of bacteria in tap water as you can find on your
toilet seat. It was our challenge to develop one simple device that takes care of it all; DrinkPure HOME provides you with safe and natural tasting water instantly. In collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology we have developed a patented product. Thanks to our high performance membrane, DrinkPure Home is the only water filter which removes taste, chlorine and also takes care of bacteria. You can filter up to 500L. The best thing about DrinkPure HOME is that you don’t have to buy an
entire filter again you can replace your filter cartridge yourself. It’s that simple. Imagine how much money and time you can save if you don’t have to buy and and carry all these plastic bottles. Do something good for your environment and save some money. But now enough from our side, let’s hear what people around the world say: Back home in Singapore, I used to boil the water to remove the bacteria from the water. And now with DrinkPure HOME it’s a lot more convenient because I can just turn on the tap and I get clean and pure drinking water straight out from the tap. Because you are what you eat and drink, so having clean water is very important to me. I spend a lot of my time on business trips and have a very active lifestyle. DrinkPure HOME gives me the flexibility I need and I can take it wherever I go. It’s very easy to fix
DrinkPure Home allows me to have tasty and safe water. I just don’t like the taste of tap water in our area. I’m really happy to have DrinkPure HOME because
it protects my family and I don’t have to have to carry all the expensive plastic bottles anymore. After years of development and over 50 prototypes,
we are just one step away. Now we need your help!

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