Ducati Multistrada 1260 S is the most feature packed motorcycle that I’ve ever ridden. There’s been some misunderstanding in
comparing this motorcycle to the likes of Triumph’s 1200 tiger or the BMW R1250 GS but as the 17-inch alloy wheels and the sharp handling should tell you the
Multistrada is a sport tourer competing against the likes of the BMW s1000xr and
the KTM 1290 Super Duke GT. The Multistrada 1200 was already a stellar
motorcycle but with the 1260 they’ve added a host of new features. The bigger
engine lets them put down more power despite the Euro 4 emission norms and
even the torque figures have improved to an impressive 129.5 Newton meters.
The 1260 S also gets cornering LED lights with self cancelling indicators
and an electronics package that would give competition to some of the liter
bikes out there in the handling front it feels like a tall naked sport bike and
trust me it can corner but with the bigger engine the main change to the
bikes’ dynamics come with a 1585 millimeters of wheel base which is 48 millimeters longer than the previous version and with a 25
degree rake angle the focus was to gain a lot more stability on straight line
for cruising on the highway, while compromising a little bit on the agility.
But what better way to test it then to take it out to the most chaotic Indian
highway? So let’s go out and find out how it performs there. This motorcycle has
been provided to us by Ducati Mohan Motors Kolkata for a full road test and
review so if you want to book any Ducati motorcycle or test drive call the
numbers on screen and I’m sure they’ll be happy to help you out. Early morning
start up on the Ducati Multistrada 1260 S. and if you’re wondering what that is
that’s a GPS unit from TomTom. Now riding in the urban mode suspension set to soft
seat height is the lowest that’s very much needed in the city would switch it
up back to the touring mode once we hit the highways also in the urban mode the
power’s cut off along with a slower uptake, so it’s also the rain mode if you
are riding in the wets and you want more traction control urban mode’s the way to go. It really tames the motorcycle, what I don’t like so much is because of the
really soft suspension it kind of wobbles a bit too much the Multistrada
as the devil’s engine the 262 CC twin cylinder L configuration, L twin
engine from the Ducati’s X-Diavel and now even the newly launched 2019 Ducati Diavel has the same engine it’s a DVT engine and what that means is even with a high
amount of torque even if you’re doing lower gears the bike doesn’t stutter
around that much it’s very smooth it’s one of the most smoothest Ducatis that
I’ve ridden and I think on the Multistrada it makes a lot of sense because you do
want the touring motorcycle to be the most smooth
and vibe free experience for being a premium turrets now this being a twin in
this around 5,000 rpm there are slight vibes on the seat, foot pegs and
everywhere else but right as I shifted up to third and move to around three and
a half thousand four thousand rpm there are no more vibes and it’s pretty vibe
free on the higher RPM as well. I’ve ridden it once toured on it before so I’m pretty
used to this motorcycle. Initially when you get up on the bike you do feel that
the curb weight this is 232 kg you do feel that but once you start moving it’s
one of the easier bikes to ride. Some bumper to bumper traffic the engine is
warming up pretty much it’s not unbearable it’s like a lukewarm heat
what I am wearing knee protectors and all that some of that heat does get
filtered away with the riding boots and knee protectors but still I can feel
that it’s warming up so this is no city traffic bumper-to-bumper bike because
that in the city would heat up quite a bit but I’ve ridden it in the highway
and once you start building those speeds it doesn’t really heat up so being a
twin and being Ducati I thought I’d talk about the heating a bit. Obviously riding
in the tool mode – overall balanced mode for me, the
suspension is kind of soft but not too soft just
perfect to take in the bumps but still offer you enough for some sport riding
and some cornering. The power, is the full power mode but it still has that slight
bit of slower uptake so you don’t need that bonkers on full power delivery. Just happy with the full power but slightly slow uptake. The wind protection
that this bike offers is absolutely phenomenal! with this wind(screen) setting, ofcourse we are on the S model which means a quickshifter is there no clutch operation is
needed. And also a down shifter is there which is the auto Blippar Ducati calls
it up and down quick shifter. The screen is one of the easiest to adjust
you just press it while you are riding and you can easily adjust it. and see what this motorcycle can do… think of this kind of like a naked sport
bike a little heavier and a lot more comfortable. That’s the Ducati Multistrada… I just wanted to talk to you guys about
the bad patches since this place seems to have a lot and the Multistrada seems
to be cruising over all of those. See, here got some bad patches and deliberately go over them, now, we are in the touring mode and that means even on the
higher bumpers you don’t risk scraping the bottom, so the Multistrada, we just did another 20- 30 kilometers on it I think and one
thing I really want to stress is this is one of the only few bikes where I’m
comfortable using the rear brakes as well I usually do front brake only not
on this bike I’m doing simultaneous braking because the rear brake, when you go hard on the rear brake usually if you’re entering a corner it
makes you miss your line or even in other ways it’s kind of destabilizes the
motorcycle. I just don’t like the feel of rear brakes on most motorcycles
especially on sport bikes, I I use front brake only and on naked bikes I just tap
in a little bit like 70/30 or an 80/20. I must say that I’m using somewhat like
60-40 and more like a simultaneous braking. I like, having options in
life and the Multistrada does offer you a lot of options like there are three
colorways this is the grey version there is the Arctic white and the traditional
Ducati red which I love so much I believe this is called the Volcano grey.
This is a new colorway for the 1260 and only available in the S variant. The standard
variant or the basic variant rather comes with only the Ducati red colorway
mostly they sell the S version because it has the skyhook electronic suspension
and a lot of other features so the S is the highest selling variant are not the
base version but if you go for the Ducati touring kit, you get a center stand and you get heated grips so yeah heated grip is
something I feel should have been coming standard with the motorcycle but it
doesn’t if there is a top box as well it’s not part of the tooling kit but
I’ve used it in a previous tool and it’s my favorite because my huge heavy camera
backpack goes in there and it just stays there securely but the panniers increase
the bikes clearance you know so when you are riding in India the problem is with
the clearance you need to filter through some tight spaces at times and that
doesn’t happen if you are using the pannier so I prefer having the top box
also for the pillion rider it has acts as a safety because you don’t need to
worry about him or her falling backwards and it’s a nice backrest. Touring mode;
it’s a bit more comfortable so I need to switch it to the sport mode long press
mode button and then you get into them
menu where you get all the options short press close swaddle and you have
changed the modes obviously the suspension steps up and
the bike feels completely different right now… Even the braking feels better because
the front-end dive gets so less in the sport mode believe me these are Brembo m50 calipers so the brakes are absolutely stunning
but apply them under the urban mode and the suspension dives so much that you
actually feel that the braking is bad. That’s where I feel the skyhook is so
amazing you know having an adjustable suspension means nothing if you cannot
do it on the fly because suppose you get a bad patch of road… you immidiately won’t be able to switch on a conventional motorcycle to a softer setup, so nobody’s gonna take out their spanners
and adjust the suspension correctly for the type of road so even having adjustable suspension means you can adjust it to
one setting preference that you have during your rides and not
all the time. So, with the electronic suspension on a touring bike
you just adapt to the situation as it happens. if you’re thinking about the practical
usage of these motorcycle, which is like touring, I don’t think if this motorcycle
lost a little bit of its power it would take away much from the experience yeah
it would probably not be such a bonkers bike as it is right now but that would
not really take it away much from the touring experience because even that
bike is doing 200 kilometers per hour quite easily which is way over speed
limits in any country in the world and in touring you really don’t care about
your 0-100 timings and all that acceleration… So, the Multistrada 950 is going to be a pretty good choice for most riders. Even being engine braking is so apt, I really, don’t need to apply the brakes so much I feel even the engine braking
is smoother on the touring mode and the sport version is
I wouldn’t say abrupt it’s just accurate, the way your closing up and opening up the throttle is instantly reflected on the way the motorcycle behaves.
Especially when you ride a motorcycle you talk about it’s characteristics but
look the Multistrada it’s multi bike, excellent
view by the way and that’s what it truly is especially with the
Skyhook suspension and three power modes it’s got a Ducati
wheelie control even that’s an eight-way wheelie control there is an eight-way
traction control even a 3-way ABS. Mode one is basically for of-froad, mode 2 is
where sport is and that’s basically what most people would need. Mode 3 is
like you’re over cautious cornering ABS, a little bit extra mile to protect you
and that’s basically on the wets and stuff so you have a threeway ABS and and even the suspension, you can set it up for comfort or performance and what you have is a photo of a motorcycle and on that you have three
easy beginner friendly terms where you can just select and
tell you that if you’re going for softer you’re probably getting more comfort at
the same time losing performance and if you’re going for the harder suspension
setup like I am on the sport mode right now
I have lesser comfort but it’s good because that road condition has
really improved right now but I have an optimum performance for the motorcycle.
You can set the suspension with it’s loading capacity and that is something
very unique you can set rider plus passenger, rider only, or rider plus
luggage and the way you do that it will automatically adjust its preload and
everything now if you say that you want to have the power of touring but you
want to stay in urban mode even that can be done. Then we’re gonna… Multistrada… is one of the easiest bikes to ride fast on any kind of highway, be it an Indian highway or whatever, I do recommend you to go to the sport
mode before you do all of that because you really need the harder suspension
for the brakes to be more effective the front end dive to be less and even in
the sport mode you know if you have hit a bump or something it’s still better
than most sport bikes it’s not like gonna be that super hard sorta
suspension if the suspension is the magic component of this motorcycle trust
me I cannot shut up about it. The ergonomics are absolutely spot-on I
absolutely love it. It’s 825 millimeters of seat
height for the India spec version so even if it’s five feet eight inches
height you can easily manage it and that’s because India gets the low seat
accessory as standard whereas European version is 845 millimeters the seat height as you can see is the first thing and the second
thing is the upright sitting position it slightly 10 degree 15 degree lean
forward gives you that good edge if you’re doing sport riding but when you
are relaxing it back it’s just not going to tire you all day and the suspension
will obviously soak up the bumps adding to that factor the windshield like I
showed you it’s fully adjustable this is not an adventure bike in every way this
is a perfect bike for any kind of road and the true king of the highway, not all highways have perfect road conditions but no
matter what your road conditions are you will always be perfectly poised and
ready to handle the situations. Turn on the cruise control
set it to a speed you are comfortable with… and then you just let go of the throttle
and if you can maneuver the bike a little bit with your body that’s good. You can accelerate of course that brakes
the cruise control then you can set it again let go of the throttle and enjoy the
ride I mean this is not safe by the way you should keep your hands on the
handlebar at all times I’m just showing you that no 200 input is required
that’s the Ducati cruise control as soon as you hit the brakes or accelerate
cruise control goes away Riding the Multistrada now with a pillion after that excellent photo session you can follow me on Instagram some dope
contents’ coming or maybe it’s already uploaded for the 1260 Multistrada
riding with a pillion I knew I was doing 180 km/h with the
pillion and the bikes riding dynamics doesn’t really change that much
obviously if you want you can change up the suspension settings make it specify
rider which billion so it’ll adjust better I haven’t really had the time to
go into the suspension because mostly I’ll be riding solo so I didn’t really
go into it. Fuel consumption has been a constant 15 kilometers per litre
15.1- 15.2 that’s what they’re showing, the engine
braking especially on Multistrada which is
good because that’s what I’ve used to on my KTMs… Throttle response is very accurate that’s
something I always like I don’t know why but Ducati always connects to you
on a special level I guess some people call it character, I basically kind it just connects better through the heartstrings there’s just something that makes you
feel that the machine is kind of like an extension of you… And these are the things why I ask people to take a… test drive and see for themselves The experience that the Ducati produces the Multistrada 1260 S has impeccable styling. The wider front snout, the huge yet clean side panels and the single-sided
swingarm makes it turn heads wherever it goes but this isn’t just about looks
many times sport bike owners have come up to me and said they bought it because
of the looks and they regret it whenever they take it out on a tour and they can
never take a pillion. If you own a big displacement sport bike the question is
how often do you take it out to the track or Canyon riding and if that
answer is very few times or never then why not this? With 825 millimeters of
seat height anyone around five feet eight would be able to handle it and
this is one of the most comfortable bikes to ride even after hundreds of
kilometers of riding I feel very little rider fatigue even when you are carrying
a pillion or luggage or when the road conditions are far from perfect this
remains the motorcycle that keeps the rider very comfortable I find very
little to criticize on the motorcycle in two years there is a v4 Multistrada
that’s going to come and for that version I have a suggestion for a few
improvements firstly the 232 kilograms of curb which should be reduced and I
think that way it will appeal to a lot of riders, secondly the suspension on the
sport mode could be made a bit stiffer and that way I feel the bike will change
directions more easily almost every Multistrada owner that I
know protects their motorcycle with an adventure touring cage Ducati doesn’t
offer it even as an accessory so owners have to go for aftermarket
parts I feel it should come standard at least with the S variant so if you guys
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