Simpro DumpMaster’s are possibly the safest, most efficient, and easy to use bin tippers in the world. DumpMaster’s are incredibly easy to use. Simply latch the bin onto the cradle and close the door. Press and hold the raise button. When the cart gets to the top, release the button, and allow the product to empty. When the cart is empty, simply press and hold the lower button, and the cradle lowers gently to ground level. The tipping cycle can take as little as 15 seconds. With a DumpMaster it really is that easy. The DumpMaster’s hydraulics do the heavy lifting for you, eliminating the risk of back injuries. DumpMasters can empty all common waste carts weighing up to 550 lbs. There’s no need to manually clamp the carts or to adjust the cradle for different cart sizes. DumpMasters have a unique tipping action which raises carts vertically to the height of the hopper and then gently rolls them forward. The weight of the cart is always within the footprint of the machine ensuring safety and stability in operation. DumpMasters are virtually maintenance free and made to last. With a galvanized main-frame and cradle, zinc-plated guarding, and weather-proof controls the DumpMaster can be used and stored outdoors indefinitely. The range of Dumpmaster models covers almost every imaginable application. Standard series models cater for all common waste carts up 64 gallons. Whatever your tipping requirement, a DumpMaster is the best solution. The MegaDumper is similar to the DumpMaster, but caters for Euro-style wheelie bins up to 1100 liters or other large bins. The MegaDumper is strengthened to allow for an impressive 1600 pound capacity. DumpMasters are available in 3 standard tipping heights, 4, 5, and 6 feet, but can be economically built with tipping heights from 27 inches to 20 feet or more. Notice how floor space requirements do not change with increased tip heights. DumpMasters can be mains or battery-powered or even compressed air-powered for use in hazardous areas. Battery-powered DumpMasters can be fitted with a solar panel for use in remote areas. An impressive array of options and accessories is available for the Dumpmaster, covering tipping heights, bin types and sizes, power sources, guarding systems, casters and construction materials. The DumpMaster is a combined result of over a quarter of a century of manufacturing experience, innovative design, quality components, and expert workmanship. The DumpMaster is another winning design from Simpro, the established leaders in intelligent handling solutions worldwide. DumpMasters are engineered to meet or exceed relevant international quality and safety standards. Whether you select one of our standard best sellers or a custom-built solution, when you choose a DumpMaster, you can rest assured that your investment is reliable, efficient, economic and easy-to-use, and most importantly – safe. Simpro: The best solution for all your tipping needs. Contact your Simpro distributor today.

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