E.ON Heat – How To Read Your HIU Meter

Hi my name is Shaun and I’m going to show you how to read a meter. Unlike traditional systems where your meter is found in another location, yours will be found on the front of your heated
interface unit. Usually this will be a one to five digit number reading in
kilowatt hours which will be abbreviated to kWh. If your meter is not showing
anything simply press the button and your meter reading would then come up
and it’s as easy as that

One thought on “E.ON Heat – How To Read Your HIU Meter

  1. Or if you want to know how much your electric is really costing you ,never mind all the gobbledegook from the company ,Take the total cost of your gas or electric bill and turn it into pence if say for argument its a £100 all in for the electric bill divide the £100 by the cost of the total amount of Kw hours used then you know the true cost then do the gas bill ,

    Thing is if you set your energy meter to read units used at say 15pence when the real cost is 18 pence per unit you are getting a false idea of what the bill is going to be !

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