Easy-Count Scale Calibration

Uline Easy Count Scales are pre-calibrated
when you receive them, however, you may need to re-calibrate them if they’ve become inaccurate. It is also recommended that you calibrate
your scale at least once every year. Precision calibration weights must be used
to properly calibrate the scale. Calibration weight must be at least 1/3 of
the scale’s capacity and cannot exceed the scale’s full capacity. Scales can be calibrated in pounds or kilograms. To change the unit of measure, turn the scale
on and press the UNIT key until LB or KG show on the display. Then, turn off the scale. You are now ready to calibrate your scale. In this video, we will be using single point
calibration. To begin, turn the scale on. While it counts down from 9 to 0, press the
% and TARE keys simultaneously and release. UNLOAD will be displayed. Remove all items from the platform and press
the ZERO/ENTER key to set the initial calibration point. Use the %, LIMIT and TARE keys to key in the
calibration weight you’re using. Press the ZERO/ENTER key. LOAD will be displayed. Now, place the calibration weight on the platform. When the stable indicator, the circle on the
left side of display appears, press the ZERO/ENTER key. Remove all weight from platform. Calibration is complete. The scale will restart and count-down to zero. The scale will restart on its own and be ready
for use. Should you choose not to calibrate the scale
yourself Uline’s Repair department can be reached by calling Customer Service. You can always rely on ULINE for exceptional
customer support.

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