Easy Ham Recipe – How to Bake a Ham

-Wondering how to bake ham? The first thing
you know is the ham you bought is most likely already cooked, so stop worrying about handling
raw meat. There isn??t any. Just dive right in using this method. First, place the ham
on a rack in a roasting pan. Next, insert an oven-going thermometer. Trust me, an instant
read thermometer is not up for this task. Insert the thermometer into the meat, making
sure it??s not touching bone or you will not get an accurate temperature reading. Bake
the ham in a 325-degree oven for about 1 hour and 45 minutes. While the ham is baking, whip
up a flavorful glaze. Ours is based on apricot preserves. When baking time is up, remove
the ham from the oven and brush with some of the glaze. Bake the ham 30 minutes more
or until the thermometer reads 140 degrees and the ham is ready for carving. That??s
all it takes for a sweetly seasoned, juicy, baked ham that will be a hit with family and

12 thoughts on “Easy Ham Recipe – How to Bake a Ham

  1. Shouldn't you look at the weight of the ham then go by the cooking directions on the amount of time to bake the ham?

  2. Thanks, 1st time a ham came out right. Didn't have a good glaze so I used Log Cabin. Maple flavored ham. Still not hot enough for me on the inside @ 140 degrees. A little microwave cured that. Oh yeah you can guess how many times I tried by my age. I'm 66.

  3. A few suggestions to avoid drying out a 6-7 lb ham during baking. 1. bake at 275 for 2 1/2 hours, 2. place a cup of water in the pan, 3. seal the ham in the pan with foil during the first 275 bake, remove the foil and increase the oven temp to 325 during the glazing. Done at 140 internal temp.

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