– Hey everyone it’s Mark Wiens and I am hanging out – Hey guys. – This is Trevor James, the Food Ranger. We decided that it would
be a fantastic idea to take a road trip to go eat a lobster. – [Trevor] A lobster journey. – [Mark] We’re starting in Bangkok we’re going to drive down to Mahachai, which is a seafood market, and then from there we’ll be going on to Hua Hin to eat a lobster. – [Trevor] Let’s go find a juicy one. – [Mark] Your mouth is going to water when you see the monstrous
lobsters coming up. But to build your excitement, we first stopped to
explore a seafood market and enjoyed some amazing massaman curry at a Thai street food stall. (upbeat music) We just arrived to Mahachai. That was about a one hour drive. Mahachai is one of Thailand’s biggest wholesale seafood distribution markets. These are freshwater prawns. – [Trevor] Freshwater prawns, so those are packed with head butter. – [Mark] Yes sir. I think this might be inside the market if we can go in here. I think these are king mackerel, right? King mackerel and they are dried, they are salted and dried
and slightly rotting. So a little bit of this
provides a lot of flavor. Just found this indoor market section or it’s covered market section, especially for dried seafood. There’s a lot of dried shrimp back here and some shrimp paste. (speaking Thai) Oh okay, okay. This is krill and this is shrimp. By the way he said we can taste test. – Really? Should we taste this shrimp paste? – [Shop Owner] Eat. Very good. – [Trevor] Very good. Try it out. That is surprisingly really nice. – [Mark] Really salty. This one is the most expensive, so it probably is the best quality right? – [Trevor] I’m gonna taste
a little bit of that. It’s shrimp flavor is a lot stronger. – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s smoother too. – [Trevor] It’s smoother. – Smoother and less grainy. But you’ll definitely need some water if you snack on too much shrimp paste. – Yeah, it’s quite salty. – It is salty, but it’s really good. Very, very fragrant. – [Trevor] Very nice. – I have decided to order
one kilo of shrimp paste to bring back home for Ying’s mom. So far we’ve mostly seen dried seafood, but back here in the market there should be more fresh seafood. Oh yeah, it is confirmed king mackerel. Most of the vendors here
have been telling me most of the fresh seafood is
only open early in the morning. So we’re here a little bit late. If you come to this area
probably at 7 am or so, it would probably just be
packed full of fresh seafood. Just looking for something to eat. These kind ladies they have just told us like ten different things that are available in this vicinity. Different noodles. But actually I think I was the khao gaeng which is rice and curry right here. – [Trevor] Actually
curry sounds pretty good. – [Mark] Oh this looks incredible. So we’re going to get a plate of rice and then you can choose whatever
dish you want on top of it. – [Trevor] You can just
get one or can you get– – [Mark] You can get
however many you want. They’ll just charge
according to what you get. Get as many as you want. Normally, yeah, two, three, four. Usually three. – [Trevor] This looks delicious here. – [Mark] This is massaman curry. – [Trevor] That massaman looks thick. Chicken and potatoes and carrots? – [Mark] Yes. And peanuts on top there. – [Trevor] Oh look at all those peanuts. That looks like it’s packed with flavor. – [Mark] Yeah, it does look great. And I love how there’s whole onions. – [Trevor] Oh onions! Look at that, carrots, potatoes. – [Mark] I asked him to give you an onion. – [Trevor] Good. That looks awesome. – [Mark] Yeah that looks awesome. What up Trevor? And we wanted to actually
have a very simple lunch because tonight we are going
to have an extreme lobster. – [Trevor] We’re going to
try and find a big fat one. – And that’s going to
be a significant meal so we wanted to keep it simple for lunch. We’re just walking around, curry rice stalls are some of my favorite. – [Trevor] This looks amazing. – [Mark] It does look good. I think we have to start
with the massaman, right? – Yeah, wow. Curry and rice stall. That gets the mouth watering. – [Mark] And you can
see those peanuts on top and I think that’s black pepper as well. – [Trevor] You can smell the peanuts. Oh and the sauce is just
soaked into the rice. – [Mark] Oh yeah look at that bite. Mmmmmm. Oh yeah. That’s good. – That’s really good. – Yeah it is. – That peanut, that peanut fragrance. – That’s better than I expected it. – There’s some sort of – There’s a lot of pepper in there. Maybe using some cumin. – [Trevor] That’s what it is. – [Mark] Cumin in there. – Just on that rice. – Yeah, that’s a really good massaman. I’m going to move into that egg yolk, mixed with the massaman. – [Trevor] Oh mine’s broken. – [Mark] Oh it just popped. Oh few things as beautiful
as a popping egg yolk. Okay then if you take
some of that egg yolk and mix it with the massaman. And the nuttiness of that massaman is also really, really good. That’s a highlight. Egg is delicious. – The egg, the massaman,
the peanut fragrance and the rice, it’s just
saturated in one bite. – I think we actually should go ask for some more of the massaman sauce. – Let’s go do that. Let’s go do that. – We can right? – We’re going to go ask
for some more massaman. – That is going to bring
it to the next level. It’s like a massaman soup now. – [Mark] Look at that dude. Juicy, oiliness. – [Trevor] The rice is just
saturated with massaman. – [Mark] Okay I’m going
to take a bite now. Um right in that pool of oil and sauce. – [Trevor] Look at those
peanuts in there right? It is so good right? – [Mark] I’m going to quickly
taste the gaeng ki lek which is the cassia leaf curry. You can feel free to try if you want too. – Yeah, I’m going to go in for my curry. – Mmm. It’s sour and bitter. And I think we should add some chilies. – [Trevor] We’re just
adding a little bit of fish sauce with chilies. – [Mark] Man what a meal. Yeah that was good. – [Trevor] That was insane. – [Mark] What was your favorite dish? – Definitely the massaman. – Massaman was really good and
it had a really good spice, dry spice blended flavor to it. – [Trevor] Now we’re going to move on. – From here now we’re going
to walk back to the car and we are on our way to
Hua Hin to go eat a lobster. (upbeat music) We successfully made it to Hua Hin and we literally, we just parked and we are going straight for the lobster. – The anticipation is just totally– – Sky high!
– Yeah. – The lobster quest is almost complete. – Kind of a touristy night market area. There’s lots of souvenirs but then lots of restaurants as well. Oh and I’m starting to see some lobsters. – Oh! – And gigantic prawns. – [Trevor] Wow! – [Mark] Oh yeah. – [Trevor] (laughing) They’re huge! – [Mark] Thy are huge. (speaking Thai) Yes we came here to eat. Wow look at that stack of seafood. – [Trevor] They’re huge. – [Mark] Look, that’s a prawn man! – Oh that’s a prawn! – [Mark] That’s a prawn dude. – Okay – Thank you! This is a prawn! This is insane! – Wow. – [Mark] I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a prawn this big before. – [Trevor] No. So shall we have two lobsters and two– – [Mark] We’re getting two
lobsters and two king prawns? – Let’s do it. – Man there’s just nothing more satisfying than anticipating a journey all day long, or something you want to eat all day long. And then finally getting here. The three hours drive. The stop at the market. But our minds were
always on these lobsters. A lobster the size of Micah. All right he is getting
ready to chop up our lobster. Oh, look at that tomalley! Oh! The spray! I think they’re going
to steam it real fast and then grill it. And these tiger prawns are just gigantic. Oh man they’re huge. Those are ridiculous. Look at all of that head goodness. That tomalley. Wow. It’s amazing when they grill and you can just see the
bubbling starting to come. Oh the flip. Oh the flip. – [Trevor] Oh that’s
the magic right there. Look at that! – [Mark] Look at the
size and beauty of those. So they’re out of the steamer now. The lobsters are out of the steamer. – [Trevor] Those are huge! – [Mark] Look at that amount
of meat in that shell! Oh that steam is amazing. That is like a lobster steam bath. – [Trevor] Therapeutic lobster steam. – [Mark] That is, seriously. Oh just look at that steam coming up off that freshly grilled lobster. He’s going to cook the
phat phak bung fai daeng which is the water morning glory, and he’s going to give us
a little fireworks show. So he’s got to get that
oil really, really hot. (sizzling) Whoa! I have a teardrop. I have a little teardrop man. – Now we’re going for the feast? – Man and on that note,
all the food is cooked. Trevor and I are sitting down for like a feast of our lifetime. The entire table is just
covered in lobster and shrimp. – [Trevor] So much juicy meat. We just gotta get in. – Dude I’m like speechless. – My mouth is watering, let’s dig in. – The only thing better than one lobster is two lobsters. – [Trevor] Where are
you going to dig from? – [Mark] I wanted to get some of that yellow buttery goodness along with some of the meat. I’m just going to go in right… It’s like a strip man. A strip just comes off. – [Trevor] Oh the head butter in there. – [Mark] Yeah and I’m going
to take my piece and probably grab a piece and dip some of that. Dip some of that juice from the head. – Dip the head juice in there? – [Mark] You gotta make
your first bite count. That’s for sure. – [Trevor] Let’s go in for the kill. – [Mark] This is a bite
we’ve gotta toast man. – Yeah, cheers. – Cheers man. Mmmm. That is insane. – Whoa the head butter. – That’s like a bite you
don’t even want to swallow. – You don’t want it to end. – [Mark] You just want to keep
it in your mouth, hold it. – [Trevor] There’s just so much here. – [Mark] That is ridiculously good. It’s so soft and so silky. – [Trevor] Silky and packed with juice. – [Mark] And sweet. You’re
right about the juice too. – [Trevor] Oh just look
at that head butter. – [Mark] This meat just slides out of the shell so effortlessly that you can take the entire lobster tail. – Look at that. It just pulls right out. – That is just absolutely insane. – [Trevor] This is an
experience of a lifetime. – Look at that! Look at that! It almost looks like an
alligator, crocodile tail. – [Trevor] Right? Like
a dinosaur or something. I think Micah was getting a little grumpy because he was wanted some lobster. Now he’s in. We’ve got the lobster tails. Cheers. – I think I’m going to
dip it in this spicy lime. This is the Thai seafood sauce. There’s chilies in here,
should be full of lime juice. (laughing) – That muscular texture. It’s so muscular. – Yeah. Very muscular. What an experience Mark. – It could definitely be considered one of the wonders of the world. – This is a pilgrimage. Lobster pilgrimage. Cheers. – Micah. – [Trevor] This lobster is
everything you could want in a bite of food and more. – When you eat something so good, it is actually hard to
like think straight. – You feel a little bit
dizzy and just so happy when you taste it. – That euphoric delicious. This is like the gold
medal of the Olympics here. We also wanted to taste the difference between the tiger prawns and the lobster. You can just rip out the entire thing. – [Trevor] You can take the whole thing. Look at this. – That butter, that head butter. Oh man. – Oh that head butter. – [Mark] That is ridiculous as well. That head butter is like stronger and maybe a little grainier. I just wanted to take one bite of the phat phak bung fai daeng, which is the water morning glory, which he fried actually
in a flame of fire. He literally cooked it in seconds. That literally tastes
like it’s on fire still. Even though it’s cooled down. Very, very good. – What an experience. – It’s hilarious people walking by and just looking at the table. They’ll just walk by
normally and be like whoa! – What are they eating,
what are they doing? Huge lobsters. – It’s really good. – It’s really good. Really, really good. – You could just keep going, there’s like unlimited areas to find meat. – Yeah seriously. In all these little crevices
of lobster and juice that you can suck out. It’s very good. Very, very good. – Yes very good. – Hey man! – Hi. – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. – All that’s left are
shells and empty tentacles. But what I did want to
do for one last bite is grab this head shell, and you can see some of that yolk, that tomolley within that head and what I’m going to do is
just slide my fingertips, slide them up that head. It almost looks like uni, like mustard. – Look at that. – You don’t want that to go to waste. – No, no. – Last bite man. It’s like foamy. – Yeah! – A little bit bitter. A little bit sweet. – It’s like creamy sea foam. – Like molecular gastronomy
but without anything added. That’s natural. Absolutely stunning. – I think we’re both a little bit… Euphoric here. – You actually– – Feel a little dizzy. – Dizzy, I’m like lightheaded. Each of of these is 1.3 kilos. We just ate 2.6 kilos of lobster. – What? Doesn’t that sound insane? The 2.6 kilos doesn’t even
include the tiger prawns. – The tiger prawns were bhat kiet. They were 800 grams both of them, so they were 400 grams
each for the tiger prawns. So it’s not a cheap meal, by
any stretch of the imagination. – [Trevor] But totally worth it. – [Mark] Man it was a once
in a lifetime experience. But if you come to Hua Hin and if you are looking for
some wonderful seafood, some lobsters, some tiger prawns, Lung Ja Seafood is a great restaurant. And it was also awesome
to hang out with Trevor and Micah and Ting Ting and Ying and just enjoy this feast as well. – It was really nice. – Cool environment. Yeah, just a great time. – [Trevor] Super nice
hanging out with you. – [Mark] Yeah man. – [Trevor] And the feasting… – If you’re not already
subscribed to Trevor’s channel, he’s The Food Ranger. Go check out his channel
and make sure you subscribe. He makes just incredible,
delicious and creative and exciting food videos. – Thank you. – And him and I, we both
share a passion for food. – [Trevor] It’s really cool
that we got to eat together. – [Mark] It’s awesome. Really awesome. – [Trevor] What an experience. Thanks Mark. – Thank you all very much
for watching this video. Please remember to give it a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it and also I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you. And also, make sure you
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more food and travel videos and so is Trevor. So we’ll see you on the next video. – Thanks guys. – Thank you again for watching. Good night from Hua Hin. – See you guys.

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