Echo Meter Touch

Here we have Wildlife Acoustic’s Echo Meter Touch. A bat detector, recorder and analyzer designed for the iPad and iPhone. Inside the case, is the Ultrasonic Module itself. The aluminium casing houses a weather resistant, omnidirectional FG mic, custom pre-amp and gain circuitry. As well as an analogue-to-digital convertor and microprocessor. To begin using the Ultrasonic Module, you need to first download the Echo Meter Touch app, from iTunes, onto your compatible iPhone or iPad. Then, simply plug the module into the lightning socket, and start the app. In ‘Live Mode’ data is streamed in at 256 kHz plotting a waveform along the top. Here we have the record button, The on and off button, for the audible Real Time Expansion function A button to toggle between Compressed and Expanded Mode, and the Stop button, to stop recording and streaming. A corresponding spectrogram is shown with a time scale in seconds, along the bottom and a frequency scale, in kHz, to the side. Which you can navigate and zoom in and out of easily. There’s also a moveable frequency reference line, and frequency threshold recording marker. Screen brightness and contrast can be altered in Settings, as well as frequency resolution, and the audible feedback pitch, from high to low. Exiting ‘Live’ mode, you can access and manage previous recordings as well as add text and audio notes to each one. If your device has GPS, the recordings’ location is plotted onto a map here. And the optional, Auto ID in-app, can be downloaded to help automatically detect bat species. Finally, the information tab is where you can register, leave feedback and access the User Guide for a more detailed explanation of what the Echo Meter Touch, with its Ultrasonic Module and downloadable app have to offer.

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  1. Glad to hear you like it. Hopefully I'll be able to take it out for a test run in the coming weeks, so watch out for that.

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