Eddie Hall deadlift 500kg  1102 31lbs  vs Ivan Makarov deadlift 501  1104lbs

this is Eddie Hall first lift at 420 kg he’s getting ready as you guys can see this looks
like a speed rep Ivan at 435 kg for his first attempt
this is just still warming up it’s 15 kg more than Eddie first attempt here we go it goes well but not as easy at
Eddie Hall now we’ve got Eddie back this is 465 kg at that time a world record
let’s see and it goes very quick for a world record it goes very quick Now we got Ivan again at 470 kg if he can do this
he will be the man who lifted secondly the most weight of the floor
because we already know that Eddie has successfully lifted 500 kg
so this 470 Kg will be the second lift in the world there are two other people
who lifted 465kg not easy but he gets it This is the famous 500 lift by Eddie Hall

He gets into position everybody is cherring him up here we go and he make the half tone deadlift… everybody’s cheering him up here we go
and he makes the half-ton deadlift here he stays with the weight up more than he
should have and here is Ivan 501 kg attempt
let’s see this is
for the world record and for the most weight lift of the floor ever he gets it to his knees but he is unable
to finish the deadlift

5 thoughts on “Eddie Hall deadlift 500kg 1102 31lbs vs Ivan Makarov deadlift 501 1104lbs

  1. "Knocking on history's door.

    If experience has taught me anything, there's always some Slavic dude quietly inching towards the most untouchable records" – Shreddy_Shreddington

  2. I know it's a different bar, but Makarov seemed to have gotten it just as high off the ground as Hafthor… much higher than both Pritchett and Magnusson. I wonder if Makarov will try the lift again in 2020

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