Edith Müllers Thüringer Stollen – Stollentutorial – Backanleitung – Rezept für Christstollen

Wow, is that great! Take care! Is it already finished? – That’s wonderful! The flour is the basis. So for three and a half kilogramm flour we calculated how much almonds we need, how much sultanas, how much milk and how much yeast. Furthermore we need lemons, candied lemon peel, candied orange peel, butter, margarine, grease. And therefore I prepared a note. And I’ll work through that sequentially. 3,5 kg (7.7 lb) flour, 1,7 kg (3.8 lb) sultanas, 1 l (1.75 pt) rum, 1 l (1.75 pt) milk, 400 g (14 oz) yeast, 750 g (1.65 lb) butter, 400 g (14 oz) margarine, 200 g (7 oz) lard, 3 lemons, 350 g (12.5 oz) candied lemon peel, 100 g (3.5 oz) candied orange peel, 500 g (17.5 oz) sugar, 5 sachets (40 g / 1.4 oz) vanilla sugar, 750 g (26.5 oz) almonds, 230 g (8 oz) bitter almonds, 30 g (1 oz) salt Keep additionally 500 g flour, some sugar, vanilla sugar and icing/powdered sugar ready. Bring all ingredients to room temperature before starting. The almonds have to boil about two minutes in the water. They have to be covered completely with water. Don’t boil them for more than two minutes. Then remove the pot from the stove an let it chill. Then you your the water off und peel the almonds. Like we do here now. The almonds must dry before they are ground the next day. And altogether that’s a lot of work! The almonds have to be peeled, otherwise we have all the crap inside the stollen. And the flour would be brown-coloured. We would not get a bright stollen then. That’s why you should not buy the already grated almonds. Because they don’t peel them before grating. And then you have that crap in the stollen. But you could buy already peeled almonds, couldn’t you? Yes, but that’s financial question. That costs nearly twice as much. 100 grams of unpeeled almonds cost about the same as 200 grams of peeled almonds. If money doesn’t matt er you can buy the peeled almonds. But we also want to talk a little bit during work. That’s why we do it that way. And we are talking about great quantities of almonds… – That’s right! Let’s see… we have 750 grams of almonds! 100 grams cost about 1.49 Euros at the “Kaufland”-supermarket. Peeled. And 200 grams are round about 2.35 or 2.38. The receipt is upstairs, if you wanna have a look… And if you wanna know, how much it cost in 2001, before the currency union, i still have a leaflet from “Marktkauf” (another supermarket) in the cellar. Fetch it! Next we need the sultanas. They need to be handpicked. Everything that doesn’t belong to the sultanas needs to be extracted. For example stems or little stones have to be removed. Then we put the sultanas in a pot and pour the rum over it. 40 percent rum. Do it by feeling, so that they soak themselves until the next day. So that they finally taste real good in the stollen. And now you have to stir thoroughly. And then put the lid on the pot. Is there a rough rule of thumb for the stirring? Every ten minutes or every half hour, or… Every hour. OK, so every hour you should stir it up thoroughly. 230 grams of bitter almonds. Usually you only get them at the pharmacy. But the mill in Schwarza, where we get the stollen-flour from, they sell it for their customers. And there it is cheaper then at the pharmacy. RAW BITTER ALMONDS ARE TOXIC, BUT BOILED OR BAKED THEY ARE HAZARD-FREE. But when I go to a normal bakery? – You won’t get it there. Bitter almond belongs to pharmaceutical products. OTHER SOURCES OF SUPPLY: WHOLEFOOD-SHOP, HEALTH FOOD SHOP, EBAY Bitter almond FLAVOUR from the supermarket is forbidden to be taken for a REAL Thuringian Stollen! Here we have 300 grams of bitter almonds. – That’s too much! – But they are only sold in 100 gram-packages. – But they taste too intensely. So we have to weigh them out. Now we sift the flour, so that the dirt that maybe in the flour doesn’t get into the stollen. There’s nearly no dirt in it, only a little bit of bruised grain. We wash the lemons because we need the paring? – Yes, that’s right. We clean them properly. With hot water. Then we dry them. And finally we rub them. We put it inside here to keep its flavour. And occasionally don’t forget to stir the sultanas. This can never be wrong. You can still see the rum. – Yeah, but tomorrow morning it will be soaken up. Everything has to have the same temperature. At least 20 degrees centigrade. You don’t need to peel the almonds on the day you bake the stollen. You can do this some days earlier, if you want. And then they will be absolutely dry when we need them. Now we have to make them dry until tomorrow. So we have to turn them over and over again. If possible with a spoon and not with the hands. BAKING DAY! “Dederon-Schürze” is a kitchen-apron made of a special GDR-fabric We have milk with 3.5 percent fat. That is good. – Called full cream milk! Yes. We make the milk lukewarm. So that when you put the finger in it, it still won’t hurt. And then we crumble the yeast in the pot. That has to melt away properly. We prefer yeast from the bakery because that’s really fresh. The more we crumble it now, the better it will melt away in the milk. You have to stir it, so that it doesn’t stick on the bottom. We make a hollow, where we can stir the yeast. Because it has to be combined with the flour a little bit, so that the dough rises really well. Do you see? How it combines with the flour? That’s already enough. Let’s put the rest in it. That’s nicely fluffily. And now we take it to a warm place. We cover it. ALMONDS! We don’t put too many it it, so that the machine works properly. More! When they stick on the side, they are ready. That’s good. Meanwhile the lemons are sliced and the juice is pressed out. Wonderful! Now we stop earlier to get some bigger pieces. Helmut doesn’t push the button as long as before now. Now we want some lumpier almond-pieces. That’s for a better taste-feeling. So that you can bite into such a piece in the stollen, you understand? Stop! Yes, that’s good. PLEASE DON’T BAKE THE KNIVE! If there are some bigger pieces it’s also not a problem. And finally the bitter almonds. – Yes. – That’s better than doing it in reversed order. THE BITTER ALMONDS SHOULD BE GROUND FINELY. Wow, is that great! – Take care! Is it ready yet? – Yeah, that’s wonderful! – Good yeast… – That’s wonderful! 500 GRAMS OF SUGAR Don’t mix the sugar with the complete flour. Mix it first with the yeast. Don’t hesitate! Go on! 750 GRAMS OF BUTTER, 600 GRAMS OF MARGARINE, 200 GRAMS OF LARD We keep the wrapping for greasing the backing trays. JUICE FROM THREE LEMONS GRATED PARING FROM THREE LEMONS Now the lemon paring… These were big lemons, that’s why I didn’t use all the juice. But we will taste hereafter, maybe we can add the rest of the juice. KNEAD! KNEAD! KNEAD! Now we go on. 350 GRAMS OF CANDIED LEMON PEEL AND 150 GRAMS OF CANDIED ORANGE PEEL AND AGAIN: KNEAD! KNEAD! KNEAD! 30 GRAMS OF SALT “A stollen without salt is like a soup without salt!” (middle-eastern-Thuringian proverb (not really:-)) The salt gives the stollen a nice brown colour. FIVE SACHETS OF VANILLA SUGAR Now we add the almonds. Knead them in like the flour. 750 GRAMS OF SWEET ALMONDS TO BE KNEADED INTO THE DOUGH And then the dough should unglue from the hands. How much flour did mother use when she made the stollen? Five kilos. – FIVE KILOS! – Yes, ten pounds! And so we got six big stollen. – Yes, six four-pound-stollen. Now we add the bitter almonds. 230 GRAMS OF BITTER ALMONDS If you take only 500 grams of flour and you want to make only one stollen you can probably use a kitchen machine. – Yes. – But with that you can’t knead 3.5 kilos. – No, this was too much for the engine… – No… In the former GDR it was very hard to get candied orange peel. – They sold it very rarely. But they sold so-called “candied orange peel” which was made of cucumbers. They cut them and soaked them with sugar. It was like real candied orange peel and also tastet equally. You think I should put them in with this spoon? So we won’t be ready today. You could take the dumpling-spoon… What do you want to do? GUESS WHAT! PUT 1.7 KILOS OF SULTANAS INTO THE DOUGH! AND THEN AT LEAST ANOTHER FIVE MINUTES: KNEAD! KNEAD! KNEAD! THE DOUGH MUST REMAIN SOFT AND ELASTIC. IT MUSTN’T BE STICKY. IF NECESSARY ADD MORE SUGAR OR FLOUR SCRATCH THE DOUGH WITH A SPOON When this tears apart, we’ll know that the dough rises. UNTRANSLATABLE WORDPLAY (sorry, folks) LET THE DOUGH RISE FOR ABOUT ONE HOUR The dough has risen very nicely. Now I need the scales. We came to an understanding that we weigh out 1.2 kilos of dough. 1200 grams. – 1250. – Hm. – That’s OK. FORM THE STOLLEN AND PUT IT ON A GREASED BAKING TRAY. You already greased it? With the back of the knife I scratch it, so that it can better be buttered and sugared later. LET IT RISE FOR ABOUT 5 TO 10 MINUTES This goes very fast! AND THEN PUT IT INTO THE PREHEATET OVEN CA. 150 DEGREES CENTIGRADE (DEPENDS ON THE TYPE OF OVEN) We start with 150 degrees. Actually it’s 160, but because it is preheatet, we start with 150. BAKING TIME DEPENDS ON YOUR TYPE OF OVEN. WE TEST AFTER 40 MINUTES: NOTHING STICKS ON THE NEEDLE. THE STOLLEN IS READY! FIVE MORE STOLLEN ARE ALREADY WAITING… Watch out! Now we wanna butter und sugar the stollen. We melt the butter and spread it over. Everybody can use as much sugar as he or she wants. Diabetics should use less sugar. Now vanilla sugar. For a better taste. AND FINALLY SUGAR POWDER We used 3.5 kilos of flour for the stollen. But beyond that we also needed flour to spread on the tray where I formed them. Because if it sticks to the hands or the tray you need flour to avoid that. So I additionally needed about one pound of flour. So finally everything became 500 grams heavier. AND FOR THE REAL TOUGH: TWICE BUTTERED AND TWICE SUGARED TASTES TWICE AS GOOD! Of course you don’t take a simple knife, but a (nearly) stollen knife! It has to be longer than the stollen. Because the stollen is not sliced through, but “pressed”. You press the knife down the stollen. And why do we start in the middle? To get a good section right from the start! The best pieces! – Exactly! – Right from the beginning! Directly from the middle! – Otherwise one had to eat the heel at first. No. – Nobody wants that! But the heel is also good. – Right. How does it look? – Yes. – Looks good. And now, please, cut a slice of stollen, as thick as a thumb. Or “press it”, as the professional says. The stomach thankfully accepts it! You don’t even need much coffee to this… The brigade “Better Baking” thanks for watching. NOW IT’S OUR TURN!

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