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Hi Friends Today we will tell you a MORAL STORY Story – EK JHOOTH – A LIE In this story, I say a lie and then feel awkward later. Please give a LIKE on this video. Lets watch the story – I am sure you will like it. Welcome to – AAYU AND PIHU SHOW I got ZERO in today’s maths exam Take this result Your maths result You have got ZERO Very Poor What will mumma say ? You got a ZERO You will not go to play, no mobile, no playing. You watch TV whole day, what kind of student are you? You will not get any thing from today. What will aayu think? You got ZERO in EXAMINATION HAHAHAHAHA You can make eggs for lunch. Sister brought EGGS I am a very good student and my sister got ZERO Sister is a bad student No Games, No Playing, No Garden I will not do Eating, Playing, Study, Roaming with you I will throw all your TOYS, GAMES, MOBILE You will not eat today Only STUDYING STUDYING STUDYING Sister got a ZERO ZEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Nooooooooooooooooooo IDEA !!! YES !!! Why am I afraid? I have got full marks in exam. I am not afraid Mumma I have scored 10 out of 10 in maths exam WOW… 10 out of 10 Very Good Today you will get a party…. OK. Keep it in Bag Sister show me. WOW…. Sister I am proud of you … You have scored 10 out of 10 You are my favourite sister. You are also a good student Please don’t praise me so much… I gave the exam by just 1 hand PIHU. I have made sweet dish for you. Come fast Why every body is very happy? In reality I have got zero in exam Now why are you worried after saying JHOOTH(LIE) You told a lie today. You did not prepared for exams You made ZERO to 10. Now face… Even I am felling that i have done wrong What should I do now? Say the truth to mumma…. No mumma Then face everybody Telling lie is not a good thing Liars have to face this… I have made HALWA (Sweet Dish) for you Did you liked it ? Even halwa is not tasting sweet today !!! You started studying again. You just came from school. Mumma I am doing maths questions Your exam is over now. Now you can go and play… How should I tell mumma? I dont want ZERO in next exam Hello… Pihu scored 10 out of 10 in maths exam I was also woriied before the exam But see… She got very good marks You please come early We will go out for PIZZA party. It is her favorite. Yes PIHU OK No Mumma I don’t want to eat PIZZA I am going to sleep Why ? PIZZA is you favorite. I don’t want What happened? Why are you not sleeping? Mumma I want to tell you something. I got ZERO in maths exam. What? Why did you lied? I thought you will feel bad. and now??? Yes mumma. I made a mistake… First I got ZERO in exam Then I lied also… Telling lie is a bad habit But, I also have to tell you something When you were converting that ZERO to 10 I watched you doing that from kitchen What ??? You knew it already You did’nt say anything I was waiting That you should tell the truth by yourself. I will never say lie from now on. I am sorry for that. I Know Why sweet dish (HALWA) became sour. Why you didn’t go for PIZZA party. But mumma, what will AAYU think now…. I am awake You were listening our discussion Laughing What is the MORAL OF THE STORY ??? That we should never say LIE YES Even if you tell a lie. Then say sorry and accept. Did you watched that video… In which I got hurt… There aayu lied and faced later… If you enjoyed this video. Then please give a LIKE Share this video with your friends

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