Emergency Light From A Water Bottle- DIY Survival Gear

emergency light from a water bottle hi it’s AlaskaGranny have you read about Alfredo Moser of Brazil he realized that with a simple water bottle and the light of the sun he could bring light into the homes of people who lived in ghettos, refugee camps, people never had
any electricity and what he did was he realized that if he put a little hole in the tin roof
the very simple dwelling and hooked the bottle through the hole
in the roof and sealed it up that when the Sun hit
the bottle it would light up inside people’s
houses he discovered this trying to light his
own workshop during a power outage because he had a metal roof you can take that kind of thought and turn a simple water bottle into an
emergency light for your family using, I have different bottles and going to show you
with simple flashlight I got from the dollar store
so I didn’t pay more than one dollar for any of these I’m gonna turn off the light and I’m
gonna show you how this idea can work for you
in an emergency situation don’t put a hole in your roof use a flashlight let me show you I have several water bottles filled with just water so I’m
gonna turn off the light and I’m gonna show you I have a simple pitcher and here is that dollar flashlight I can just put it through the lid here is a water bottle and I have a
little flashlight I and I just tucked it on the end with this ring this one I also just wrapped the little key chain
attachment around the end of it through the handle that holds the lid sometimes they don’t want to stay you get the idea that for it was working
then I have an empty bottle of water from white vinegar see how that works you there and I can
also do you think a simple glass of water and put a glass lid on it and I can light
it that way and look at the power you can get with a
simple flashlight you can have a light in your home
where you can use one you can use more never put the
Flashlight into the water shine it through the water and the and container whatever container you
want and you can see how for one dollar flashlight and a
container of water you can have emergency light in your
home or at your campground or wherever you
are in your vehicle I thought this is
fabulous and I was glad to read about Alfredo Mosier and know he’s using simple disposable what we would
consider disposable soda bottles and the light from the sun to bring light to people who never had it try this at home leave a comment of how you found a way for it to work for you please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel alaskagranny.com soda bottles and a light from the sun to bring
light to people who never had it Please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel alaskagranny.com alaskagranny.com

74 thoughts on “Emergency Light From A Water Bottle- DIY Survival Gear

  1. I have just discovered your channel, you have a lot of great, useful tips and ideas!  Thank you so much!  This one is especially timely as we're still having snow/ice storms and always the chance of power going off.  Best wishes.  🙂

  2. I plan to try your bottle idea next time I have a power outage , during a power outage I tried something that worked for me, I have a large chandelier at the entrance of my house, I don't know much about chandeliers but this one has large multiple glass panels around it, three rows of glass panels, all I had at the time was my large maglight (I was not prepared). What I did was to put the maglight under the chandelier and , I had light projected by the glass panels though the living room!

  3. Me and some friends did this about 15 years ago… by complete accident while we were camping in CA. Someone had placed their flashlight in front of a water jug. We never gave in much thought outside of using it in the woods. Sooo awesome that the idea is evolving and spreading! 

  4. great video. seem like the tall water botttle give off more light is the vinegar bottle empty or it looks bright cause the diffuser.

  5. That's a great idea, thanks for sharing. I live on the west coast of Canada and we just had a huge wind storm a few weeks ago and were without power for almost 2 days. We got by pretty well just with candles and flashlights (we found that bouncing the light off the ceiling was a good way to produce ambient light) but I'll try to remember this for next time.

  6. Not quite sure how the flashlights are attached. Wish there were either an explanation or a close-up picture of how this was done. I'm totally left in the dark with this video.

  7. empty bottle should be use clear bottle same other bottle have water. it call real test. is not the same it call cheat test

  8. just a water creates no difference from the flash light without it… you need to add some drop of chlorine to create much translucent kind of light that fills the room

  9. Noticed when we had power outage a few years ago that when I went into the bathroom and put the flashlight high up near the mirror how the rays bounced off the mirror and really lit up our small bathroom!

  10. Good idea that.

    When I was traveling I usually ran a 12v florescent tube via a lighter socket connection (spliced to vehicle battery) on my motorcycle. I had a one inch eyelet at the tent end to pass the cigarette lighter plug through while lamp hung from tent ceiling.

    In the dwelling during eighties & nineties I had d.c. wiring running to vehicle garage where motorcycle & automobile sat. Inside one room was a 12v tail-lamp bulb, and other room had lighter socket to take travel 12v florescent tube. Motor vehicle batteries were 56 Amp/HR. Now-a-days I could just employ the 56v battery (for my mower) to power 4-5 12v lamps in series connection.

  11. My factory production the light sticker , also our is waterproof design , do you interesting ? you can check our website www.spark86.en.alibaba.com .

  12. How bout with and w/o the water bottle. We have nothing to compare. One bottle at a time would be useful too. THANKS THOUGH!

  13. Whats this "make hole in the roof" business. have you considered this trick might destroy roofs. and when the rain comes, this will be discovered. Did the inventors consider that the cables from the solar panel does not have to pass thru the roof, and wherever it passes, it avtually only need a pinhole, and not a foolball size hole for a bottle.

  14. 1st the ''guy'' did that in pFilipines..2nd he was using bottle with water and alitle bit of chlorine so it can shine in the room,only water its not so brite..

  15. He used mineral oil, which apparently has the ability to transmit more light or perhaps diffuse it better or something.

  16. Thats awesome I live in Florida and hurricane Irma is coming I am going to try it. The lights are the first thing that goes. Thank you. You gave a great idea candles makes the place hot but this is a great option. Thank you.

  17. What an ingenious idea but I didn't understand about the bottled water with vinegar houses for stew give out light could you please explain that to me so I can try that wonderful ideas thank you

  18. Have batteries on hand because I believ it wont last 8-10 hours well maybe , the only thing that I see is that its just giving out more light , I guess its good but is it much better with bleach and water?

  19. I need something that will light a box without anything that involves turning something on so maybe the Sun or something XD

  20. This actually blocks some of the light. I found using an empty white bottle works better or rubber banding a white plastic bag over the end of a flashlight it works better. I was able to light my whole house with 1 dollar tree flashlight enough to be able to walk around hands free. Then I turned the lights on and said"That was cool." Lol.

  21. hello Alaska Granny …you need to do a video on…. solar light Bulbs with a solar panel … you can buy on wish apps. ..real cheap or order them from Walmart these are great for bug out.. or power outages keep up the Great videos . P.S you can also use Clorxs in the water let the sun Charge it in the day and you can use it at night it works great too People in the Philppines use them to for lights as a back up .

  22. Im on the serch for the brightest puck lighting to light up my liquid jars for a store but worried about heat containment under the jar.

  23. In the Victorian era they used prisms in the coachroof of canal barges to give light inside – a prism shaped skylight. Not only did it transfer light through the roof, but it also magnified it and spread it sideways, just like a lampshade.

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