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I”m Shinning RJ Didn’t you feel annoyed when you moved to your new home and measured your room with a tape measure
for furniture placement or purchase? If you’re alone and wrestle with the tape measure, you’ll make a mistake and think again.
Up to the record. I thought it would be over soon, but it took me a long time and I got tired. It happens once, right? I’d like to introduce you to a useful laser tape measure, a digital laser distance meter. It’s expensive,
so I think it’s only available to architects, but it’s not.
Don’t miss out on the description and usage of the laser rangefinders,
laser meter device ruler for your home at a very low price to AliExpress order information, price introduction, and finally the general review!! So let’s take a look at the components first. It has a body, a laser reflector, instructions for use, and straps. The body color is red, and here is 10.5cm long
and 5cm long. But it’s thicker than I thought. It’s 3.5 centimeters tall,
and it gets tight when you hold it in one hand.
It’s very light. If you open the back, you’ll find three batteries, AAA. I prefer batteries like this to mercury batteries. Because besides this one, AAA is used a lot. In remote control or watch. So I always have a few extra AAA at home, so I prefer this one because mercury cells often don’t But if it was mercury-cell type, wouldn’t it be this thick? There are pros and cons. I think it’s better to be thick and this red because it’s usually for home use, unless you’re an architect
and you’re using it every day. When you need it later, there are many cases where you can’t find it and can’t use it. The shape and color are so bright that I won’t lose it easily. Wouldn’t it be better to stand out? Now I’ll tell you how to use it. Press and hold this red measurement button in the body to turn on the power. And then you adjust it to the point
where you want to measure the distance, and then you press it briefly, and you’re going to measure it. However, this is a cautionary note for measuring. If you’ve ever used a laser meter device ruler before, you know the system, but I’ve been kind of confused because it’s my first time
with a laser meter device ruler. Let me show you. They measure the same place with a tape measure.
It’s 10cm apart. If you measure it with a tape measure,
it’s 32 centimeters, but if you measure it with a laser meter device ruler,
it’s 42 centimeters. It’s 10cm longer. I like the simplest way to operate any machine. I thought I just had to press the measurement button, but I was really embarrassed. So I read the manual, but I didn’t see any difference. You have to look carefully. Now, look at the arrow marks on the screen here. A single press of this button is measured at the laser point position, and a second press of this button is measured at the end of the machine So it adds 10cm to the length of the machine,
when you get out of the end of the machine, and when you measure it from the laser point position,
you get 10cm less. I couldn’t catch it at first
because I didn’t watch it carefully. If you put furniture in or use it for self-interior, if you make a 10cm difference per side, the error is too big. So, you have to set it up well
at the beginning to make no mistake. Press and hold the button again to change the unit of measurement.
You can do three things: inches, meters, feet. In Korea, m is comfortable.
I’ll set it to m. Next, set the F button below. If you press this button, you can calculate the area. See?
And the volume can be calculated. So we can do pythagorean theorem. I think it will be useful when you need measurements
to make a roof of your house. I’ll put some screenshots next to you. It’s all possible in this way. I think this mode is a necessary function for those who specialize in architecture. And there’s a good function on this button. Press and hold this button to view all the data measured so far. You can press the measurement button when you see the next data. With this feature, it’s so convenient that you don’t have to measure once, make notes, re-examine, make notes, and then. It’s really convenient, right? And this is the +/- Calculator button. It’s a function that makes it simple to calculate what you’re measuring right in front of you. Let’s use a laser to measure where we want it. In this state, press the +- button, measure the other point, and press the measurement button again like this,
and you’ll get the addition calculation. It’s a convenient function, isn’t it? And finally, this button says off,
right? Used to erase data that has been measured
or to drag the main body. If you press the button while the measurement data is present, it changes to zero. And if you press and hold this button, it turns off. But even if you don’t have to turn it off, if you leave the machine without running for two minutes, it automatically turns off. So let’s just briefly measure the height
from the floor to the ceiling. Can you see the laser point? The reaction rate is also very fast,
from 0.5 seconds to 1 second. The result was 2.315 meters. It’s definitely more convenient and better
than having to work with the tape, right? So, how about the price and delivery of this product? I didn’t buy it myself. This is the prize that I got from AliExpress Cafe because I applied for the event in August. It’s going to be very useful in real life.
I just saw what the builders used. I applied because I was curious about
what the laser meter device ruler was. Here are many options when purchasing directly from Ali. 40 meters is available for
14.49 dollars(USD), and the 100 meters I got are
26.75 dollars(USD). I think 40 meters is good for home use. It’s about 17,000 won(KRW). At this price, I think it’s much more profitable to buy a laser meter device ruler than a regular tape measure. Delivery is a seller;s shipping, so we can’t confirm it exactly, but I think it’s either a post office register
or an AliExpress Standard shipping. Since this brand is in the Top brand within AliExpress and there are already quite a few people who have bought it in Korea, I don’t think there will be any problem with shipping. I think you can get it
in about two weeks or a month at the latest. For your information, the official delivery period for AliExpress Standard Shaping is 14-21 days. a general review of the day I’ll give it four stars. I think I’ll buy one at this price even though it’s not an event product. It can be so simple and convenient at 17,000won(KRW). Is it necessary to use regular tape measure? Especially when the laser tape measure the height of the ceiling from the floor, as I showed you earlier, or when the ceiling is measured. It’s very useful when you have to work from the top or the outside. When you buy new furniture, you must know the height from the floor of
the room to the ceiling, but it’s really not easy to measure. When measuring using a tape measure, more than two people are needed. However, laser tape can be measured by itself quickly and easily. And for architects and self-decoration of the house, it’s really cheap and convenient. I think the 100m product will be very useful for building height and for this. Generally, the most popular German laser tape measure
from B company is very expensive. I’ve always seen things like that. Of course, laser tape is expensive, and it’s only used by experts, so I didn’t even think about buying it at all. But if I knew
it was this cheap and accurate, I would regret buying it earlier.
It reminds me. I’m sure it’ll be a smart daily item you won’t regret if you have it at home. But the reason I took out one star was because I thought that if the manual had been explained intuitively use picture and easily, it would have been easy for the first people to use the laser tape, so I take out one star. It attached instructions are in English and Russian only. And it’s easy to see and easy to find, but the design is too rugged. If it were a little bit smaller, it would have been better to carry it. But if you did, the price would have gone up, right? Did my video help you with your purchase? Please subscribe and press LIKE to continue introducing the buying tips. The hidden gems of AliExpress. Thank you.

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