Hi, it’s Solmee Today, I’m gonna talk about my slow diet and how I lost 16 kg in last 8 months. I looked through my diet method and realized that it’s perfectly designed for Students or workers who can’t put too much time on diet. I got 5 points to talk about Let’s have a talk about my slow diet journey today. The first thing is mind control. Try to think that you are not on a diet. If you get obsessed with idea of ‘diet’ and if that became the reason why you eat salad and work out, You will burn though your energy so fast without even noticing it. There’s a high chance that it might finish after 3 days. I’ve been on a diet multiple times. I always decide to go on a diet But I always fail in the end because it needs more than just motivation. Don’t get obsessed with the idea too much. Just think casually and try to eat less snack/food and move more. And tell yourself that “Though I’m on a diet, I won’t do it too hard” You are fighting with yourself. It’s all up to your mind control. It might go well and it might end after 3 days depending on your mindset. It’s really important to tell yourself that you are not actually on a diet. I’ve told you about this second tip in my last video. Eat sauce. We are not an athlete or anything. We have to be on a diet while enjoying nice food. That’s how you can stick to it for longer and happier. If you eat cabbage roll with ssamjang or salad with dressing, it won’t taste nice. But it becomes edible once you add a bit of sauce. It’s fine as long as you literally saturate your food in sauce. If you can do it without sauce, you can stick to it. That will be more effective. But if you want to stick to your meal plan for longer, it’s cleaver to have sauce with it. I’ve always had sauce with it. I had everything including ssamjang and gochujang and I still managed to lose weight. Have tasty food. I’m sure it will help. The third point is what helped me a lot. Do not eat snacks. Snacks only make you put on weight. They don’t help with your diet at all. Do not eat snacks. Of course you can’t avoid it completely. I think I’ve had a full pack of snack about 5 times while I’ve been on this diet. If you don’t eat snack, it will definitely help you lose weight. If you’ve been eating snacks, put it down. You will lose weight naturally If you’ve been eating snacks, put it down. You will lose weight naturally Replace it with something that can help you with your diet such as nuts or sparkling water Switch it to diet-friendly snacks. There are lots of diet snacks in the market. Try them instead. The 4th point. I think this is what helped me to lose weight the most. It’s to cut down on carb I’m a meat lover so I strictly reduced rice portion. And focused on pork belly or beef instead. I had veggies such as lettuce or steamed cabbage with it. You need carbs in your body but you don’t need much. Take a little bit just to keep you healthy. And focus on protein and fibers in veggies. It will help with your diet a lot. Veggies taste really nice with ssamjang and pork belly is so tasty. Enjoy nice food and just reduce rice. You will easily lose weight. I had lots of meat. Pork belly and beef are really nice. Have those instead and cut down on carbs. You will naturally lose weight. The 5th point is to gradually reduce your food portion. I have 1/3 to maximum 1/2 bowl of rice if I want rice. I used to have a full bowl before. But I reduced in half and replaced it with more meat and veggies So I don’t get too hungry from my half bowl of rice. It’s important to heavily reduce carbs and also the overall amount of food you take. If you eat less and consume the same amount of energy, you will naturally lose weight. Reducing overall food is really, really important. And for exercise, you might be wondering how much I’ve worked out. I think I only did it for one to two months. I tried jumping diet for a bit. I’m not working out lately. I can’t be bothered. Simple stretching is good. If you don’t want to do that, go for a short 10 minutes walk If you don’t even want to do it, don’t do it. But don’t eat snacks and stick to your meal plan If you don’t want slow diet, be stricter and exercise more. You will lose it faster. But it’s not easy. That’s why I can’t do it. That wasn’t the right method for me. So I did it in a very chilled, relaxing way. And I eventually lost some weight. I was 76 kg when I started and I’m 60 now. This is the photo from before. I think I was 73 in that photo. I was 3 kg fatter when I started. You can probably guess I big I was. Those jeans are the same pair as what I had on in that Europe trip video that you can see right now. I remember that I had to undo the buttons after I eat something because it was s tight around the belly. But I lost weight after awhile without doing anything special. I’m very happy with this diet method. I’m very happy with this result. If you want to lose weight in a long term without putting too much effort and stress, I recommend this method. Students have to study and get meal service from school as well. So it’s hard to stick to your own meal plan Just take out half of your school food and you will definitely lose weight. I hope this video was informative. That’s it for today’s video. I’ll see you again on my next video.

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