ENG SUB《九千米爱情 Nine Kilometers of Love》EP05——主演:王以纶,李婷婷,夏之光

♪ The gaze bright like a torch
that lights up the horizon ♪ ♪ High up in the endless sky ♪ ♪ together with the clouds ♪ ♪ Brave through the gust ♪ ♪ The passion burning ♪ ♪ and nothing can stop me ♪ ♪ I catch the stars in the night sky ♪ ♪ I am enjoying the spirit
that is shining bright ♪ ♪ in my chest ♪ ♪ With the noble ambition
on my shoulder ♪ ♪ I shall always remember ♪ ♪ All the memories of the journey
I went through ♪ ♪ is pouring into my heart ♪ ♪ The horizon separates
the sky and ocean ♪ ♪ I am searching for the sunrise ♪ ♪ With the whole world
as my wallpaper ♪ ♪ I set a steady course ♪ ♪ and make sure you reach safety ♪ ♪ With your safety as my badge ♪ ♪ I love to be your nameless hero ♪ ♪ The gaze bright like a torch
that lights up the horizon ♪ ♪ High up in the endless sky ♪ ♪ together with the clouds ♪ ♪ Brave through the gust ♪ ♪ The passion burning ♪ ♪ and nothing can stop me ♪ [Nine Kilometers of Love] [Episode 05] The co-pilot living in here
got a promotion. I talked to Miss Wu to rearrange
the accommodation. Don’t take this wrongly. This is about work. A management assistant… is cleaning the room personally
for a cadet. And it’s all about work? I am sorry. What? I said it anyway. Blame yourself for not hearing it. Clean it on your own. Lin Shu. You are sharing this room with me? You can have that bed over there. We can spend all night
playing video games! Come, let’s start a game. What was that about? Why is she dressed up like that? I am so sorry, I was… I am having a cold today. -I am so sorry.
-It’s okay. I am sorry. Here. Take it. Thank you. You must be a cadet. Which crew are you in? Crew 330. My fellow colleague, as a cadet, there will be a lot of check-ups
and training at the beginning. It’s a little rough. But take care of yourself. A pilot’s health is very important. They each have a box? Yes. There are some over here. One, two, three, four. One, two… What took you so long? -Here is yours.
-Thank you. Check the box. I don’t have torchlight in my box. That can’t be right,
these are standard issued. Do you have it? I have one. Just one. Li? He has no torchlight in his box, can I get him one from the others? No. All the boxes have serial numbers. He needs to take a new box. Let me get it for him. Sure. I’ll take it for you. Sure. Did you find it? Look at how nervous you are. I thought it was something priceless. Here. The equipment will follow us
throughout our whole career. For me, this really is priceless.
Thanks. Stop. What? Well, we’ve known each other for so long, we fought for so long, I think… a change of relationship is necessary. What kind of relationship do you want? Let’s join hands. How does that sound? Joining hands for what? Well, you know a lot about our airlines. As the management assistant
of the Flight Management, how do I get some
outstanding performance? I get it now. You want the cadets under your care… to give you good ratings! Precisely. See? You are a great young man
with a bright future, I would rather be your ally… than be your enemy. Fine. Whether you are doing this
for yourself or out of sincerity, as long as it’s for the good
of the company and the job, I’ll help you. That means we have a deal. As for the overall planning, I am counting on you. May we make a good team? Another batch of new cadets. I am glad to see you here. The flight simulation… is the first step of becoming… This is the legendary Big Slayer. He has a mean face, he gives a strong vibe. If you can’t even pass
the first challenge, go somewhere else you belong. Is the intimidation necessary? A simple introduction. I am Mr. An. The instructor of flight
training exercise of… China Express Airlines
Flight Training Centre, Strategic Joint Operation
of Pengcheng Express. I am also the supervisor assigned
by the ministry. I assure you, no one who slacks will pass my tests. Of course, do not expect any praise from me. Impossible. Instructor An. What question do you have? I am curious. Is it true that you
have never praised… any one of your cadets? I have. But only one. Chu Fei. Why? You wish to give it a try? People talk about
surpassing him every year, none has succeeded so far. Same goes to you. The grading form
for training exercise… will be passed around to you later. You will be trained
under two instructors. One of them is Captain Yan Shuo. The other one is the Flower of Aircrew,
Chen Jing Yan. Her flight record… is only second to Chu Fei. [Training Centre A] It’s you? Zhou Yu Hang? How do you know my name? Aren’t you under my group? -You must be…
-Chen Jing Yan. I am your instructor for the simulation. I will be in charge of your
simulation class from now on. Yes, Instructor Chen! Right. Are you feeling better from
the cold since that day? Much better now. I hope it won’t affect
the simulation class. Yes. Hello, Instructor. Very well. Everyone is here, we will start the first preparation meeting. The model we are using
for this simulation is A320. It costs over 50 million. I hope every one of you… will take every simulation seriously. Do not be late or leave early. -Yes.
-Yes. We have quite the number with us today. You will be divided into two groups. The three at the front in one,
the three at the rear in another. Yes. Lin Shu, Jiang Yi Ming, Zhou Yu Hang. Let’s see who gets to be
the Pilot in Command first. I’ll go first. Do you love being privileged? I am a faster learner. It’ll be your turn soon. You should stay and watch. -Are you…
-Enough. I make the decision in this class. Zhou Yu Hang. You will be the first Pilot in Command. But… -This is so big!
-Indeed. Attention! Get down here. [Training Centre B] Hurry up. Do the new cadets have
no manners at all? During the simulation training, no photo and recording is allowed. Each and every airlines training… is confidential. If you leak any information, you will face legal actions. You, you have five seconds
to delete everything… that you recorded just now. One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Is it done? Yes. I am Yan Shuo,
your simulation instructor. I set the rules here. No one has the right
to question my decisions. Even if you are extremely
unhappy with it, you must bear with it. Your only order is to obey the order. Unconditional obedience. Is that clear? Yes. You had your meals, say it out loud! Clear! The three of you, come with me. What does he want now? Instructor Chen. How is my control? A steady maneuvering, the skills of an veteran. Exceptional. Try to relax later on. I’ll take you up above the cloud. What? You gave me a fright. What are you doing here? Qiao Ning is on the phone
with his girlfriend. The talks are too mushy,
I came here for some quiet time. What was that all about? Were you having a nice dream? No, it’s not that. Don’t be ridiculous. I am right. No. -I am right.
-No. Now, something more serious. What is the crosswind take-off
of the simulation about? Instructor Yan was too strict. I could only remember
half of his lecture. Will you explain this to me? The issue is with the instructor. You should have come to our class. Our instructor… was so nice. She is pretty and good at teaching. She is gentle and thoughtful. This is fate, you won’t get the chance. But Jiang Yi Ming said
she is very solemn, and hard to talk to. Solemn? -He said she is solemn.
-Solemn? What could he possibly know? What could he possibly know? He is always having a long face. He is always so grouchy to everyone. Instructor Chen is great. She is the best instructor ever. Jiang Yi Ming… is no match for her. Why are you making a fuss about this? It’s like someone desecrated
your family’s grave. What are you talking about?
Don’t be ridiculous. Is Qiao Ning done with his phone call? Can you go now? Isn’t it bedtime? I have to sleep. Fine, enough about the jokes. Get out of here. -Just go.
-Fine, I am leaving. -Hurry up.
-Go back to your sweet dreams. -So sweet!
-Cut it out. All these nonsense. Can’t you be serious for once? -I am leaving.
-Go before I kick you out. Seriously? [Strategy to Conquer The Cadets] I gathered the information. I asked around. This is the file of
the new cadets’ personal traits… and list of issues. Nicely done. It’s time to set this in motion. My lady, you are using my credit card.
Remember that. Fine, I owe you.
I will pay you back later. We don’t even know if you
can get the money on time. What’s wrong with you? Don’t jinx me, okay? To make this clear, we are now on the same boat. If I fall, you are going down too. Are we on a mission or
are we shopping for personal items? Is there any conflict between the two? I have other work to do! I have reading to do
after shopping with you here! -Fine.
-Can you pick up the pace? Right now, we bought Ma Shao Peng the pillow
for his insomnia. Up next, we should buy Qiao Ning’s
girlfriend a handbag. Come on. Why are we buying a bag? They are having a
long-distance relationship. He has been very busy with
the training lately. According to my observation, he doesn’t call his girlfriend
as often now. The girlfriend will
surely be mad at him. When she gets angry, Qiao Ning can’t train with
an ease of mind. Which is why… Qiao Ning is not the main focus here. We must focus on his girlfriend. To cheer a girl up, nothing is impossible with a handbag. We should have two if that’s possible. At the current stage, he needs something materialistic
to satisfy his girlfriend… and the void in her heart. Is that so? Are you sure about this? I didn’t learn much
in my years spent in America, but I am an expert in cheering people up
and pleasing them. Let’s go. Wait for me. Cheng Cheng, why are you here? Are you doing your revision? I am here to bring
you some little gifts. You are the first. I heard the simulation test… clashes with your girlfriend’s birthday. I bought her a present.
Send it to her right away. Don’t make her mad. I appreciate this. This is nothing. Qiao Ning, Cheng Cheng is so nice to you. -You have one too.
-Really? What is this? A pillow to treat insomnia. I heard you are having
trouble sleeping. This pillow has the scent of lavender. It works pretty well.
Try it out. You even know about my insomnia? -You are so nice to me.
-Don’t be so formal with me. I just started working in here. You are the first batch of cadet
under my care. I should put my heart
into the work, right? Thank you. If you ever need help,
just let me know. Yes, we are ready to help at all time. I will hold you to your word. That is our duty. Very well, I should
get back to work now. -Sure.
-Goodbye. -Thank you for the gift.
-Thank you, Cheng Cheng. This is great. What do you want? Well, it’s hard to get a parking spot… in the company, the temporary parking slots
are scarce. Which is why… Get to the point. The point? The point is, everyone in Flight Management
has a parking spot. I applied for one too. But I don’t have a car. I am lending you my spot. Why are you being so nice
to me out of nowhere? -What do you want?
-Nothing. I just started working here. You are one of the first batch of cadets
under my care. It’s my job to solve
your daily problems. Don’t make it sound so noble. It might work on the others, but not on me. Brother. I am trying to help you out. Can’t you at least
show some gratitude? In my experience, love and caring
always come with a price. If you are helping me, it means you have other motive. In other word, before you get something from me, you will bait me with satisfaction. You are right about that. I do need a favour from you. But I will spare you the details. I simply hope that… when someone asks you about
my work performance, you will put up a good word for me. That’s all? That’s all. You card! Cheng Cheng is amazing! She even got me the limited edition
of textbooks from 1992. I should buy her a meal next time. This is interesting. It seems like she is using
her tactics on all of you. Tactics? She is just kind enough to help us out. How is that a tactic? Being kind? All she could afford
with the salary is this book. Why would she be nice to you? Wait, what are you trying to say? She has her own agenda. Don’t simply see someone
as your guardian angel. Agenda? What would she want from me?
I have no money with me. She is trying to buy you off. That is her motive. Jiang Yi Ming. Can you please not think
of the whole world… as your own reflection? Lin the Wise,
did she buy you off as well? That girl is really something. I realized something. That is why all the new cadets… are being bribed by Cheng Cheng. It must be thanks to your help. No wonder, you are the class leader. You know us by the details. Are the two of you… Are you done yet? Did I make you mad? Did I poke the sore point? Could it be that
she did something to you? -Shut it!
-Jiang Yi Ming! Lin Shu! Lin Shu, what are you doing? Don’t you know the rules
of the classroom? I know. So why are you doing that? Fine. You won’t be in the class today. You are suspended for one week. Out. Instructor Chen, Lin Shu was… Enough, sit down. You are just cadets. Starting a fight will
get you suspended. But if you are pilots, you will be grounded. And that is not the end of it. I hope you understand
how serious the matter is. And you, Jiang Yi Ming. I am not giving you punishment, but that doesn’t mean
you can get away with it. If this ever happens again, you will be suspended
just like Lin Shu. Get up. It’s almost time, get up. It’s time to get up, hurry up. No. Do you like being a coward? Fine, you can keep being
a coward here. I will talk to Uncle Lin. I’ll tell him his son
is a remarkable coward. What do you want? You can keep lying on your bed. I am going to talk to your father. You are always criticising me, you said that I have no goal
and blinded by money. What about you? You are throwing a tantrum just
because you are suspended? You are blind yourself. Listen, now is the time to act like a spring, the more pressure you feel, the stronger you retaliate and stand up. I heard… you picked a fight because of me. All right. Seeing how honourable
you were as a friend, this is a report, hand it to Instructor Chen. My punishment is not writing a report. You are so stiff-minded. This is how the system works. You are accepting punishment
because of your righteousness. That is the worst possibly outcome. The best possible tactic… is to show your remorse. Admit your mistake to her. Try to lighten your punishment. If you are suspended for one week, you will be even further away
from surpassing Chu Fei. Take this. Did you copy and paste this thing? You can get this kind of report
online very easily. Instructor Chen won’t read it. If I am doing this, I must put my heart into it. I should start writing now. I think you can at least show
some appreciation. Thank you. [The third ultimate tactic:
Catch them by surprise] I must come out on top of this fight. I must get the money. You made these all by yourself? Yes, I woke up early today. I bought them at the supermarket,
these are all fresh ingredients. The foods for pilots… must be nutritious and healthy. What gave you the idea
to prepare a lunchbox? To be honest, since I started working with them, I remember every details
of their matter. Look. They are going to have
their simulation test soon. I wish to give them a
heart-warming motivation. Let’s start now. Sure. Come in. Instructor Chen. What is this? This is my report. Instructor Chen. I think you were right for punishing me. Whatever the reason is, I should always follow the rules
of classroom and the company. I am the class leader and
I failed to be a role model. I have been suspended for three days, I have learned my lessons. I hope you could give me
another chance… and let me continue the lessons. They say you are the best among
the new batch. People have high hopes for you. I am sure you are aware… how important the physical
health is to a pilot. It’s easy to raise a fist. But hurting and get hurt… is not the best solution. I hope that under no circumstances… that a pilot will see himself
above the flight rules… or flight requirement. Understood. I will accept your report. You suspension ends today. Thank you. You will have your
simulation test tomorrow. Which is why I prepared
lunch box for everyone. I hope you do well in this test. Okay? -Sure.
-Each for everyone. Here. Good luck. -Each for everyone.
-Thank you. Here. Why don’t we take a photo together? Good. Gather around. -Is this okay?
-Yes. So, everyone, can you show the camera… your lunch box? That would look nice. On count of three,
let’s say “All the best”. Sure. Three, two, one, all the best! This is for you. What is this? You have your simulation test tomorrow. I specially made you
these lunch boxes… as a mean to motivate you. See? They each have one egg, you get to have two. This must be a lot of work for you. What do you know?
This is called packaging. Another way to say this
is “false kindness”. Whatever you say. Listen, I carried out this plan to perfection. You’ll see. My name will be sung
throughout the company. ♪ I stare at the blue sky ♪ ♪ I watch as people pass by ♪ ♪ They each has something
on their minds ♪ ♪ It could be how they meet ♪ ♪ or about a parting gift ♪ ♪ There are so many scenes ♪ ♪ they change and same
goes for everything♪ ♪ So you and me ♪ ♪ is there any chance for us
to make this just as orderly ♪ ♪ As the clock ticks ♪ ♪ I see you off to where you must be ♪ ♪ You shoulder the duty
and start your journey ♪ ♪ Your love makes my heart beat ♪ ♪ It doesn’t matter where we meet ♪ ♪ I miss you wherever you might be ♪ ♪ The space and time warp
to make you close to me ♪ ♪ As two hearts beat ♪ ♪ Uphills and downwind
people come and go ♪ ♪ It never bothers me even
when there are uncertainties ♪ ♪ Because of my love for you ♪ ♪ I have the courage for everything ♪ ♪ just to reunite with my loved one ♪ ♪ There are so many scenes ♪ ♪ they change and same
goes for everything♪ ♪ So you and me ♪ ♪ is there any chance for us to
make this just as orderly ♪ ♪ As the clock ticks ♪ ♪ I see you off to where you must be ♪ ♪ You shoulder the duty
and start your journey ♪ ♪ Your love makes my heart beat ♪ ♪ It doesn’t matter where we meet ♪ ♪ I miss you wherever you might be ♪ ♪ The space and time warp
to make you close to me ♪ ♪ As two hearts beat ♪ ♪ Uphills and downwind
people come and go ♪ ♪ It never bothers me even
when there are uncertainties ♪ ♪ Because of my love for you ♪ ♪ I have the courage for everything ♪ ♪ just to reunite with my loved one ♪ ♪ Your love makes my heart beat ♪ ♪ It doesn’t matter where we meet ♪ ♪ I miss you wherever you might be ♪ ♪ The space and time warp
to make you close to me ♪ ♪ As two hearts beat ♪ ♪ Uphills and downwind
people come and go ♪ ♪ It never bothers me even
when there are uncertainties ♪ ♪ Because of my love for you ♪ ♪ All the more reasons to hope for ♪ ♪ the time when we can have ♪ ♪ that precious memory ♪

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