(ENG) VLOG : 한남동 구경 + 유럽여행 선물 언박싱 + 집에서 토마토 샐러드 만들기|6월 일상 브이로그 #2

Today before going out, I’m gonna have some yogurt! I’m gonna put two spoons of jam in a cup. You might think that how this yogurt is for breakfast, but oatmeal makes you feel very full… At last, add a lot of raspberries on it. This is my light breakfast today! I decided to meet my sisters at Hannam to have lunch together. Definitely, it was really good that I ate the yogurt for breakfast today… Look at a feast! I’ve got an avocado burger and my sisters have got a hash brown burger and a bacon cheese burger. and we’ve ordered garlic butter fries as well! When I had all of it, I felt really full and oily but… it was awesome! We stopped by MMMG across the street from the burger restaurant. These notebooks are my tastes! And there are cute stickers, which I couldn’t use ’cause so cute… This stationery shop is on the second floor and Freitag is on the first floor, D&department is on the third floor as well. This day was soooo hot… and finally, we made it to our last destination dragging our fatigued bodies… Here is Still books, which I’ve wanted to be at and it has great curations and a clean space so I thought that I would be here alone to read some books the next time! We grabbed seats under the shade and had some iced drinks The weather is getting hotter and hotter so I’m really worried about it… Last week my mom and sister went to travel around Europe with relatives and thankfully they got something for me so I couldn’t help but film the gifts! First, I’ve got a cute keyring and a pencil. From what I heard, the writer of ‘Pinocchio’ is Italian so they said there was a lot of souvenir with Pinocchio in the whole of Italy! Cute…! And the next, this is a small wallet but the crazy thing is that they put my last name on it… plus it’s dark green, which is one of my favorite colors… So grateful…! Whenever I go on a trip or see an exhibition, I like to buy postcards and collect them so they got these postcards for me. First, these are from the Louvre Museum. If you’ve been watching my videos, can know that I love going to a museum or a gallery, so Louvre​ is the best museum where I really really want to go. Now I’m seeing just postcards but someday I’m gonna see them in the flesh at Louvre​… And the second things are from the middle of Paris. Personally, this Eiffel tower postcard is the best! You guys have to go straight into my box…. And apparently, Italy is famous for lemons. This lemon candies are a quite famous souvenir… There is something so sour inside. I like it. This soap has an intense lemon scent so I’m gonna use it as an air freshener for the moment… This is another soap of Gori1919, which is a brand that had been 100 years! This one has also a fresh lemon scent. By the way, I’ve never seen the biggest soap since a laundry soap… and I’ve got a toner, a sunblock, and a lip balm! The next thing is olive oil and ​balsamic vinegar. I’m gonna make some salad with them later! And coffee beans. A few days ago, my coffee beans were out so I’ve been thinking what do I get this time but it was lucky! I’m so wondering how it is! Next, some chips. As you can see, it looks a little spicy. Let’s give it a taste! It is not spicy at all and I feel like I’ve had similar snacks before…I mean it’s good! And the second one. This one looks like original and classic. I’ll try it! Hum, this is thicker and saltier than the first one… And lastly, this is the most interesting thing to me! Each thing has a small straw on the side and you can just put this straw in here. So, I’ll wrap up this haul with the interesting espresso, which has a really deep chocolate flavor. Today I’m gonna make marinated tomatoes with new olive oil that I got as a gift. If you make cuts on the surface of the tomatoes, you can peel off the skins with ease. So I’m gonna wash them up and make cuts under the tomatoes. And then blanch them in the boiling water with a pinch of salt for just 10 ~ 20 seconds. And then cool down them with cold water as quickly as you can and peel off all of them. I thought it would be hard to peel off the skins but quite easy! (Sorry about the noise…!) The last step is making the sauce! Put two spoons balsamic in a bowl and also three spoons olive oil, some lemon juice, some basil powder, and a spoon of honey and mix it all. Now put some chopped onions, peeled tomatoes in it and mix it again. By the way… the bowl is too small so I have to mix it carefully…lol… And now I’m going to put it in the fridge to be cool. Go into my fridge​! I have kinda a hot temper so I just took it out in less than an hour…haha.. It’s fresh and healthy! And I’m gonna eat this with baguette, which goes well with olive oil and balsamic. I think just this sauce is enough for baguette​… This salad was also made out of the same sauce so it would go well with it… Well, then I’ll finish this vlog here with a healthy meal, bye!

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