– This week on BRStv, the last decade plus has led to this moment in time to get everything that
we’ve learned together and applying it to a
dream tank in my home. That’s coming up. (ethereal music) (upbeat music) Hey, I’m Ryan, this is the BRS360, the journey of taking everything that we’ve learned about reefing, taking that full circle, and transforming those experiences into a 360 gallon reef tank in my home. This series is gonna be different than all of the other previous series. This time, I think more fun
and helpful than before. The goal here isn’t just
a successful approach to reef tanks, we’ve done that all the way from Reed and I’s first How
To Setup A Saltwater Aquarium series in my basement,
the Clown Harem series, 52 Weeks of Reefing in the BRS 160, the ULMs and the BRSWWC hybrid method, all fun looks that setup
various types of reef tanks and expanding our knowledge. This time with the 360, we
bring it all full circle and rather than an abstract idea of a tank setup in an office for
educational purposes, this tank is my own
personal dream in my home. The tank that I’m gonna
share with my friends and family and reefing community, hopefully for a decade plus. Sharing the journey also
fulfills my personal passion of acquiring and sharing
information with my peers, meaning all of you. So, why now? Well this series feels
like a natural evolution with all of the tanks we’ve setup. Tens of thousands of
debates or discussions, common thoughts challenged,
countless tanks setup, each one a trial of its own. Everything that I’ve had the fortune to be part of, leading to this moment. My family just moved into
the home where my kids are gonna grow up so
not only can I justify the investment, but my passion
for challenging endeavors and reefing is something
that I’d like to share with my kids as they grow up. Hopefully in a manner which demonstrates not just how cool a reef tank can be, but also what it means to conquer difficult challenges as
well as care for the pets, animals, and really,
anyone that relies on us, in a responsible manner. What is gonna make this series so much different and ultimately more fun than the rest is by now everyone understands what an RO
assistant, carve in, and a power head is. I think we’re way beyond explaining that for yet another time. This time, we’re talking actual challenges to the journey of setting up a large, longterm reef tank in a home. Talking my own personal
challenges with this 360 build, what’s gone wrong for me in the past, I’m talking simple things. Like how does someone actually make a tank that holds interest for 10 years or more? Designing or prepping a fish room, or perfect water station,
quarantining fish. How do you even get a
multiple hundred gallon tank into your home and level it? It’s gonna be super heavy. How do you keep something this big clean without signing up for a mountain of work? What does a 10 year
power solution look like? Then implement what I believe
to be the best solution specific to this tank. So if you want to see
how this all pans out, the subscribe button says I’m interested, but that notification
bell says I don’t want to miss a single one of these. But to take it one step further, just hours after release
of the main episode, we’re gonna bring it back around again with talking 360, not just a deeper dive, but with a raw, uncut
discussion on today’s topic, and answer your questions, and then when we can,
invite knowledgeable guests to join the conversation. That starts this week in just
a couple hours at 1PM Central. We’re talking Dream Tanks
Live with Jeremy Howl, one of the thought leaders
over at Bright Wall Aquatics. For those of you who don’t know, Jeremy’s one of the people
who is the most passionate about reefing that I know. Been doing this for
decades, and just like me, has had some things holding him back from implementing that dream tank. We’ll find out what they are, and I bet not only that different from your own challenges as well. So that’s coming up in
just a couple hours, so hit that notification bell because it’s a key to seeing it. For those of you that missed it, click this link for the
entire BRS360 playlist, including not just each week’s episode, but also those live discussions, so check it out.

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