ep0 +0 kg 0 week,  3 Months Body Transformation or how to grow 33 lbs in 3 months

Sorry for my english) Hi all! Welcome to the channel My name is Max, 30 y.o, and I want to change my life I would like to start a change from my way of life Until this point, I regularly used alcohol and nicotine. And now, from the beginning of April, I am absolutely pure, half a month I’m going to go to the gym I would like to gain weight, approximately 10-12 kg (25-30lbs) for three months, this is my goal I have experience of 5 years of training, of course with breaks At the moment, I did not train for a year I believe that this goal is not as complex and possibly try to add 1-2kg top Within three months, the “dirty” mass will be grown. In the following I will try to polish this weight, make more clean, more relief At the moment I weigh 65-66 kg (143.3-145.51 lb) with a height of 175 cm (5’9″) I have health problems, small problems with the heart and veins on my legs I think some of you will also be interested in how I will overcome my problems. Will I get it at all? I can train only twice a week because of my working schedule 5 through 2, so I chose the HIT system for myself Probably, many will also be interested to see if it works or not For the money I’m severely limited, I have only $ 170 per month for absolutely everything: food, clothes, gym and everyday expenses Now I eat three times a day, and with the next week I take in an additional meal, so I’ll gradually try to bring up to 6 meals a month I live in a small town with a population of one hundred thousand people. The city is called Glazov I will try to show my city how we live, how other people live, what’s outside of the city and many other things Maybe it will also be interesting to someone, and if not, it will be just for a variety of videos So if anyone is interested – join, see, the video will be released about once a week Share your opinion, bad or good opinion – any attention is important Thanks for watching) see you soon

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