Well that’s style if you can eat all this… I recieve €200,- haha Listen..if you eat all this, you’ll recieve €50,- €50 haha… No.. I ain’t gonna bet on this man.. *can they eat all of that??* He is going to eat all this by HIMSELF! 3 kilo.. So I am going to start… you know what.. I am going to start with nice proper pieces .. and we’ll save this for last *if he finishes this.. he gets 3 kilo’s of steak monthly?* It’s…fantastic.. It’s almost finished again… Mike: ‘Soup of the day…’ *hahaha soup of the day…* Here you are! Is this the last one or will there be another one after this? After this, one round left You should have bet man.. Indeed… I could have bet here too. €50,- Steak distributor: Yeah.. but 3 kilo’s of steak every month that costs me a lot more money. Yeah indeed.. It is starting to get challenging now… That was it guys That was solid man, congratulations! Thank you.. thank you! Congratulations! Yeah, congratulations! Holy shit… Beast! You did it! Nice one chief! And he ate so damn fast…unbelievable!

14 thoughts on “EPIC 3 KILO STEAK CHALLENGE | 6.6 POUNDS | €300,- | 700G PROTEIN

  1. I think I’ll accept this challange, I’m already eating 3kilos of raw meat every day. It’s just that I’m poor as hell compare to you.

  2. Hebt een timer nodig! leuker om te zien hoe snel/traag het gaat om zo'n massieve challenge binnen te spelen. Leuke content

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