Episode 004: 酸菜白肉鍋 Sauerkraut pot

Welcome to Celery Obella We are going to cook sauerkraut pot today We need sauerkraut, pork, cabbage, ginger leek, and optional green onions I use frozen sliced pork here So I need to separate them in a bowl first marinate with tapioca powder for 15 minutes The portion of tapioca powder is proportional to meat weight 1 tbs for about ~1 pound (500g) Next, mix in rice wine about 2 tbs (for 500g meat) Mix well the powder, wine, and pork Add water if too dry to mix (but not wet) The goal is to ensure every piece of meat has some wine and tapioca powder This ensures tender meat Next, cut the base of cabbage Separate leaves and rince thoroughly Dry them after rince and start cutting We need finger wide pieces for the stem As to the leaves It has to be wider Because the stem is harder and need more time to cook But the leaves can cook very fast so it needs to have bigger surface area for stew Now we need some ginger slices Trim what we don’t want and we need to create a stand Cut one side to make sure it can stand nicely then slice it. Heat the pot next Take a look at my stove Add oil to the pot, and put ginger slices in If your stove’s firepower is much greater than mine make sure you add some water Let the ginger sit a bit, it’s time to cut the leeks We need 2-inch (5cm) segments Now put in the cabbage stems Close the lid and stew We will need about 2 to 3 minutes The stem will start softening Add sauerkraut now I’ve emptied the juice in the can sauerkraut is salty, at least the ones from Trader Joe’s, so no salt in this pot If yours are not salty enough You need to add some more salt now Next we add leeks Separate the leeks before putting them in Otherwise they will tangle together Now cover the rest of the cabbage and lay pork slices on top of it Gently separate the pork slices to keep their shapes Close the lid and let it stew When will it be ready? When it’s ready you’ll smell it! When you open the lid again The portion will reduce That’s when it’s ready to serve Before serving, close the lid again Remove only before eating The heavy LC pot will keep it simmering delicious Thank you for watching!

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