Episode 57, miles 1424 – 1482 (ENG sub)

Episode 57, miles 1424 – 1482 Hello It’s July 25, Wednesday if I’m not wrong around 2 pm I’ve just decided to vlog now Originally, I didn’t want to vlog at all today, because I’m not in good mood I feel miserable The reason is that after 4 days of hiking in my new shoes they feel extremely uncomfortable. I have blisters on my heels and my feet are all bruised and every step hurts so bad and my left toe hurts since yesterday afternoon the way that I thought I had broken it at some point Turned out that I had to hike in my flip flop the last 5 miles yesterday Because I simply couldn’t stand my shoe on my foot anymore. It hurt AF To make things worse, I was not able to find a camp spot again last night In the end I found one at a water source but I was basically camping on a rock on the cliff above a river I’m so glad that I was not sleep walking last night. I would have ended up really bad. Another reason why I feel kind of miserable is that I got from an interesting and beautiful areas back to boring and uninteresting forest And basically there are no views at all. There are some exceptions though. This is Mt. Shasta. The mountain I’ve been recently hiking around The only view I have from time to time. The rest of the time here is just hiking in green tunnel, no views at all… Hiking this portion is as interesting as hiking in my home town in the forest behind our house It’s seriously so boring Well…. boring ….. I wasn’t bored this morning, I have to say! Coincidentally, two US women at Burney Falls yesterday were asking me about the PCT They probably recognized me as hiker based on my terrible smell Well, and they were asking me what wild animals I had seen on trail So I told them what animals and I was complaining that I didn’t see a bear. And guess what happened this morning around 7:30 … I’m pretty sure that a bear is right behind me Not sure what he was doing there, but sounded like he’s scratching something probably a log or a tree It was very loud sound… I better get out of here ASAP And during my lunch break I felt kind of like Dr. Doolittle Mother Nature loves me or what ? I’m preparing my lunch and look who’s stalking me Good morning! I’ve been hiking for 2 hours already and guess what I have just found Just so you know, I will be out of California in like 10 days! SNOW!!!! OMG! I’m glad I don’t have to walk in it It’s just crazy! It’s so hot here and there’s still snow! Dear God it’s so hot today I was hiking on an exposed ridge in past couple of hours No shade at all I had beautiful views, comparing to yesterday, yes but the heat is KILLING ME. And I cannot wait for my lunch break in two miles There should be a stream there too. And I’m gonna show you what I’m having for lunch in past 2 months or so Here I am I have walked today only 24 kilometers 14 – 15 miles but I’m so hungry so let’s have lunch! I don’t like having lunch without a water source That’s why I always try to stop near a stream or a river I wash myself a little and I finally grab some fresh and cold water I’ve met many hikers who do not filter water. I do filter every single time because the worst thing on trail is to have an explosive diarrhea because of contaminated water That’s why I filter water although it’s so annoying I use MIO – a water enhancer in order to cover the taste of frog poo MIO sirups are very concentrated and comes in endless varieties of flavors I enjoy using them very much As for the lunch preparation: I have always 2 wheat tortillas I add some tuna either simple one or with spicy flavor or chicken chunks And to eat as much calories as possible, I add some crushed potato chips I rolle it up and eat Hey you! Don’t be scared! I’m wondering what was she eating here? The spider web? What were you eating here?? huh … ? Do you see it? I should be careful here! Rattle snakes are back! Okay…. seems like I’m breaking my personal record in hiked miles per day My feet surprisingly don’t hurt anymore or, maybe they hurt so much so I don’t feel it anymore It’s actually very likely in any case if I hike all the way to the camp which I have chosen for tonight I’m so gonna break my personal record I’ll let you know later today Oh man, I look like shit! It’s 7:30 pm, I’ve just arrived at camp I broke my personal record today This is how my feet look after I hiked 55,7 kilometers which is 34,6 miles I’m wondering how I feel tomorrow because today’s hike was a real hardcore.

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