Erupción Del Volcán Popocatépetl Llegó 5 Kms De Altura Sismos hoy en vivo reporte hyper

how about friends welcome to television
hyperdimension to today’s hyper health forgiveness today a strong explosion in the volcano
popocatépetl a few minutes ago good to the 1041 many thanks to all the
people who are following us we have our guest here in the center today
from the city of puebla she is osiris our channel friend
Osiris thank you very much for accompanying me and Well, today we find a
I can not share the screen but I let’s just give the information a
strong explosion today at 1041 as you hear you hear us yes no to chiapas in 2 hours 8 earthquakes also
katina I saw that let’s talk let’s say if they listen to me because I understand
forgiveness is always possibly be it’s a bit annoying to do this but
conscious that you listen well if that’s how listen well forward thank you very much
then we told him the news of right now to do this report on this
we are on the street practically in the center of the city of puebla 8 earthquakes
in less than two hours and also a strong explosion in the volcano
popocatépetl we have images not the We can share because we are in a
small direct we are talking with our friend osiris I repeat again
she is osiris friend of the channel and piqué good live good work here in the
center of the city of puebla osiris welcome today the door appears
explosion of the roof popocatépetl volcano the popocatépetl has always
impressed because somehow we are within some range of
dangerousness not as city of puebla Well, it does worry us a lot, but it does
it impresses a lot well pop activity or very well
notice that popocatépetl launched this I miss to smoke or there’s a lot
university or if by I’m possibly that’s why it was not seen so much but it reached
fumarole five kilometers high and this is something that was coming because
it was usually being said that I was expecting this explosion, I was yesterday
I said in fact to several people in the chat is about to fly to fly already
it accumulated that good as there is no dome in the crater of the volcano the explosions are
more violent as today’s then was it somehow was it or does it miss the
popocatépetl volcano presented a explosion that generated a column
eruptive with ash content at 1041 today reported the coordinator of
civil protection of the statement of account of puebla state civil protection
state of puebla detailed that by the cloudiness of the area is not possible
visibility however this fumarole reached 5 kilometers above
the the crater something very important seconds
before this explosion there was a strong earthquake that reached the 3.2 degrees
so then you dare that we are doing 1041 I was taking a bath
when this is part of the eruption today you can not see it but it was very strong
the explosion on the volcano was very strong popocatépetl it should be noted that the system
of monitoring of the popocatépetl volcano operates 24 hours so any
change of activity will be reported appropriately good here the most
important is that what has been accomplished we have said that as there is no
dome is more explosive is very very very strong the explosion and today at 1041
the morning we do not have a mobile unit but I would have loved to pass them the
mobile unit today we are premiering osiris is the godmother we are premiering
the artisan microphone of the viper dimensional I hope you are
listening well good osiris good we wanted to talk because you also dare
has a youtube channel then possibly we are going to do some
collaboration but today the news came out of the volcano popocatépetl something else
also very important is many thanks to light manuel arellano to all
People who pass in the chat Luis manuel arellano a second ago a
tremor of 4.6 in Chiapas Another tremor of 4.9 is in Chiapas in puerto madero-mexico in guatemala
are 8 earthquakes in two hours 4.5 in front of the coasts of guatemala in chiapas
mexico 4.5 5.0 in guatemala not in huixtla in huixtla chiapas also 4.8 This is from Chiapas these are the earthquakes I’m not here
in the hyper report here here I am taking the data
this is one all this is us sending our friend Luis Manuel
Arellano look at this earthquake of 5 unfortunately we can not be
sharing for me chiapas goes down of the sea, that’s the way the prophecy is there
is the light manuel arellano thank you very much brother thank you very much
for supporting me in all this are 8 earthquakes over 4.5 in the area of
chiapas 8 earthquakes is not anything and of 4.5 and 4.9 in a period no greater than 4
two hours hours sorry in less than two hours then it means that it is
have again I am live this wants say that in less than two hours the plate
tectonics beyond chiapas along with the eruption and the earthquake of the scrub of
popocatépetl volcano made a dent now we are going with eight earthquakes
well let’s hope it is not cutting as you will see very bad is the
transmission the internet connection does not is we need an internet a pocket
good an internet data movement so thank you very much now so
our friend addresses us a few words osiris that he just found
a few minutes we are greeting you from the city of
populate the ash is falling south of the city of puebla because it came towards
here then that is the information of this loud voice explosion of the volcano
popocatépetl and at 1041 in the morning and I repeat again I did not enter because I did not
we had mobile data and today we’re suffering with the data
but this is already going viral Go ahead, see a little something for
those who are new to this channel that thanks for subscribing and if you have not
done subscribe be shared share manually because it seems that no longer with
the like is no longer shared like and comment and a little something for those who still
they are not very familiar with what the prophecies of the volcano of
popocatépetl and you can make us a small semblance good remembrance
well you can tell us more or less what are the main prophecies that
they speak of the popocatépetl volcano because already left more for this year not that
they also say that in July it’s going to wake up and stella the island and this or that
it also goes like when I do extrusion the coconut is going to swallow a whole town to
see what you can tell us about all the prophecies like that once you foresee
a sign I do not do not believe in dates the people who tell us that on 20
July there will be a deal is going to have a contact
massive extraterrestrial and they’re going to come down the beings of the ships and that are going to
communicate with us there on a walk the reform are going to lower some reptilians
and they’re going to say hello, sos, how You are very happy I am a moon here
no I do not believe in that in that theory yes I believe in the prophecies and I know they are going
to give a prophecy or something that is irremediable and that can not go through
high is that someday personally a server will download
and will live the last day of his life in I do think that is what is going to happen
it’s going to happen that it’s going to fragment the volcano will reach sometime in
where the water where the volcano popocatépetl will stop growing and will
flying will explode and it will fragment that is what the
scientists that that is the end of all the volcanoes of the world not only the
popocatépetl from the orizaba peak or the tp cycle will also end up in
this then I do not think it’s 20 on July 20, now what I do believe is
that if we are strong at the conscious I think and I’m sure that
that we can slow and reverse I do not think that these big ones
cataclysms are going to touch our generations I do not believe I do not believe 7
sorry is failing a lot of the internet what I do believe is that it will fragment
what I do believe and you are seeing that the plate between the ix of pep and the pacific
is going to join is going to join the Gulf of mexico with the pacific that I believe and
that’s part of that is part or it would be part of something evolutionary but
honestly I think they’re going to miss still seats and it’s not that thousands of
years for the end to happen now well of popocatépetl in this eruption can
have a very strong explosion but has a volcano advantage
popocatépetl that others do not have volcanoes the crater of the volcano
popocatépetl is very big is too It is about 600 600 meters in diameter
more then in fact it is one of the craters
sorry is failing a lot on the internet he told them that the crater of the volcano
popocatépetl is one of the largest then thanks to that explosions
strong as today’s apparently not nothing happens in the populations that are
near the popocatépetl volcano and stones fell if ash fell
falling in these moments in city of populate a lot of ash a lot of sand
everything in the southern part then everything which is coming from the side of san
bernabé de atlixco de chipilo all towards there to the south is where you went
the fumarole according to reports then I I do not think we are going to touch this
generates this generation honestly there can not be a
explosion but we have as background that the volcano like someone is
helping like someone is protecting and like this generation
I do not think I do not think we’ll play Well, well, yes, this is very
delicate you also have to be apart from save us or see our
For our safety, remember that our pets are also
animals and also have this then alternatives if you have goats if you have
Sheep horses too, you can see for them also no yes yes sorry for
change the subject is that the truth never I had been here with Jerry and I do not drive
well the subject but if that’s why I he asked and what is there of the
prophecies may not be present for us and another thing you know what it is
what I’ve always wanted to ask according to the documentaries that appear
the ac national geographic in discovery all of them and all that sometimes there
ultrasound that is done to volcanoes that is already science I wonder
why it has not manifested because no have made public the ultrasound of
the cavities or those of the island and the poop because they say it’s one is
magmatic cavity shared by the two and aside how is he the malinche
that’s what I’ve always been asked why in this area not
because remember that sometimes who people cover us a lot of information and I
because I know because there are comrades who I have in other parts of the planet and if a
they receive other information so what would happen in this case because
we have not been made public to talk about indonesia is to talk about something else
here in Mexico here in america to the state from puebla the city of puebla to be
Exactly we are surrounded by volcanoes see how many volcanoes we have in one
distance less than 200 kilometers we have the chest of perote we have the
cycle to the pp of the peak of orizaba the malintzi the matt thing of freedom
we have the pong jump that is at the foot of It is a volcano at the foot of the
popocatépetl is smaller we have the woman pain and asleep today
you are the same and we have popocatépetl chewing gum is also chewing gum
is on the other side is the volcano of chewing gum and good and without going any further in
this zone there are too many volcanoes apart from the 15
volcanoes that are in the south of the Mexico City in the Adjustment Zone and
all active all now well short the paricutín that beatriz said to us
effectively good in conclusion in this area is too busy
seismic but too much and that’s polar by the union of the plates that
remember that they are subduction and there always 200 300 kilometers from andy there
a subduction of plates there are these volcanoes now what happens
us here in Mexico when they gave to know the federal government the
the purchase of the infrared camera for the volcano of colima according to friends
that we said here in this channel that hopefully pro federal hopefully that andrés
manuel lópez oprador I wish I had money to ask for another camera here hopefully
in this case it would be ideal and here and there and that would show them obviously because of
be possible that it is the same camera magmatic for the ecstasy like
for the popocatépetl waters with this waters with that I tell you honestly and
you are people who know you these issues and it would not be difficult
imagine in the hypothesis that it is a single mathematical camera we would be
talking that would be something like a boiler or super boiler similar to that of
yellowstone then I hope not be two cameras one the best bigger
that another the volcano is the ecstasy equal has water vapor has a little
seismicity ma lin lin if it has seismicity no not detected
water vapor then under those fundamentals well imagine it would be as if
town was in cavity above magnet magma cavities asthma
practically because imagine make the zitlaltépec meetings
imagine from indeed it is as well a youtube channel that we are in the
parallel 19 5 and that that then affects much even on other planets because
coincidentally and science does not explains why in those parallels there are
many things and if you look at the map from it
the one of the volcano of colima until the cycle of forgiveness is all that a line not
sexy as of 200 kilometers since all that line is full of volcanoes
So, if we talk about tourism of that is the true isthmus who is in
the tightrope good swing this is already created a new fault that goes from there
for people because by the way they nickname this the fault of puebla not good is the
another part there are two things there are two Sheds that you say osiris
is the fault the fault of the population first are two the first one is the one that
did in the tremor of 2017 the one that is in front of the volcano popocatépetl good
of the two volcanoes that fails that crack has up to two meters had up to a
meter separation forgiveness that crack there is a video that is taken from the
Cholula pyramid in full earthquake when you turn the volcanoes it looks like
that fault runs if you smoke in that it would be a fault that is at the foot of both
volcanoes of both the same as the malinche
now here south of Puebla tehuacán de choco huajuapan de léon
It is also a union and a very seismic where very earthquakes occur
important and there is also another flaw that is linked to the failure of the isthmus
from tehuantepec then there we are talking about something else very different and of
something very very serious if we become I repeat again if we handle it in a
evolutionary aspect everything has a principle always has an end always
so what he wants to say is that someday like the tepozteco that I
I think it is a volcano according to studies it is a volcano and it fragmented as well as
fragmented the Krakatoa volcano as it could be the end of popocatépetl
let’s hope that it does not happen very much but it’s simply not that you des
you have to challenge mother nature and there are many people who have faith in
volcano because if you think you have one is an idea
is an entity next a living being and the power
compared to other volcanoes respected a lot to life that what
is in your environment that you want a lot everyone
well, living beings that are there animals and people that’s why he has
decided in a certain way like that hold and hold and postpone is going to
postpone your good your activity not but this and you what do you think about this?
the little really good we already know that it is called as gregorio chinese
popocatépetl to this his full name his daughter and that this person then in the
last years I did not know that has communicated with those of the region with
the people of the region and in sense what do you think about that we no longer have
as much contact as before if In fact, there is still contact with
100 but you feel you are still attending remember that in the ritual of cholula
that we have the last one the last one the last weekend of July as much as
the one of rodrigo romo that is tomorrow morning there are people who want to accompany us in the
park here in puebla communicate with me there are going to be rituals and in August
the first week of August there are going to be rituals with intent to
lessen this blow of popocatépetl There is still communication with the
times laura towers brought us a I experienced an interview with a good
but then, well, that’s something real of that is something that can be given
let’s hope he does not repeat let’s hope that that happens that by the
moment you take out make such a rash no more lives that do not gain life because
we talked about the beginning of the prophecies obviously the prophecy says that
is going to fragment and there are other prophecies that is going to make a strong explosion and
two or three villages are going to disappear none of those prophecies we want and
is to ask you have to act positive there what to think positive you have to act
good and friends give me little hands up please because we are going very little
Well then what can I say to me? I really like to hear about the
temples for good I am late already of information but if it would be something good
interesting that if it could even be go with a tempero if we allow it
go see how it communicates with pop or with ton goyito because I for my people
It’s like it’s not the town of the angels or of zaragoza is town from don goyo
of the angels so I told him they supported town because then somehow don
goyo is our our protector and besides, I think it’s like that
biggest we have here in pola lo more father as poblanos I believe not so
it is an observation as well as the volcano popocatépetl before its eruption
they saw lights as they entered the crater that Believe with people when I went to the countryside
from the side of the peak of orizaba beach because I chol on you all talking to the
local with the common with the communities have seen surge of UFOs entering the
cycle or the peak of orizaba then it is a
active volcano you have to be there you have to be aware
and well, well, about two years ago I think the news said that the
mountaineers were already detecting cracks in the ppt cycle there they found
four or five cracks and is that I do not I’m wrong about the cone of the crater
citlaltépetl volcano, so it is that let’s hope that today’s explosion that of
somehow already expected for the activity remember that after
of calm comes something important is agree that the day of Thursday Wednesday
when we review the seismograms here in hyper report they remember that there was no
trembling and the volcano was mysteriously quiet today in the
tomorrow June 14 he uncovered two tremors and I’ll know if it does not follow
trembling in there same walk no longer me send nothing since there is nothing the last
tremor was 4.6 two earthquakes important south of the city of
Mexico in Chiapas in less than two hours all above 4.5 to 5 already low 2
surely it must have been 53 or something like that then people
if you felt it, let me know and then thank you very much to see you comment me
how are we going in the transmission that it seems in the craft microphone of
Hyper says he has been shaking the maximum 51 and lower it to 4.6 to be known
that is always always I think is for the alert not to alarm the
people do not and that can be remembered who is going to see the coming week is going to
there is an eclipse there will be alignment planetary this obeys what always
we have been saying then then be alert you subscribe to the three
hyper hyper health group channels and dimensional and hyper perry this other little thing look right now you say
what of the planetary alignment already I remembered something and that because I was
watching a program for children that says that the moon is moving away each year a
little more and that is that I remember that when It was a girl I saw the biggest moon
Even when I was in the top bigger than when today they say no
is that the hyper moon is 14 percent bigger than who knows what but not the
I’ve seen as big as in my childhood you What do you think about that and is that tell us if
they can also affect what is now we take pollution good
It has a lot but you think the moon is already affecting everything we are
seeing in question of the environment or the someone said that with that departure from
the moon what is causing is the rotation of the pole changes in the
as it is called in which in the pole magnetic north remember that we have
made programs here that the north pole magnetic is moving from 50 to 100
meters per year and it’s heading towards
siberia that means that if the moon is getting further and further away from that
every time the climates are more extreme osh then for every time there is going to be more
stronger rain plus earthquakes and over Every eye has also said
prophecy is trembling where it is not it is not earthquake sound beyond the earthquake
Wednesday there in Monterrey earthquake did not have to have existed because
monterrey is not a very seismic zone will be that they are heating engines
for the alignment it’s likely that’s very likely otherwise, remember that
Yesterday he detected NASA and Wednesday detected the mass a large amount of a
of a rocky metallic surface metal with a lot of heavy iron
on the moon that can be kind of like the
lake is on the top of the moon so there I can there can be the
possibility that there is the detail now in and that’s why it’s what the
science what the pseudoscience says that that is the controller because remember
that the moon is hollow and inside the moon live several beings of various races of the
banesto that they are in the end that in the end of beads is an artificial moon
Well, everything is very interesting this because I believed that I was like
crazy but now I see that science already it is like
as they say when they accept accepting are accepting the possibility that the
moon is already moving away every year more than that of the earth like this is right now that is
speaking this erika ortiz of the strange shape of the moon
to the shortest time to the time of route that arrives at your house I will make a
program because there are so many very many information on the form of
today’s fumaroles of the popocatépetl volcano then obviously it is said that it can
have existed a ship something else maybe there can be says or good here
they were reading an erika article that says that what happens is that it is very
very this one I’m opening the mail of dedica
sorry thank you very much what they say that has a lot of ash and how
that a halo was made then the popocatepetl volcano
spectacular fumarole after explosion not this news has just sent me erika
the popocatépetl volcano presented a explosion that generated a column
eruptive with ash content at 1041 today reported the coordinator
general civil protection of the state from puebla the strange way of
fumarole and it’s amazing it’s amazing see it is that I can not but I can
I could see it seems like from magazine’s magazine cover so this is
I was like I do not know if it comes to grace to appreciate
but it would look like it had like a ship like me then imagine what
we are talking no but good many thanks for your collaboration eric ortiz
something else you want to comment on what time We’ve been here for half an hour now
let’s go the monitoring system of popocatépetl volcano operates 24 hours
any change in activity will be reported opportunely according to
cenapred do not risk your life recovers and respects the exclusion radius
of 12 kilometers it is stressed that in the message the volcanic warning semaphore
continues in yellow phase 2 as this is the activity of the popocatépetl volcano and
let’s see if I can bring you another other images advance and then I do nothing
more I wanted to comment that we do this week also in this my mom saw what
me when 8 the little a fumarole and the fumarole did not go to the air like all
the occasions but it settled down as if I was heavy then she
he commented then if it was pure ash it was not water vapor because nothing else
minute that I go back to the two minutes already I knew as disappeared already
had fallen on the volcano then right now it comes with pop or so
minus all the formulas that is throwing is with heavy then
right now so you have to see that then that is not just water vapor anymore
it comes already with ashes the thing is thicker then
imagine how what is going right now this then to invite don goyo no longer not
nothing else are going to be gases now yes it is already comes ice cream
substances the heavy stuff does not
very good so we leave this in I apologize, I can not stop the image
I hope the transmission has been well I hope that easy and is the godmother
of the microphone and that has been heard better but good we are in a place
public we are on the street we are outside and we are not flying the internet
but let’s realize then we We are seeing friends give me your light
and see you later in another video program thanks or if discretita you

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