Este saludable desayuno te ayudara a limpiar el cuerpo de toxinas y perder unos kilos de peso

Breakfast is one of the first meals we take after waking up, this is the most important because it will provide us with the energy needed to meet the challenges of the day, but what if we replace what we normally eat for a healthier breakfast that besides giving you Energy, will help you eliminate toxins and lose a few extra pounds. If you want to find out Today in todo en salud we will show you how to prepare a breakfast that by taking it regularly you will be able to appreciate fantastic changes in your body. If you want to know continuous with us. The ingredients you need to prepare it are: – 1 cup Greek yogurt
– Ground flaxseed – Oatmeal
– Prunes To prepare this breakfast, start by putting about 5 plums in a saucepan with a little water, then boil this for 3 minutes. At the end of that period we quenched and now we cut the plums. To the Greek yogurt we add 1 spoon of seeds of flaxseed, a spoonful of oatmeal and the plums that we previously chopped, we mix so that everything is integrated. This should be prepared at night for the next day, use it for 1 month and you will notice the results that these ingredients together provide to your body. The ingredients that this breakfast contains will be very helpful for: – Prunes help regulate your digestion by acting as a mild laxative, normalizing blood sugar levels and keeping you satisfied for longer. – Flaxseed contains fiber that makes it ideal for weight loss and prevent the accumulation of cholesterol and stimulates the liver to facilitate the purification of the body. – Oats, improves intestinal transit, combats constipation and helps to lower bad cholesterol. – Greek yogurt is rich in probiotics, helping in this way that good bacteria are kept alive thus providing digestive complications. It will also keep you satiated for longer by avoiding overeating. So if you were looking for a healthy and nutritious breakfast, this may be an option, do not wait any longer to try it and tell us what you thought. We hope this video has been useful, remember that your opinion is very important so score, comment and share and if you have not subscribed, subscribe to the daily upload new videos.

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  1. Si lo he comido u es bueno pero eso no es para llenarse primero me tomo un jugo verde y alas dos horas ya me desalluno esté

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