Every Country in the World (Part 2)

This is Every Country in the World Part 2
By Wendover Productions. If you haven’t seen part 1, click here to
watch that first. We left off last time in Suriname, our 98th
country. Suriname is the only county other than the
Netherlands whose sole primary language is Dutch, although there are other countries
that speak a creole version of Dutch like Namibia which speaks Afrikaans which is just
close enough to Dutch that a Dutch and Namibian could hold a conversation. Namibia has this long protrusion which gives
them access to the Zambezi river although they miss out by about 300 feet on bordering
Zimbabwe which is the country ferries have the pass through when making the 600 foot
trip from Botswana to Zambia. This is likely the shortest ferry in the world
to cross through three countries. To the northeast of Zambia is one of the world’s
176 tripoints—triple border crossings. This one links Zambia to Malawi and Tanzania
whose northern border is a very straight line across Lake Victoria which creates these two
tiny cut off peninsulas. Uganda is a surprisingly progressive nation
with the highest representation of women in parliament in the world at 63%. They also became the first country in the
world to outright ban plastic bags in 2007. The Solomon islands, on the other hand, only
has one woman in their parliament or 2% representation. The Solomon Islands is home to the West Georgia
islands which share a name with Georgia which kinda shares a name with Georges Plain in
Jamaica which is one of two countries in the world whose flag doesn’t share colors with
the American flag—as in, no red, white, or blue. The other one is Mauritania, but Libya used
to be on that list until they changed their flag from this to this in 2011. Libya is so
large that its northwest point is closer to to Luxembourg than to its southeast point. Luxembourg
has the second highest per capita income in the world behind Qatar—a small but mighty
country thats just a bit larger than Lebanon who shares
a southern border with the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force Zone which is
an area essentially without sovereignty meant to
serve as a buffer between Israeli controlled Syria and Syria. One could call it… a de-militarized
zone, although the most famous DMZ is north of South Korea where, if you dig a hole straight
down and through the earth, you’d pop up just off the coast of Uruguay. Uruguay was a military
dictatorship up until 1985 but Thailand still is—the only current one. Bangkok, Thailand is the
most visited city in the world at 16 million yearly visitors which is a ton, especially
compared to Vilnius, Lithuania which only sees 180,000
visitors per year. Lithuania has a rather straight
border though this lake which leads to two peninsulas with their tops chopped off and
an internationally divided island with Belarus
which has a rather straight border in this lake which
leads to another peninsula with its top chopped off and an internationally divided island
with Latvia. Latvia’s independence day is May the 4th
aka Star Wars day whose scenes on Tatooine were filmed in Tunisia. Tunisia’s currency is the Dinar, which is
also the name for the currency in Macedonia. If you look at Macedonia on a map, it will
almost always have FYROM under its name which stands for Former Yugoslav Republic
of Macedonia. When Macedonia became an
independent country it picked this name but Greece wasn’t all too happy about that since
their northern region is also called Macedonia so
the solution was to call the country the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in all official
capacities, while colloquially its still known as
Macedonia. Greece is known for having a huge expatriated
population around the world and the 39th largest greek population in the world
is in Oman in the middle east. Inside Oman is an
exclave of the United Arab Emirates except this part of Oman is actually an enclave inside
the UAE which makes this the only double enclave
in the middle east. The UAE is one of 18
countries worldwide to not have a river—one of which is Tonga which actually has an olympic
medal from their super heavyweight boxer—Paea Wolfgramm. Another country that has one
total medal is Gabon whose southern border is shared with Congo whose southern border
is shared with this rather large exclave of Angola. Only because of that exclave, Angola borders
both Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These are of course two different
countries although they’re both named for the Congo River—the deepest river in the
world at more than 750 feet deep. Interestingly, despite being both enormous
countries, their current capitals are just on opposite sides of the
Congo from each other. The DRC has this great clean
border with Rwanda which causes no problems at all unlike this one in Austria. Jungholz is only
connected to the rest of Austria by about 15 feet of territory and no roads. Vienna, Austria used to
be the capital of the Austria-Hungarian empire whose territory included present-day Italy,
Poland, Germany, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, (all of which we’ve already talked about)
and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic,
Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Ukraine. Ukraine has this southern section which isn’t
part of Russia yet, although its only connected to
the rest of Ukraine by two roads, one of which rather inconveniently passes through Moldova
for only about 3 miles. Moldova is rated the third least touristy
country in the world since only one tourist visits each year for every 323 citizens
although Bangladesh is the number one least touristy country since for each yearly tourist
visit there are 1273 Bangladeshi citizens. Bahrain,
on the other hand, receives 7.7 tourist visits per citizen per year and also has an internationally
divided island, but this one was actually very purposefully created to serve as the
passport control point between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia
on the King Fahd Causeway. Saudi Arabia is
home to Mecca, the birthplace of the central figure of Islam—the prophet Muhammad. Mecca
has a population of about 1.5 million people but during the Hajj—the yearly pilgrimage
to Mecca —this triples to almost 5 million people. Land in Mecca is some of the most expensive
in the world at up to $13,000 per square foot. Saudi Arabia really isn’t great friends
with their southern neighbor—Yemem, who owns over 200 islands
including Socotra Island which is surprisingly green compared to its mainland neighbors and
is the only place in the world where you can find
the Dragons Blood Tree. Yemen’s national soccer team has played
Bhutan three times in the past few decades all of which Bhutan lost rather
horribly. Bhutan is home to the Gangkhar Puensum
mountain which is believed to be the tallest un-summited mountain in the world since local
spiritual beliefs prohibit anyone from climbing a mountain over 6000 m (19500 feet). This
mountain is in the himalayas range which if you follow to the west brings you to Nepal
which if of course home to Mount Everest—the tallest
mountain in the world. Everest is 29,029 feet tall
—880 times higher than the Marshall Islands’ tallest peak at 33 feet. If you dig a hole straight
down through the earth from the Marshall Islands you arrive just off the coast of Liberia which
is the country of registration of 11% of the
world’s ships. Of the 2,771 registered ships, though,
only 190 are actually owned by Liberians. Foreigners register their ships there since
there are few regulations and low costs. Malta also registers many ships for the same
reasons with 1,437 foreign owned ships. Malta is a European Union member which means
that we’ve almost talked about every EU member. Our last two are Estonia and Ireland whose
northernmost point is actually farther north than Northern Ireland’s. Ireland has played Samoa six times in Rugby,
and Samoa actually won once which is quite impressive
for a country of less than 200,000. Samoa’s
rugby team did once lose to New Zealand 101-14 though—they’re not that good. New Zealand
has a kinda territory of Niue. It’s recognized as a freely associated state–meaning
by choice—but Niue isn’t recognized by the UN as a independent
country. However, Niue is exactly on the
opposite side of the world from Niger which is named for the Niger River. The Niger River has
probably the most bizarre river course in the world—it starts only 150 miles from
the Atlantic ocean but then takes a 2,600 mile path to
reach the ocean. It starts in Sierra Leone, flows through
Guinea, Mali, Niger itself, then Benin before reaching the ocean in Nigeria. Nigeria is also
named after the Niger river and is by far the most populous country in Africa at 125
million people. The least populous country in Africa is the
Seychelles which isn’t on the mainland but still considered an African country. They also have what might be the coolest flag
in the world except for maybe Saint Lucia’s, but I have
to give a solid runners up position to Saint Vincent
and the Grenadines. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines name is rather
purposefully similar to that of its neighboring island—Grenada. Grenada’s airport wasn’t built until 1985
but nowadays you can fly to places like Port of Spain in Trinidad
and Tobago. Trinidad is also the name of
municipality of 20,000 people in Honduras which has two capitals—Tegucigalpa and
Comayagüela—much like the Cote d’Ivoire whose capitals are are Yamoussoukro and Abidjan. Despite having a very easy English translation—the
Ivory coast—the Cote d’Ivoire is almost always referred to by this name since its
government refuses to accept any translated name. If
you draw a straight line south from Cote d’Ivoire until it crosses Antartica and goes North
you’ll end up intersecting Vanuatu which is one of
seven countries worldwide to not be part of the
International Criminal Police Organization also known as INTERPOL. Another non-
INTERPOL-member country is Tuvalu which is the second smallest country in the world to
have a commercial international airport. This is also the second video in a row that
I’ve used this image—watch my last video to find out why. Nauru is the smallest country outright to
have an airport and it rather controversially has
camps for those who attempt to seek asylum in Australia,
many of whom are from Iraq. Iraq borders Iran, which has 22 ski resorts. That’s more then the
entire South American continent. Speaking of South America, we haven’t covered
Paraguay which is another one of these landlocked countries
with a navy and with that, we’ve touched on
every South American country! If you dig a hole through the earth from Paraguay
and you end up just north of Philippines which is our
seventh to last Asian country. The other ones are
Myanmar which is one of the worlds three countries not using the metric system; Timor-Leste
whose currency is the US dollar despite having no real connection to the US; Pakistan which
is home to the third-largest non-polar glacier
in the world despite being at the same latitude of
South Texas; Jordan which you might think is landlocked from looking at a map but actually
has a 16 mile coast on the red sea; Syria which
is home to Damascus—the oldest continuously inhabited city on the planet; and Kuwait which
has the highest value currency in the world at 3.3
US dollars to each Kuwaiti Dinar. With that, we’ve covered every Asian country. One of the
lowest value currencies in the world is the Sao Tomé and Principe dobra at 23,000 dobra
to the dollar. Sao Tomé and Principe speaks Portuguese which
means we’ve covered every Portuguese speaking country. The country is also off the coast of Cameroon
which became the first African country to reach the FIFA world cup semi-finals
in 1990, although that’s since been accomplished by Ghana where the official and
primary language is English and there are only
three more countries like this—Belize, the only English speaking country in central america;
Barbados, who has the third highest human development index score in the western hemisphere;
and Antigua and Barbuda whose native language—Taino—is the origin of english words like
Canoe, Barbecue, Hammock, and Hurricane. So we’ve covered every English speaking
country but there are two remaining countries that
were part of the British empire—Dominica, where
Antillean Creole is the primary language; and Mauritius which has the highest population
density in Africa at over 1500 per sq/mi. One of the lowest population densities in
Africa is in Central African Republic at 18 people per sq/mi. The Central African Republic’s northern
neighbor is Chad whose embassy in Washington DC is only
about 200 feet away from that of Burkina Faso whose capital has perhaps the best name in
the world—Ougadougou. In the southeast of Burkina
Faso is this piece of Togo that is only connected to the main part by a 300 foot wide strip
of land. This area’s roads, however, all come from
Burkina Faso which means that, much like Point Roberts, residents need to cross two international
borders to get to their own country. There are
only three African countries left—Comoros, the second largest vanilla producer in the
world; Burundi, the poorest country in the world
to have an olympic medal; and Eritrea, which has
neither an official or majority spoken language. Drawing a latitude line west from Eritrea
brings you to Nicaragua—home to a lake on an island
in a lake. More than 100,000 nicaraguans live in
nearby El Salvador which is the smallest central American country and only one to not have
a Caribbean coastline. El Salvador’s northern neighbor is Guatemala
whose border with Mexico was originally defined by the course of the
Chixoy river but erosion has changed the course which created a bunch of enclaves and exclaves
like this, this, and this. And that’s our last
country in the western hemisphere! We’re getting close! Guatemala’s embassy in Ottawa is about
900 feet away from Slovenia’s which has this really messed up border with Croatia including
this tiny section that isn’t actually claimed by
either country making it terra nullis. The 10th and final
country to end in -nia and our final country is Albania whose capital is one of the only
in Europe to not have a McDonalds. But wait, if you draw a latitude line from
the south of Albania that brings you to the north of Afghanistan where
Albania sent 44 troops to fight in 2005 and where
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