Ex:  Convert Temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit

To convert temperature given in Celsius to Fahrenheit, we can use the following equation, where C represents the
temperature in Celsius and F represents the
temperature in Fahrenheit. So, to convert 35 degrees
Celsius to Fahrenheit, we’ll substitute 35 for
C and then determine F. So, we’ll have the Fahrenheit
is equal to 9/5 times 35. I’m going to write 35 as 35 over one, since this in fraction form, plus 32. And then 9/5 times 35 over 1 simplifies. There’s a common factor of five here. There’s one five in five and seven fives in 35. So the temperature in Fahrenheit would be equal to nine times seven plus 32, which is 63 plus 32, which equals 95 degrees in Fahrenheit. Let’s take a look at a second example. Here we want to convert three
degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit. So we’ll have F equals 9/5 times three, or three over one, plus 32. Nothing simplifies here, so we have 27/5 plus 32. Let’s go ahead and
convert 27/5 to a decimal. Remember this means 27 divided by five. So if we have 27 divided by five, there are five fives in 27. Five times five is 25. So the remainder is two, but we want to convert this to a decimal. So, add a decimal point here after the 27. Move it up into our quotient. And now we can add zeros to
the right of the decimal point. So we bring down the next digit. And there four fives in 20. Four times five is 20. And now the remainder is zero. So 27/5 equals 5.4. So three degrees Celsius would be equal to 37.4
degrees in Fahrenheit. Next we’ll take a look at
converting Fahrenheit to Celsius. I hope this was helpful.

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