Explore1.ca Installs Massive 1,000 kg Window in Luxury Home

We’re going to first have a little rundown
about what the phases of the actual operation are going to be and at the end we’ll talk
about safety. Alright. So we’re here removing the existing piece of glass. It’s prepped to
take it out of the opening right now we got the centre lines on the glass so we can line
up the cups for the glass we’re going to remove… This is the second version of the counterbalance
lifter the original one was, I think designed in 2003. It’s much improved on the original
design. One of the reasons we developed the counterbalance lifter was because we realized that handling
huge pieces of glass in the conventional way with a standard below the hook vacuum lifter
put the load at unnecessary risk. All the manual pushing and pulling of the glass that
usually goes on when you’re putting in a regular sized piece of glass in the opening, really
doesn’t translate well into a jumbo format. I think it’s really important that when you
are dealing with a piece of glass that costs upwards of twenty thousand dollars, that the glass is handled in the appropriate fashion. It can’t handled like a fifteen hundred dollar
piece of glass. There is a risk. There is the financial risk to the owner, the person
who owns the piece of glass. There’s also the risk to the guys that are actually installing it. If that glass breaks in the course of the installation, it’s going to fall off the lifter. So if it touches the frame there is the chance of it breaking. If it inadvertently touches the ground it’s going to break. We really reduce the risk with the counterbalance lifter. The counterbalance lifter enables us to handle the glass in a way that’s really
unequaled in conventional vacuum lifting technology. So this piece is around 2,200 lbs. It was roughly twenty feet wide by about nine foot six tall. It’s a mid-range piece. We’ve done a lot of pieces over 3,000 lbs. We simply float the glass into the opening.
We can set the glass down cleanly we can lift the glass up make adjustments without putting
the glass at any risk. This is something you simply can’t do with a conventional below the hook lifter. Never do we touch the frame when we’re doing an installation unless we’re setting that glass down on the setting blocks. So we’ve done work in Connecticut, done some
work in New York, working a really big job in Montana, done some work in Washington and we’ve
done a lot in Ontario. Where ever there is big glass, we’ll go.

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