Hello and welcome to an new video Today we are going to test the Ball Launcher for you. With which the one or the other professionell footballer has failed with. There are three different challenges, in which we are competing today. Have fun with the video! First touch is my second name and even my third one as well. Lukas, you are really afraid of the challenge, right? Just take a look at this machine and the ball launcher next to it as well. So i will get three balls that are coming towards me. Are you ready? – Yes i am! Try to get it into the direction of my feet please. They come as they come… Yes! Next one! 7 points! Now i am interested to see how Konzi and Felix will do it. But it was the slowest speed until now. But later we will make it much quicker. I am also afraid of this machine. Oooooh, only one point. He is just not able to do it with one touch! Last ball. Ouuuut! – What? Never ever, please… Do we need the VAR here? Now there will be the first 0 point round… Now there is the champion of first touch in the box. The one, who has got a better first touch than Ronaldinho and Beckham togehter… And with the biggest thighs and calves of the world! – CR7? – No, Konzi! Okay lets go! Already 3 points. Okay last ball. Well, 4 points. I was sleeping when second ball came… Second round, now it will be at about 100 km/h. Yes right, 60 miles/h Lets make it really difficult for Lukas now! Well but was it just one contact? – Yes, 100%! But that were two touches now! The first one was only one touch nevertheless. So 3 points? No, four! But the first one was much stronger than the other ones. It’s really crazy, more than 100 km/h and it is not even a long distance. Maybe like 15, 20 meters. Is it in? Wait, wait, wait! Calm down. Okay, it’s in. Felix has done it, now it is Konzi’s turn. And then we will have one last try each. When he is doing three times 3 points, he is leading. If i am able to controll at least one ball with just one touch, it would be a huge success for me! Ready? Yes! Oh shi…! Please show them where the ball has landed! But it was also for the left foot! Well defended, Konzi! Two touches, okay one point! Is it out? – Yes it is… One point at least, Konzi! So now we are at the last position. I have already seen the shot of the machine… That is absolutely crazy! – I am not sure, if it would be clever to just run away… Nevertheless, i am first, Felix second and Konzi third. As it is a really big challenge now, the one touch stop brings you 5 points now. I do not believe that anyone will do it… And 3 points for the two touch stop then. Just because it should not win… How should that be possible?! That one would have been maybe possible stop. What have you done? – I wanted to put my feet on it. That is absolutely impossible… That has nothing to do with realism in a match… Ah well i think it is out… What a pitty… That was my chance! It can not be that difficult, boys… You will see, it’s really hard. Should we make a deal? If Konzis does a first touch stop he wins it? – Yes alright! That thing has so much speed, it smashes him to the ground. Did no one see it? That was one contact! I have not seen it. – But it’s on cam. So that was it with the first challenge. The ball launcher is really a crazy machine. It was really heavy… You have to imagine that the balls come towards you with 120 or even 130 km/h. That just as hard as Roberto Carlos was able to shot. And then you have to controll a shot like this. Lukas has won, then it’s Felix. And Konzi as always on the last place… We know that. Let’s go to the second challenge now. Konzi is out! You booth have one life left now! Although i have not won… It is as always, Konzi is the last one again! Felix first, me second place. And now it is time for the last challenge! I have got a new tattoo! Until now, zero points for Felix! What has happened with Felix? Zerooo! The last shot reminded me of the last hydra challenge! Felix was a little bit nervous, i think he did not like the balls that much. Why is the keeper so good? That was a gift! How bad are you two? But one is in now! Doesn’t count! Pump it! Now it is my turn, the other two had zero points. So i have nothing to loose, just one goal is needed. Okay, one point, so i am leading after the first try. It’s going on, boys! Second round! Now he is in the battle mode i think! Again, not to far away! To be honest, i want Felix to score now! Concentrate now! Okay, one point! Second round for me as well, now i have to score as well, otherwise it is getting harsh for me. That can’t be real! How unlucky can i be?! I am trying to get a big lead now by scoring one directly! What do you think, Konzi? Is it possible? If you score one directly, i am going to pay the lunch for you! The first one was not too bad I did not quite hit it… 2 goals! – Lukas is just really cool in front of the goal! So current leaderboard you can see now! I am trying to score directly now as well, because i would have 4 points then. Lukas has 2 points, so he would have to score each ball then. Last round now! There is the first goal for Felix in this round. 2 out of 2! I need to score just one to equalize it. With one directly scored ball, i would have almost won. But now it is Konzi’s turn first. I think i will hit the bar again… He has two more balls left, one volley and it’s really intense! No you have to risk something, Konzi! I know, i have to score a volley now! Now everything is going to be decided! I need one goal for a deuce, with two points i would win. So with one volley or two normal goals i would win it! Cool as ice, as he scored that! So i have two more tries even! Okay come on, now make a really beautiful shot now! It is the fourth challenge in a row that i am winning now! Who has won the most important challenge again? Felix! It was a great fun with the Ball Launcher i my opinion. The Ball Launcher is really such a great thing! I think that you are going to see it more often in our videos! If you or your club want to get one as well, take a look into the video description! You need to try it for sure! If you want to see more challenges like this, smash a thumbs up! So see you next time, ciao!

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  1. Der Torhüter hat alle Bälle links reingelassen. Das ist schade weil sie plötzlich nur noch nach links geschossen haben

  2. Записывай видио на русском пожалуйста! И просмотров и лайков больше будет.

  3. Könnt ihr bitte mit der Ballmaschine eine Fallrückzieher Challenge machen
    Liket wenn ihr auch so n‘ Video sehen wollt
    Cooles Video übrigens ?

  4. hey mache ein weiteres Video darüber, wie man für Anfänger jongliert

    though I am indian but I wrote in Germany because of Google translate…

  5. Jungs testet mal die takedown Modelle von superfly und so zb die für 90€ und macht ein Format draus weil nicht jeder das Geld für einen 300€ Schuh hat somit hat man einen guten Test von euch und weiß welchen Schuh man holt
    Like wer es auch so sieht

  6. haha ich schaute freekickerz seit ich war 10 jahre alt,,, ich habe heute zuruckkommen zu der Channel, ich sehe sie haben keine mehr Ideen fur videos ???

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