Extreme hiking at Solomon Mt

So let’s start from the end I am now on my way back from the
Solomon’s Mt hike This was one of the best treks I have
taken If not the best The length of the tail is 16Km Don’t take this hike on the Summer Take at-least 4 litters of Water
and obviosly food It has taken us 8 hours It’s recommended to start early
in the morning This trail is really not for those who
are afraid of heights Yalla, Let’s start Solomon’s Mt is located near Eilat, it
takes about 4.5 hours drive from TLV If you stop-by in Eilat, try the Mivshala
Resturrant, Not cheap but good food To be able to start hiking early
in the morning We camp at the Yeahoram Mt camp-site
located on rd 12, 15 min north west to Eilat it’s 05:30 in the morning We need to get ready As in the evening There should be a harsh weather Yalla, we’re minutes before sun rise The trail starts at point #1 where we
have set camp We’ll start walking on the black trail
which will take us on a moderate climb to Yehoram Mt Summit at point #2 we’ll start descending east to the
direction of Mt Solomon It’s very easy to notice the color difference between the bright limb stone of Mt Yehoram
to the dark Granit stone of Mt Solomon We’ll keep going until we get to point #3 where the limb stone meet with the
granit stone of Mt Solomon seperated by two different geological
eras 500 million years apart We’ll now start climbing to
Mt Solomon Summit A great trail but not for those who
are afraid of heights We’ll keep on with some free climbing
until which at times is challening until we’ll get to Mt Solomons Summit
at point #4 The summit height is abit more
than 700 meters and is higher then most of the
peaks in the area From the Summit we’ll keep on heading
on the blue trail and start descending on
the Bat-Sheva wadi The bat-Sheva wadi is full with waterfalls and also known as the waterfalls wadi descending those waterfalls is
somewhat challenging and is done using iron pegs
stuck into the rock and is somethimes, dangerous Take extra care while climbing down We’ll keep on heading down the wadi
on the blue trail The wadi gets widen until it meets a dirt-road for 4×4 vehicles That is the crossing point of the
Bat-Sheva & Netafim Wadis and point number 5 on the map We’ll trun left on the green trail and keep on going on the
Netafim wadi dirt road after a while the dirt road turns
into a narrow gorge with several waterfalls we’ll
climb through we’ll keep on going until point 6 where the green trail meets
the black trail We’ll turn left and head on the green tail the Israel trail is also passing through
this wadi, in addition to the green trail at a certain stage we’ll meet again,
a crossing with a black trail that goes into a narrow gorge in
the Netafim wadi we were short in time and took
the green trail that climbs on the north ridge of the
wadi and goes around the gorge we’ll of going on the green trail until
we’ll get to point #7 where the Netafim spring is found we’ll continue on the green take that
will lead us to a narrow crack through which we’ll climb to the
top of the ridge there, the green trail truns
into a black trail through which we’ll keep on going,
with a mild acent on a vehicles dirt-road until we’ll get to road 12 the same road we drove
through from Eilat we’ll turn left and keep on walking for
about a kilometer on the side of the road until we’ll get to the camp-site where we
have started the trail and left the car

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