Fast review Meter PZEM-016 Modbus RTU RS485 with frequency y Power Factor: PDAControl

Greetings, I present the Peacefair Meter PZEM-016 Some recommended tutorials with other meters The PZEM-004 single-phase meter with active power and accumulated power I have made some integrations with ESP8266 and Node-RED The PZEM-004T without a display but works similar to the previous one I have made some integrations with ESP32 and the Ubidots platform This meter has some additional features has a USB to Serial RS485 converter Manual and a Current Transformer measuring from 0 to 100 Amps Split core facilitates assembly, being non-invasive first impression looks more robust thanks to that carcass unlike the PZEM-004 and PZEM-004T this version has an RS485 port Has this generic USB to RS485 converter works with 2 wires A and B usually The connection is similar to the other meters but be very careful !!! The measurement point is the same point that feeds our meter in my case 120VAC Connect the RS485 converter To connect the CT or Power Transformer, I have extended the cable approximately 1 meter I use Lubuntu operating system, but in this case I will use Windows software This meter, unlike the others, uses the Modbus RTU protocol for communication With the help of a modbus RTU simulator configured as a teacher we will read we will read 7 input registers In this case we only visualize voltage 1200 in 16-bit integer registers By performing the current measurement we can see the other values ​​of measurements In some pages, PeaceFair’s own software is available for these modbus meters, available PDAControl documentation It works very well and a simple interface This version of the meter offers advantages as being a Modbus RTU slave would allow to connect several in network The RS485 allows 1000mts without repeater, as modbus an industrial standard could be integrated with PLC and HMI Additional this meter in the RS485 serial port part, it has 5v regulated and GND, I suppose it is at low current For integrations with plates like arduino ESP8266, ESP32 or Raspberry PI a converter to RS485 is required, in next tutorials we will try If you want to buy it purchase links in the description and complete documentation in description links I also recommend to see my other tutorials in this case I will try the vast majority of market platforms Integrations with node-network using Modbus TCP / IP Revision of the PZEM-004 version with display and modifications to operate at 3.3V Integration with ESP32 and the IoT Ubidots platform, monitoring of electricity consumption in my house, greetings and subscribe

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