100 thoughts on “Fastest People in Slow Motion

  1. maybe the fastest gun draw alive, but not the fastest draw ever. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7HN7THecwg

  2. Police: Sooo, How Did Your Friend Die?
    Me: A Guy Threw A Playing Card At Him
    Police: Wha?


  3. *they make him throw it threw carrots and celary* (sorry for bad spell)|slomo guys:alright job well dont *LA beast has entered the chat*|beast:ALRIGHT TODAY GUYS WE ARE GONNA BE THROWING A CARD THREW MY ARM

  4. That guy with the gun, never really pull the triger before the first shot, it was pulled before the crank, and did not let go

  5. Im kind of late but…. Bob munded was still the fastest, so fast that when he fires two shots you hear just a single gunshot.

  6. So, whatever he did to his hand must have been stupid enough to not want to tell us then…
    Come on, now we need to know 🙂

  7. That's the reason I don't like Americans. This guy was in Dude Perfect with exact the same stuff earlier than this video was released and he's like: yeah I never did this before. Liar.

  8. Do more gun videos please. Maybe have a .50 caliber sniper rifle punching through sides of beef or pork to see how many it would take to stop it. Use various rounds like incendiary, tracer, armor penetrating, and High explosive rounds. The US Marine corps sniper school at Camp Pendelton might be able to assist you with qualified professionals, range facilities, and weapons/ammunition. #tacticaladventurerthailand #deimossecuritycompany

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