Fastest Way To Lose 15 Pounds In 2 Weeks With Minimal Exercise

Hey what’s going on Rakeem Addison here in on today’s video I’m going to be talking about the Fastest Way To Lose 15 Pounds In 2 Weeks with minimal exercise alright so if
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alright and we’re gonna get right into the content now but before we get into
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I’m down 21 pounds in the past 23 days guys so I’m feeling absolutely amazing
right I’m full of energy I’m seeing my body just cut the weight guys so I’m I’m
excited alright so I don’t want to just talk about myself here I want to help
you to do the same exact thing right so if if you’ve been struggling with weight
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I’m assuming you’re doing that as I’m as I’m telling you so I’m if you’ve done
that now I’m gonna get into the content alright alright so first things first
what I’m doing and what I’ve been doing for the past year right but I’ve been
doing it on and off is intermittent fasting right so with intermittent
fasting basically you’re good you’re putting your body in a calorie deficit
okay now when you do this what happens is after about for most people
it starts about between six to twelve hours with no eating right what happens
is your body starts attacking fat cells because it doesn’t have any it doesn’t
have anything in it because you haven’t ate right and once it this is good
because it’s attacking fat cells so what’s gonna start to happen after about
twelve hours is you’re gonna start cutting fat guys literally like like as
I said 21 pounds in the past 23 days tomorrow be day 24 and I’ll continue
while going through my outline and just cutting fat guys I feel absolutely
awesome okay now what you’re doing right I kind of explained the process but what
you’re gonna be doing is for 16 hours straight you’re not going to eat
anything the only thing that you’re going to be putting in your body is
water or black coffee no sugar no milk black coffee guys alright I know it’s
disgusting but it works and we have to do what works if we want to get the
results that we want I don’t know maybe you want washboard abs right I know I do
this is why I’m doing it guys so maybe that’s you maybe you want to just feel
good when you take your shirt off right whether you’re a male or a female some
females want abs – okay so 16 hours no food just water and black coffee that’s
the first thing alright now the eating window it’s an eight-hour
eating window now within that eight hours you’re gonna eat twice okay you’re
going to mine just to kind of give me an example of what I do my first meal is at
1:00 p.m. in the day okay now that first meal is usually the big meal I’ve kind
of split tested with within the year which one which method works better and
for me the big meal at 1:00 p.m. so my first meal that’s my big meal okay and
then around 6:00 p.m. I eat my second meal now my second meal is usually very
small right so sometimes do like two cups of rice and two whole
eggs and an avocado and I’ll be good to go right and sometimes if I don’t really
want to eat like you know too much then I’ll get like cottage cheese and make
sure it’s 2% right because that’s about three to four hundred calories so that’s
you know that don’t that’ll do you good Fastest Way To Lose 15 Pounds In 2 Weeks digestive food so even you know going
into the next day is definitely going to be holding you you know making your
hunger a lot less all right so we talked about the sixteen hours no
eating just water and coffee we also talked about the eight hour eating
window whether you’re gonna have your big meal first also if you’re going to
have or you’re gonna have your your big meal at the end of the day okay
now that that covers the that covers the eating okay because that that’s going to
be the where most of your fat is lost right because I can assure you that intermittent fasting by itself right to
be honest the workouts are extra right they help you like kill it even more
right so let’s just just say I wasn’t working out I’m sure I would have still
lost a lot of weight but the workouts just helped you know speed up that
process for me alright and you’re not working now every single day you can
work out at least three days a week and that’ll work for you as well now if you
are working out everyday of course you’re gonna be cutting that fat and
I’ll just be honest I’ll be honest me I’m the type of person I was like hey
man I want to get to my goal of a hundred and eighty five pounds right on
or before September first so I said okay I’m gonna work out every single day now
keep in mind I’m in the military so I work out every single day anyway but
some days I feel okay we may not do like we may do some workouts that are
involved with the military and they feel like okay I don’t really feel
wore out or anything so I’m gonna go home and I’m gonna do some more working
out and then boom I get my sweat in right and I’m feeling good guys I am
feeling good guys I’m full of energy my body is just cutting the fat right in
and to be honest with you I’ve never really been a fat person but what I
started to notice I started looking the mirror and I was like oh man my stomach
just kind of getting a little uh a little big there right so I was like
okay no no no no I’m not having it right so I literally went back to what I’ve
been doing over the past year on and off right any time I would need to cut
weight I would use intermittent fasting now I have changed my times as I said I
now start my first meal at one and then Fastest Way To Lose 15 Pounds In 2 Weeks mindset one and then at 6:00 and then
that’s it I’ll just chug water for the rest of the night or I’ll eat Greek
yogurt or something like that all right all right so we talked about the working
out we also talked about the eating and to be completely honest with you guys
that’s about it that is about it guys I all I do is
sixteen hours a day no eating I eat my first meal at 1:00 eat my last meal at
6:00 Chuck water the rest of the night if I am hungry wake up the next day do
the exact same thing and that’s literally how I am down 21 pounds and 23
days guys and like I said I feel absolutely amazing all right now I hope
that I provided you some value in this video and if I did and you feel you know
you feel motivated to get started with this stuff and start cutting some fat
then go ahead and give me a thumbs up also don’t forget to subscribe to my
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sorry start to undo that thing and start cutting that fat if you’re really
worried about it if you really if that’s something that’s really you know hanging
over your head get started download that free cheat sheet and get started okay
now with that being said I look forward to seeing you in the next video my

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  1. Do you take any pre-workout during your IF? I have given myself a goal to met tape in 20 days or meet weight. I’m 20lbs over. What would you suggest?

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  3. I do IF 16/8 pattern since 4 months now … I dont Lose weight anymore … I do train 4 times a week. Something might be Off ! Should I increase cardio ?

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