hey guys Cory from aquarium co-op calm today we’re feeding the 800-gallon you might have seen the video before we did a lie or we did a pound of frozen bloodworms today is over a pound of live black worm so you haven’t seen those before their true aquatic worm and they are live and these guys should go nuts so they’ve never gotten them here at the at the studio but maybe at the store at some point but that’s what these guys do as they fall on the floor it’s gonna smell great perfect servers gonna start putting some of those in and I’m sure they’re gonna go nuts for it I’m gonna start pouring there we go that was all pretty much so they’re gonna go in and they live in the gravel and all that stuff assuming they ever get to live that long they’re gonna be eating I’m sure but yeah you get you end up with that which is worms all over the place freshwater Archer fish lots of clown loaches there is eight over footlong clown lunches under this log but hopefully they’ll come out you can see the draught cats starting to come out and from now on just enjoy we’ve got the filtration that’s turned off but we do have the power head on just to disperse them around and let everyone get a chance to eat a lot of Tiger Barb’s a lot of clown lunches over 100 clown loaches giant giant dojo loach going insane down over there and for now just enjoy the show [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]


  1. Check out this crazy video of the aquarium fish market in china: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MeFIvz1yfw&list=PLNM4mDAXGxWwqERp2rbnwB_aGIl0IZ0Jj&index=2

  2. holy crap clown loache's get huge. just noticed the big one u have… what are u planning on doing with all them once they outgrow this tank because you have so many that seems extreme when they grow so big

  3. Bet when them fish saw those worms fall from above, they was like "Worma"( just like "Manna" from God) above!

  4. Yeah my only complaint, not long enough, and would really like at least one close up shot on each kind of fish

  5. Why not just feed them with the guy on the thumbnail then they will have enough food for a year

  6. Clown poach. I had one of those fishes back in H.S. and I have been trying to remeber the name ever since. Thanks.

  7. Maybe I am not getting the name of your company. But what is the term "Co-op" mean in your name? Please keep up the good work. I look forward to your work each week !

  8. Turns the fish into PREDATORS when the filter is turned off, 1-2 feedings they associate the water slowing with PREY TIME and feed what can be eaten in a few minutes. I feed 4-5 times a day.

  9. Somewhere in the past, someone told this man.. “if your gonna keep fishes as pets man you gotta go big or go home.” So this man decided to get a 800 gallon fish tank – ain’t that something new🐟🐠

  10. In the future when worms take over, they will use this video for propaganda and destroy us all

  11. I like Tiger Barbs,I remember when a pet store let me put food for a school of them on my finger and they ate the food off my finger,it was amazing!!!! Great video

  12. LOVE it!! Beautiful healthy fish in a stunning (and huge!) aquarium. Play this on a big enough tv and pretend for a few minutes you’re sitting in front of the real thing lol!

  13. Curious to know if they do make to the substrate will they survive and are they good for cleaning waste from the substrate?

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