Fill-Rite Digital In-Line Turbine Meter

– [Announcer] Thanks for
watching this Fill-Rite minute. Today, we are taking a closer look at the Digital In-Line
Turbine Meters from Fill-Rite. These meters feature a large
easy to read LCD display. They measure fluids in liters, ounces, pints, quarts and gallons, or with the touch of a button display the current real time flow rate. What sets them apart from competitors is simple fuel calibration,
user changeable AA batteries and cUL, CE and ATEX
certifications for all components, not just the electronics. The Fill-Rite In-Line Meter
operates at flow rates from 2 to 35 gallons per minute with an accuracy of plus or minus 1%. It also has a permanent memory, so you never lose your totals
even while changing batteries. You can mount it at the
pump or at the nozzle. It even has a rubber boot
for a secure, slip free grip, and to cushion the meter from impact. Fill-Rite In-Line Meters are available for a variety of fluids. Aluminum models are designed
for use with gasoline, diesel and other fuels. Nickel-plated aluminum models
handle biodiesel up to B100 and ethanol blends to E85. And the polymer models
are perfect for chemicals like diesel exhaust fluid,
anti-freeze and many others. All TT10 series meters
carry a two year warranty and are made in the USA. For quality, performance
and dependability. You can’t beat a Fill-Rite product.

7 thoughts on “Fill-Rite Digital In-Line Turbine Meter

  1. Can this be used without a pump? We need a flow meter for dumping barrels into gearbox. Pump takes too long and too messy to set up. Please advise.

  2. I went to Amazon to check for prices on this flowmeter then found a lot of complaints about not been rainproof and metal been very brittle. The vendor declare that the meter is made in China but this advertisement says is made in USA. I really need a compact, reliable flowmeter but by reading what people says about this meter in Amazon is really tough to make a decision

  3. is it possible to resell gasoline with this meter I would like to know how I can calculate the price that I sold. Thank you!

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