FIN de un VIAJE EN BICICLETA | Tarifa-Cabo Norte | 9.348km

I had a dream … what a shock that happened to you? But what are you wearing on your head? Well, I just had a shower and I’m drying my hair Tell me what happens? I had a very strange dream because I dreamed that we were traveling in bicycle from Spain from rate
up north Norwegian for 7 months and Mus was coming and we were very cold because
we went out in winter and then the landscapes were brutal and we knew
many people and I had chilblains in hands but then it came heat and there was
uneven and I have everything as It was crazy, I got up with the
heart to a thousand and it is also that we lived camping. But what are you saying! here we have a house hot water, shower, a bath and over
by bicycle what madness But we arrived? that if we arrived but
If I’m feeling it, how did we get there? look, look, look, Last day I do not feel that this has
worn as a couple but everything On the contrary, I think we have joined a
heap. A trip like this either separates you or unites you. if you count all the time we spend
together that I tell you that you swell by tomorrow because it’s hard for you to start that
It’s a fight, darling. Not because after I have to tell you in the afternoon, because then you get the nerve and … I want to stop because it’s 10 o’clock at night I’ve been awake since 4 in the morning
I think it’s because of the excitement of the day from today last day now yes yes 80 kilometers
to the north end. What a mess of Feelings and emotions today in theory
time will go better. We’re going over there! I’m with the lagrimilla here since
we started pedaling this morning short since I look like youtube crybaby the truth is that it was a very intense day
not only for the special of the moment but because things did not stop happening to us
from early in the morning I have broken the third radio, I have two broken and I hope that with this I can do the 70km
what do I have left well you remember that this morning
I was counting that at four o’clock I was wake up among other reasons too
I was there because it looks like a nonsense but I’m afraid of a tunnel
in about 7 or 8 kilometers I do not know how much it measures but it is very long six thousand eight hundred
seventy meters in length of this tunnel they have spoken to me fatally of him it is necessary
go through it to get up out north fucked up the matter apart from the
derailed train sound that always is formed inside the tunnels with the
passage of the vehicles is that the first kilometers are from
down we go up to 212 meters below of sea level when crossing the sea by
below which gives a plus to the choking sensation and I am not even
claustrophobic neither I am afraid of the sea nor none of this but the last kilometers
are up are almost three kilometers and peak of descent and three others and
Rise peak to 8 percent unevenness Last WarmShowers gave us expressly ear plugs
that we are going to use in the passage of the tunnel let’s go safe and still I’ll hear
the cars in front do not think that this is dangerous and I consider that all
precautionary measure is little First I’m going to put on my vest, then I’m going to put some pieces of lights that we have for the front bike, butt, I’m going to
put on top I’m going to turn on the tail light here
I’m going to turn on and inside the sound of derailed train that leaves you deaf. Same
of these is not as bad as I imagine the tunnels are never a good dish
taste for cyclists yet all it went well even better than
expected well we have done all the descent is
212 meters I think it put under the level from the sea is being quite calm
about ten cars have passed Eva is a little bit ahead so Mus is a bit nervous It’s quite cold inside but with the climb we will have more than enough clothes at least until the descent of the
temperature I finish with the batteries in our taillights that stopped
function We have stopped a moment to take off our coats and we have realized that the taillights were off both have stopped working at the same
time though they had full batteries with the front light of sergio la
we placed behind, and we were lighting up the cars that come from behind all
way the tunnel is wide and it is quite well lit up so that anyone who
go looking at the road a bit go. At a certain moment I turn around and
I see sergio and mus who are watching me and I see a car that approaches
the speed at which I would go and not apart and suddenly I start like
scream because I swear it has been like a moment of film
it hits us and it bursts us and it has lacked this, this so that at least to them
he will take them I stayed screaming at him the license plate of the car we have not seen
but we have seen the model, how I cross the car that a few words I will have
with him because because of him we almost have an accident that might have
finished in an upset forever so from here, please, a little
more about caution and respect for cyclists because we are in a few
conditions of quite a disadvantage this I only want you to see
some day in the same ones where we have seen ourselves there
inside we thought there were no more tunnels and
after how the body has run out with the other, we were very little inclined to enter and sun, yuhuuuu
We are already in Honninsvag we have about thirty left
kilometers to out north and after this technical stop the
last 30 kilometers there is a brutal traffic to go out
north the number of caravans is incredible
bikes cars bikes that we go there here it bleeds up to the last kilometer
and we are less than 7 km away and on August 15, 2018
I would finish this adventure we are already there we got it is full full of
caravans, vans, cars Now yes yes there we have the ball in what seems like the end of the world
freezing air cuts bare skin no matter what is summer there are no more trees just yerbajos
about living to a climate the less complicated Norway has been synonymous with effort
up in the last kilometer and the tiredness steals prominence to the
Excitement of the moment we arrived exhausted and the characteristic
world ball is witness to hugs kisses and a torrent of tears that
escape irrepressible where the end of the world appears there
a road where the flow of vehicles is incessantly maintained and a group of people mill around
Around us invading this moment of intimacy to
click hit August does not forgive even at the gates of
North Pole although the marabunta does not manage to do
that the heart of the arctic circle lose the magic by the cliff that is
pouncing on the cold sea of ​​bárents seven months, seven countries and 9348
miles a boy a girl and a dog crossing
Europe by bicycle from the south end up to the doors of the polo itself
north Oh, how handsome! We do? but do not leave, we want to tell you
one thing first first tell you that We hope very much that you liked it
the chapter that you have laughed with the beginning and excited with the
final and above all that you have enjoyed with this series that with so much
effort and illusion we have made. Europe of tail out, and nothing but before
finish this video I take the opportunity to announce a little thing taking advantage that it ends
the trip is over and also the year we have released a Viajar and Roll 2019 calendar with photos of the trip. The price It is 12 euros with shipping included to all
Spain we have already sold some because we have announced through social networks
instagram and facebook and some people they asked us if we are doing
shipments to Latin America we would like but we have consulted the price of the shipments
and it shoots a lot so moment it seems abusive. 30 percent goes
intended for the shelter of animals the Rebrot of the life we ​​have here at
little side of the house with which we are lately collaborating the boys the
truth is that they work very well and the animals there
there they deserve to be in good terms. When we have everything
collected because you will know them or we will present and we will tell you that it will go
destined all this money. Before finish we want to give you many thanks
many people but better than doing so we want to do it through this video
we have prepared this until the next arrived here we only have to give the
thanks to all of you who have accompanied in this adventure by each
received message of encouragement to everyone who has given us a shower
and even washing machine during the course of this trip most without even
know each other to those who invited us to coffee in days
of rain we filled the bottles of water on sunny days or they threw us a
cable in times of trouble to every driver who has known how to respect
our living space on the road or has even stopped to give us a pass in
some gazebo thanks also to all those who
paypal have collaborated economically for assess the large number of hours of
work behind each video of 15 minutes
thanks also to those who once have criticized because this has only
served to pour gasoline to the invisible engines of bicycles
without help we would not have been able to do it we’re going to get there after everything
what have we done we are going to be there is going to there are people who will not know what
means that moment for us and it is like something very big is over
but there is no celebration anyone wait for us and precisely that is no longer
it’s like that tomorrow there will be someone waiting for us there will come to the day
next that are your parents and that’s a high Next adventure travel to Spain with this

100 thoughts on “FIN de un VIAJE EN BICICLETA | Tarifa-Cabo Norte | 9.348km

  1. Bueno… Que decir, yo hice León-tarifa, y ni por asomo es lo vuestro, sé perfectamente todos los estados de ánimo por los que habéis pasado, simplemente enhorabuena héroes.

  2. He llorado
    como una magdalena varias veces siguiendo vuestro viaje, pero a la llegada ha sido …. un rio. Soy furgonetera desde hace tiempo y a veces bicicletera, tengo 63 años , me fallan las fuerzas y la salud, pero no la ilusión .
    Teneis que estar muy orgullosos de vosotros mismos, yo lo estoy de vosostro
    Un abrazo muy fuerte y muchas gracias por, desde la distancia y la comodidad del sofa, habernos permitido hacer este viaje con vosotros. Ah… y Mus un campeón

  3. me he quedado mudo chavales ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ que bella experiencia¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ les felicito

  4. Uffffff, he conocido éste canal hace menos de un mes y acabo de ver toda ésta serie. Lo mejor es que aun me quedan muchísimos vídeos por ver. No sé si llegaréis a leer ésto, pero quería felicitaros por todo lo que habéis logrado, por mostrarlo y saber transmitirlo. Habéis hecho algo mucho más grande que completar un viaje, habéis enseñado a mucha gente la esencia de viajar, habéis enseñado valores y otras muchísimas cosas más. Gracias por ésto, espero que sigáis haciendo lo que os gusta! un saludo desde Barcelona:)

  5. Precioso el último vídeo. Emocionante!!!. Me habéis tocado la fibra chicos. Esperando ansioso vuestro próximo viaje. Un fuerte abrazo a los dos.

  6. sois unos valientes los re felicito , una gran pedaleda , y que lindo tambien el perrito Dios los siga bendiciendo

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    Sois fuente de inspiración y creo que me habéis enganchado.

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