Fine Dining at Marriott Center for Hospitality Management

The food is wonderful,
and the risotto, which I’m eating right now,
is absolutely delicious. Here at Marriott Meals, they
teach you how to do everything. So we have students back there,
right now, making the meals– chopping, cutting, cooking,
from start to finish. It’s a real restaurant. We have real customers, real
reservations, people pay. We get to experience
everything in the restaurant, which is such a privilege. It’s great seeing them learn
and experience, hands-on, what really goes
on in the kitchen. I’m so proud, especially at
this point in the semester when the students are running
the show, pretty much. So they’re kitchen stars. The food here is
absolutely amazing. Everything is hands-on
and absolutely fresh. We make it from scratch. Really get that perfect
flavor for our customers. It’s delicious. I tell my friends to
come all the time. When I talked to my
mom the other day, I said I can actually cook
dinner when I go home. For us to be able to work
in the hotel on campus, up on the 11th floor,
with this great view, and really learn the
operation inside and out, front and back of the
house, it’s phenomenal. Please come in. Join us. It’s a great experience. The food is amazing, and the
atmosphere is unbelievable.

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