hi guys welcome to another fishing video I’m going to start this video with a little tip If you go fishing to Barbel do not leave your rod on the ground At this point you should be asking what the hell is this tip With this tip you will not lose so much material, doubt? See I want to congratulate Hugo and Joao from Algarve and Alentejo respectively They managed to make the first catches Although they lost lots of fish They lose lots of fish in the fight and they asked me for help There is no science, if you increase the diameter of the line You can capture the fish But will have much less attacks Today, for example, I increased the diameter of the line And then I had no attacks I lowered the diameter of the line and had more attacks but as you will see the line broke it happens to me too, it’s something that you don´t see But I’ll show you to see what happens to me too much brute trying to get him there is easy to talk broke and now for you not to laugh thinking I skunk I catch one single fish, is better than nothing was a hard day but I don´t skunk and that is ok to me but even if I didn´t catch any fish only the two fights are great was really fun sometimes we win and somethimes we loose It’s part of fishing hope you like and till next video fish on I have to release the drag is a little Barbel you are small but because of you I don´t skunk don´t go there not there how is it possible? I said not there and he does not listen to me let´s try to pull now he bring so many herbs he is out of there let´s go there so beautiful he broke my Mayfly come here and done here he is let´s release Antiseptic Now I noticed look He was caught in a net and released let´s release Second time he got away first time in the net and now because I let you go so beautiful and done cya next time

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