Five Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Xiaomi Mi M365 Electric Scooter

Chris here back with a Xiaomi Mi
M365 scooter I’ve been using this most days I use this. I just park up close to
town and ride into the office of studio here with this thing and it’s been going
really well I’ve got now about 85 kilometers I think it is on the clock so
far with mileage so not a lot so I just wanted to cover a few things my you
could say top five tips as an owner of what I think
you should do to get the most out of the Mi scooter here so let’s take a look
so my first recommendation for a new me scooter owner is to get the app of
course this is the ninebot app that you can find on google play store go along
in here and find the vehicle settings which is just under the setting menu go
to accelerator mode now it’s actually the de-acceleration
now thanks to a couple of comments in my review people pointed out that there is
in fact a problem that I wasn’t aware of affecting some older models that if you
had a hundred percent battery and you did some braking and was generating
power it would cause a current overload area and would blow a fuse or the
controller box now how to help avoid this set this two-week now I think by
default it is weak I also found that strong was braking far too strong I
would never use it anyway but I did for some time have it set on medium but now
I’m using weak because I don’t want any problems a last thing I want is to not
charge because of this issue now my second tip here involves the tires
they’re quite susceptible because they’re filled while they offer some
comfort because they absorb those little bumps and things they are prone to
getting punctures of course just like any bike tire and I found out on the
second day of owning this I’ve got a thorn right about here that went through
that thinner part of the rubber and gave me a pretty much an instant flat tire I
was really annoyed and I checked out on Google and YouTube here that changing
these tires is quite a mission you’ve got to pull this reflective stick off
the side you’ve got to unbolt this it’s not so easy to do so all I did is put
this product in here called Slime now this fixed the puncture I had I put
about a quarter of this little small ball in each tire that much fix the
puncher but not only that it should prevent further flats because I’ve used
this product a lot in my mountain bike a mountain bike a lot and I really swear
by it because I feel that with this stuff of my tires that it’s just avoided
so many pinch flats and punctures and problems like that because the last
thing we want to do is be 12 kilometers away get a flat on this and then you
have to push it for 12 kilometers which is not fun and my third tip is also
based on the tires as well but this time tire pressure so what I’ve found out is
of course a very high high pressure will give you better speed acceleration
because you has have less rolling resistance but I noticed that it makes
the ride a little too uncomfortable because they those tires there will
absorb some of those little cracks and here in Spain some of the roads are
really quite rough so going over real rough bits bouncing around everywhere
I’ve noticed that the initial high pressures that I put on our made them
really quite hard about three bar of pressure in there was too much so lower
that down I’d say to about 2.5 and it’s personal preference as well just find a
level where you can get some comfort that it’s going to absorb some of those
bumps and things that you often get a course on the road and the fourth tip is
just a little bit of maintenance here just to make sure after about a week of
use go along and check all these bolts and everything just nip things up make
sure they’re all nice and tight we’ve got a couple around here on the
handlebars when you fold that up just the check and make sure they’re all nice
and tight right here because they tend to loosen off that’s the same goes for a
brand new road bike or mountain bike that things are going to vibrate loosen
off a little bit so just maintenance routine maintenance check that things
are tight on there otherwise later on you could run into problems and that
should help avoid them and my first and final tip here is to conserve your
battery if you’re going somewhere that you know is about 18 or 16 kilometres
away and you’re bringing the charger with you
but you want to make sure you actually kind of arrive there then make sure you
check the app have a look at your remaining battery percent even though
these of course lights up here give you a quick idea of how much you’ve got go
to bars there you’ve got about 150 percent at the moment you can see I’ve
got a hundred and use that eco mode where you can on the flat so double tap
green light comes on eco mode will save a lot of battery especially when it
comes to acceleration because the acceleration is going to be a lot slower
it conserves battery life a little bit better and I’ve been able to get close
to 20 kilometers on the flat using the Eco mode and in the normal mode
I would only probably get around 13 to 14 maximum on the flat so there’s a huge
difference there so there we go overall really good scooter I think the most
important thing there is to focus on the wheels that you don’t get any punctures
that’s why I highly recommend to put slime in there or another similar
additive that you can put inside the inner tubes to make sure that if you do
get something that punches them that would seal them up so you don’t get a
flat you’re going to get stranded anywhere because when I got my flat you
could not use it and if you did decide to ride on it you would end up damaging
the inner tube even further and have to replace it and getting these wheels off
as I’ve seen on other videos online it’s going to be a real hassle the second
most important would be to make sure you just put that regenerative charging on
light as you don’t want to run into problems which other owners have which I
discovered later on after I first reviewed my one there so best of luck
with your scooting there on the me scooter thanks a lot for watching this

100 thoughts on “Five Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Xiaomi Mi M365 Electric Scooter

  1. Hi, where are you from? 🙂 your accent seems like a friend of mine from NZ…Very good reviews in your channel.

  2. the umidigi z pro got an update recently and it seems like it's more optimized now will you revisit it?

  3. Hey Chris, already saw your reviews about mi5 and mi5s, in your opinion is it worth to give the extra $$ to buy the 5s ? (I really like the build quality of the 5s from what you described) , also the prices on gearbest best are super low for the mi5 (195 euro +-) but i wont mind to wait for a good 5s discount ! Thanks in advance !

  4. In electric cars they usually recommend not charging past 80 percent because energy regeneration usually fills up the battery even more. Some cars are set to only charge to 80 or even 94 percent and then turns charging OFF. You would have to unplug and replug the car in if you wanted to get to 100 which they don't recommend you do. Usually there is a reserve charge left so you don't get stranded somewhere when the screen tells you there is about 10 km's left before you run out of power.

  5. I also missed out on the previous version of the Ninebot app, the latest version has a white screen only and no dark blue screen, less appealing in my opinion

  6. A Tip .. If you need to fit a Tyre , use Vaseline on the Wheel Rim, it's far easier to do it this way rather than struggle to replace the wheel.

  7. Can you show us how you were able to remove the valve /pin in the front tyre to put the slime in? I've seen that the slime bottle cap which doubles as a removal tool, doesn't fit the front wheel. Thanks.

  8. Hi noob quick question. do you think it is okay to charge the scooter even if it's not empty? or it is just fine to charge it? does the effect the same?

  9. Hi Chris,
    Is this scooter powerful enough to up hills?
    Thinking of buying one for work from my flat to train station but couple of hills on the way not very steep but very long from bottom to top.

  10. Another tip , tidy up the red and grey wires along the front forks by using cable ties, trust me, aesthetically it makes the scooter look better plus you need not worry about any foreign objects snagging the wires (prevention is better than cure), because if the wires do get snagged and they break you will regret it.

  11. So how come you are only getting such low range when another owner of one of these is regularly getting over 20 km?
    Could it be the low tire pressures causing your lack of range.
    He gives a good kick to get it going as well so perhaps that is also an issue but upwards of over 7 km difference that's a lot.

  12. Hi just bought this scooter and I have play on the hinge when I lock the stem down on the handle bar shaft and can’t see any way of fixing the problem, any ideas ??

  13. Hey a question. I just bought mine. How do you lock it? Which accessories do you have. Can you make a video on how you lock it?

  14. Hey, good video ! Does anyone have issue connection by bluetooth with MI HOME ? I have Iphone and Xiaomi note 4, and can connect sometimes, idk why.. Can you help me?

  15. In Russia the put 10×2 times on the back wing they put a washer to make it higher what do you think I could do for the front wheel.

  16. hi there! do you need the app for this scooter to work well, or is it possible to start it up with the app and then not need to use a smartphone every time I ride it? Thanks!

  17. the app for this scooter..any links as it is hiding..any fault finding links ..wheel wont take load and shuts down thanks

  18. Did you just say 'Here in Spain'… am gonna buy one of these in the next couple of months and am living in Madrid… my concern is the heat. Have you been using this during the summer in Spain ?

  19. You are giving very bad advice to put slime in front motorised wheel. The motor is weight sensitive and will severely underperform. I experienced this no thanks to this crap advice.

    Luckily I changed inner tube and refilled with air otherwise motor would eventually overheat and get damaged. Brushless motors are very sensitive to weight!

  20. Hi, please can you advise on riding in London. Is it legal to ride the 250w on pavements and roads? With or Without a licence and insurance too? Thanks for the video

  21. Owner of M365 here, I've had this scooter for a week now clocking in 200 miles already and I live in LA. I ride like no tomorrow and have yet to get a flat. Maybe because I have sharp eyes or the fact I've been riding a bicycle everyday for the past 13 years. Either way you have to pay attention to the road and don't floor it even if its a straight road because like the guy in the video said 2nd day and a thorn in the tire. Reason why not to floor it because 1) crashing at 15 mph will hurt like a bitch 2) no time to react to a car pulling out of a driveway 3) draining the battery quickly in the long run kill it or over heat the motor. Also to keep your chances low on getting a flat is max inflating your tires. Personally I inflate to 65psi because 1) i have the least resistance 2) you less likely to get it puncture because the tire "harder" 3) because I'm fat, I weigh 220lbs or 100kg (not really but still better safe than sorry)

    At a load of 50-70kg: the front wheel is 35-40psi, the rear wheel is 40-50psi.

    At a load of 70-90kg: the front wheel is 40-45psi, the rear wheel is 45-55psi.

    At a load of 90-100kg: the front wheel is 45-50psi, the rear wheel is 50-60psi.

    At a load of more than 100 kg: it is recommended to pump up to 50-55psi front and 60-65psi rear, but careful driving is recommended. The risk of puncture increases with weight gain.

  22. Slime in tires is a big no no.. It's an emergency flat tire repair. It's only meant to hold until you get home and change the tube.

  23. Remember don't charge the battery when it'is cold.
    Don't charge every time at 100%. You improve you battery life and pottencial cycle by charging at 80% or less.

  24. Hey Chris – I'm finding that the clip (attached to the bell) that hooks the handlebar to the rear fender when folded is really awkward to release. I have a journey on the train in the morning and so have to fold/unfold a few times in peak rush hour – I wish it would just automatically lock when folded with a simple button to release like some other models. I wondered whether you had any mods / ideas how to make this a bit smoother?

  25. Hi there. I’d like to install slime as you suggest. My local bike shop says the valves on my new M365 are non-standard. They are not Shraeder vales. Would you know the name of the type of valve installed – and what tool you need to extract them? Thanks

  26. I am living in Germany. Unfortunately, these things are forbidden here. I would so much appreciate to use such a thing, here. It would totally fit my current needs…. such a scam.

  27. At the front wheel the plastic cover opens a few millimeters. Is this normal? Or is it a faulty one?
    How long can you ride because the tire gets hot?
    How stable is this thing?
    My horror vision is that the plastic cover from front wheel cracks completely.
    And what about wheels without air? Isn't it slower and use more battery?

  28. If you lowered the pressures to 2.5bars you'll get a flat tire easily. The same happens to road bicycles. It's not a matter of personal preference. The ride is harder but it has no suspension system. What did you expect? Follow the instructions.

  29. hey dude im in spain and got this scooter, well the pro, but that stuff for the tires! Where did ya get that, here in spain?

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