Five to 20 millimeters of rain expected across nation   전체적 강우량 5-20mm 예상

TGIF everyone I′m Michelle Park here with
the latest weather forecast. We have nationwide rain in store for us today. The rain is currently
coming down pretty fast here in Seoul. So pay extra attention on the roads if you′re
driving. And due to the rain, we can expect temperatures a couple of degrees lower than
yesterday. Looking at the radar,… the rain is mostly
focused in the upper west of the country, but those will eventually move eastward to
the whole nation by this evening. We aren′t expecting much rain, between 5
to 20 millimeters for most parts of the regions through this evening. But Gangwon-do will
see more through tomorrow morning, up to 40 millimeters.
Going over to the readings,… Seoul will peak at [11] this afternoon and the southern
cities of Gwangju and Busan will reach [15] and [17] degrees.
Moving over to other regions… Jeju island will get up to [24], Dokdo hits
[13] and Mount Kumgang will hit [5]. That′s all for now. I′m Michelle Park.
Have a wonderful day

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