Flask holds twice as much as a Big Gulp!

[MUSIC PLAYING] Did I ever tell you about
the time I was shot? It was back in the war. We were under heavy fire. The enemy had us pinned. And as we readied to make
our last stand– zip! Sniper got me
right in the chest. Luckily, my flask
took the bullet. It saved my life. Talk about a close shave. What are the odds a
bullet would hit my flask? And then seconds later,
it stopped a tank round. So I drink. Introducing the
half-gallon flask, a stainless steel container for
not-so-discreetly carrying 64 ounces of liquor. The comically oversized flask
can hold an entire handle of hard alcohol. Sure, it isn’t exactly practical
in the conventional sense. But that’s not the point. In fact, if you expect
this thing to be practical, you might have a problem. The half-gallon flask is
as fun to give as a gift as it is to pass
around with friends. Since the half-gallon flask
is slightly less portable than an ordinary
flask, you’ll have to get creative with
how you carry it. But it’s impressive
enough that you might give up on trying to
conceal it all together. Buy the half-gallon
flask now at Vat19.com. (SINGING) Vat19.com. If a half gallon is
too much flask for you, take a gander at the shot flask. And while you’re at it, give
the perfect drink a once over. And make sure to subscribe so
you don’t miss another video. But these kids don’t know
how good they have it.

100 thoughts on “Flask holds twice as much as a Big Gulp!

  1. Did you really have to include the very loud beep I have the volume all the way up and they sound like I had hearing aids turned up all the way

  2. The guy have armor get shoot still diie and the guy have many big gulp on body get shot still (´・ω・`)(´・ω・`)(´・ω・`)

  3. Bullet would go right through it and a tank round with blow you up and the Earth around you is a 15 ft radius

  4. Guys, just sew on a giant fabric square in the shirt to get a big pocket.you don’t need to buy the 85 dollar t shirt form vat 19

  5. that flask couldn't take a tank round or a sniper bullet
    EDIT: the flask is made of steel (which i didn't know) so it would take a sniper bullet but not a tank round

  6. i think this was the flask that one girl passed off as a clutch on her prom night 😂😂😂…..now i know where she got it

  7. Nobody:

    (this is a joke Dont take it seriously)

  8. Ok so it can stop a bullet and a tank round bespite it's thinn metal and lack of angles to do so. What the hell is it made out of?

  9. it holds 64 ounces of alcohol
    if it can hold any alcohol then… no it can’t couldn’t possibly hold…


  10. How to win a war 101:
    Step 1: buy a crap load of shirts with big pockets
    Step 2:buy a crap load of big metal flasks
    Step 3:rush the enemy
    Step 4:enjoy victory

  11. I really want you guys to make a flask that looks like a grenade but to open it you need to remove the ring thing thats attached the the cap

  12. I remember I was traveling and I went to a souvenir store and a saw a cool flask keychain and I asked my mom for it then she told me what it was for…

    I had no idea 🤦🏻‍♀️

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