FLIR CM55 & CM57 Flexible Clamp Meters

Make it easier on yourself. Get more done,
more accurately and stay safer with the help of the newest line of ergonomic
electrical test tools: the FLIR CM55 and CM57. Designed with a narrow, flexible coil clamp,
the CM55 and 57 can snake and bend around all kinds of obstacles that hard jaw meters can’t get to. Making it much simpler to measure
current in tight, awkward spots. Efficient and convenient, these
stand-alone clamp meters make inspections and maneuverability easier than ever. Bright, dual LED work
lights provide built-in illumination to help you see into dark spaces and
overcome shadows. Bluetooth communication allows you to
connect iOS and Android smartphones or tablets, for
remote diagnostics in hard-to-reach or hazardous areas. You can even link
multiple units for remote wireless viewing of multi-phase systems. And, use our free
FLIR Tools mobile app to upload and share data fast, without the
need for special cords. Choose from two flexible coil links: the
10-inch CM55 and 18-inch CM57. The new CM55 and CM57
flexible clamp meters. Efficient current measurement at its ergonomic-best. From FLIR.

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  1. Introducing the new FLIR CM55 & CM57 Flexible Clamp Meters

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