FLIR MR160 Thermal Imaging Moisture Meter

It’s the very first of its kind. The only
moisture meter in the world with the remarkable ability to show you a thermal
image that pinpoints potential problems and
where to measure. Introducing the new FLIR MR160, featuring IGM, infrared guided
measurement, built-in powerful FLIR thermal imaging
technology that lets you see hidden cold spots
associated with moisture evaporation. With IGM, an on-board laser pointer, plus easy to see display crosshairs, the MR160 makes it effortless to home-in on trouble. An integrated pinless sensor and
included external pin probe provide the flexibility you need to measure and
confirm that the cold spot is truly moisture, before you pull out the drywall saw.
Overlay data onto the thermal image and store it all in one right on the MR160. Then, download the images at your
convenience, review them and generate impressive
reports with the free FLIR Tool software. Built tough and backed by our
industry-leading warranty, the MR160 can serve as your go-to
troubleshooting tool right out of the box or be the perfect sidekick to any high-resolution thermal camera you already own. The all-new FLIR MR160 imaging moisture meter with IGM, part
of the next generation in test and measurement. Only from FLIR.

7 thoughts on “FLIR MR160 Thermal Imaging Moisture Meter

  1. Introducing the new Thermal Imaging Moisture Meter the FLIR MR160

  2. And to think that my cousin Lloyd has been working on a digital mould meter for the last two years – This moisture meter can help prevent mould before it starts.

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