FLOWSIC600-XT from SICK: THE PERFECT MATCH  – Ultrasonic gas flow meters | SICK AG

Over the past 15 years we have finely
honed ultrasonic technology. We have brought about best gas flow meters to
the market. We have listened to our customers. We have understood what they
have said and made the best gas flow meters even better Now we present Flowsic600-XT: Thanks to a state-of-the-art ultrasonic sensor technology it is even
less sensitive to background noise Its direct path layout helps ensure
extremely precise measurements even in the event of corrosion or contamination. If operating conditions change, the integrated pressure and temperature
sensor compensates for gas losses by automatically correcting the measured
values. Thanks to i-diagnostics FLOWSIC
monitors itself. If changes are detected in the status of the plant, FLOWSIC communicates this immediately and the integrated solution assistant ensures
that help is provided quickly. In addition to standard interfaces FLOWSIC now offers an infrared interface Using the adapter, measured value and
diagnostic data can be transferred to a laptop or tablet and evaluated in next
to no time. And best of all: Thanks to Power in technology FLOWSIC continues to take measurements even in the event of a mains power failure: The power
requirements of all the electronics is reduced and the integrated backup
battery provides power for up to three weeks. FLOWSIC600-XT is available in
four versions as a standalone or system solution, perfectly tailored to customers
needs. When it comes to choosing the right gas flow meter there’s no room for compromise.

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