FM Transmitter-15 KM range Digital

hello I find a large number of enquiries
almost every day on FM transmitter FM transmitter is easily available in the
market and from various power ratings right from 100 meter range to even 25
kilometers range at a very reasonable price few of them have got some displays
and few of them do not have any display the one which you see here has a display
available where the name of the product is written and then the frequency which
can be changed by the frequency button the volume of the audio volume which can
be changed by the audio volume and in the power output can be changed from
certain range to certain highest ring it also has the inputs like audio auxiliary
audio input and SD card slot micro SD card slot where up to 8 GB micro card
can be inserted which can hold about 7000 above songs or whatever audio that
you have and it also has a microphone input other some cooling fans which are
provided and then of course the antenna and and then the power supply it
requires 12 volt 3 amperes power supply this by far I find the best one that
perhaps is available in the market at the price is at which it is quoted the
difference between the analog type and the digital type which is this one the
digital type the analog type has a large number of harmonics harmonic meaning the
frequency at the nearby place is or multiple frequencies of course with
little less power whereas a digital one it responds to exactly the same
frequency in this particular case which is given frequency of one zero seven
point six megahertz and it exactly operates at 107.6 megahertz or
whatever that you are just with the frequency the beauty is this it gives a
very good range of about ten to fifteen kilometers with a good yagi antenna
or with a ground plane antenna it can give comfortably about 10 kilometers in
radius so I would recommend or I would rather suggest that instead of trying
the analog types which are available in the market where frustration comes while
the frequency drifting takes place whereas here the frequency drifting is
almost ruled out because it’s on digital arrangement so number two is the
mismatch of the antenna which is also a very important thing that happens where as
in this kind of modules in this kind of arrangements the mismatch of antenna
doesn’t take place because it adequately takes the precaution on those areas
therefore I would suggest that this kind of system should be required here is
another look of the same where we have the adapter and it gets connected to AC
supply from 100 volts 240 volts it can work in US or in UK or in any other
country and the 12 volt is given here which is 3 amperes though the power
consumption is not 3 ampere that’s how the power is based on the power
consumption it shows the power output and plus a cooling fan which is provided
for its cooling operations so my recommendation is that one should go in
for this only this is available at

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  1. Hi Patnaik, i need your help, will be launching my radio station in a month from now on. I need the fm transmitter which is ready that i can connect and get my local frequency and ready to go. here's my email address [email protected] I'm based in South Africa, for now my radio is playing online here … please do reply back to me since i need the fm transmitter before the 12th of January. Prerebly 5km to 15km range..

  2. I need 15 km rainge fm transmitter for making my private brodcast
    Can u pls WhatsApp to my num +919581377852

  3. can you make a video on "Do it yourself Walkie Talkie circuit"?? I want to make one at home. I have been trying to understand how real one works.

  4. You are talking complete rubbish! Harmonics have nothing to do with "digital" or "analogue". Both vco and pll systems will have harmonics. What matters is having a low pass filter to attenuate the harmonics produced before they reach the antenna.

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