For your birds, make all your measurements in millimeters

Today’s tip: freedom fries! Quick what is
half of three and five-eighths of an inch? Well, if you said one and thirteen
sixteenths of an inch– bully for you! You know, there’s only a couple of countries
in the entire world that still use this system of measurement. I’m gonna
recommend that you use millimeters to measure your birds. It is a heck of a lot
easier to do math. So, half of three and five-eighths?
Well, what about half of 92 because 92 millimeters is the same as three and
five-eighths of an inch. It’s a lot easier to divide 92 in half and say 46!
than it is to do the fractional math and say, let’s see, half of 5/8 is 5/16… now I
have to add 5/16 to one and a half which is half of three… well, you get the
picture. Listen, Canada might be taking over the bird carving world. they might be
taking over the United States, and, you know, what about– what about those
Europeans? What about Pepe LePew and his freedom fries? Well, just measure your
stuff in millimeters, save yourself a huge headache. [LAUGHING]

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