Ford Mustang GT500 Shelby going 325 km/h (English subtitled) – by Autovisie TV

We’ve known the Ford Mustang for almost half a
century and several types have been built. The most famous ones are the Boss and Mustang Shelby of which there are also many variants. This is the last one, the Shelby GT500. and this is the one we should cherish, since
Carol Shelby is no longer with us. This is what it is about. A compressor which gets it’s air from this huge airbox. The air goes through here Then here is a tube which is driven by the motor
that is driving the rod in this impeller. The air reaches the impeller that rotates faster and… more air reaches the 5.8 litre V8 and together with a lot of fuel, it will generate 662 bhp. Through a 6-speed gearbox, to the rear wheels. This is the only Mustang GT500 in Europe
and therefore, Ford is rather anxious about it. And that’s why I had to sign a paper with several terms such as: not ‘performing any burnouts’, and I understand, considering the 20 inch GoodYear Eagles at the rear, 285 wide and 35 high, or low I should say. Those are very expensive tires. Also, I am not allowed to drift, because that will ruin them as well. It has launch control. No mr. Budding, sign, you are not going to use that function. It has a stability system that can be switched off, but I am not allowed to. What is boils down to is that there is not a lot I can do with this car. So that leaves me only one thing to test. Its top speed. Of course I need an empty bit of road for this. And on this highway you should not be
seeing any other cars ahead of you You are approaching them so fast and you shouldn’t put anyone in danger. Not yourself, but definitely neither someone else. So we have to wait until the highway clears up. But in the meantime, some interesting facts about the Mustang. There will be a new Mustang in the US, late 2014 And that generation will also be available with a 4-cilinder turbo engine. An engine that
will generate a lot of power combined with a lower fuel consumption. An efficient one, with a normal carbon emission And that Mustang, with its four cylinder turbo,will be available in the Netherlands in 2015. Finally a Ford Mustang at the Dutch dealerships. Until then, we will have to make do with this Shelby. Do not let the speedometer fool you with its big scale, what you see are miles. What we need are the kilometres, the small numbers. And that scale ends at 360 km/h. In fourth gear… …and eventually 240 km/h in fourth gear. Switching to fifth gear 280 km/h… Now it slowly approaches 320 km/h. I have to say… …you need two lanes on the motorway. I just drove 325 km/h. Those brakes are done for. Above 310 km/h you can feel the car swerving a bit. Still, there is quite some stability in this car, in fact there is more stability above 300 km/h than below 200 km/h. Between 200 en 300 km/h comes alive. Strange isn’t it? It is like the car is most comfortable when driving really fast.. …this car is purely made for driving really fast. When you change form 5th to 6th gear at 300 km/h it does not add any speed… …but in 5th you will eventually reach 325 km/h. That is fast. That is really fast. The gastank is already empty

34 thoughts on “Ford Mustang GT500 Shelby going 325 km/h (English subtitled) – by Autovisie TV

  1. That's a great car and it's stock .. Mine is +700 RWHP and that's sure will shorten the distend .. And guys its one language.. GT500

  2. Top gear would not even give this car any positive comments if it were the best handling, fastest car in the world. Face it..they despise American cars and are biased.

  3. the ZR1 has a higher top speed, and get's there a lot faster. Although this was a nice achievement for the ford's SVT Branch.

  4. hazama yuuki,the mustang and vette are not in the same class.its mustang vs camaro in which the mustang is king.

  5. I am more of a GM guy but this is awesome. A 65,000$ car going 200 MPH stock. No one else but Ford can make that claim.

  6. No such thing as an accurate speedometer
    this car was doing 190mph because at 196mpg the speedo read over 205mph

  7. @4:27 mark, the needle covers 320 km/h which is actually 198mph. He is going by km/h because its more accurate than mph at higher speeds. You have to have the english subtitles turned on though to know thats what he was doing.

  8. However, the speedometer on these Mustangs are so close together, you cannot get a good reading without a radar gun.

  9. Amazing car. This one should have quite a mileage since it's the same one that Top GEar used for their challenge and is the same one that Autocar used.

  10. mooie video budding je zei in de video dat het de laatste was maar nu 4 jaar later in 2017 is er toch nog een gt350r

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