Ford Mustang Mach-E: первый электрокроссовер марки

Ford Mustang It’s a whole cult
small sports coupe with aggressive appearance
known all over the world. henceforth The Mustang is also a crossover.
And electric. Premiere new items called Mustang
Mac took place at a special event in Los Angeles.
This name is sending to the most powerful modifications
Mustang sports car first generations. Most affordable
new version with drive on the rear axle will cost
43 thousand customers dollars, which is cheaper than the nearest
rival tesla modal uvay (from 47 thousand dollars).
And the dynamics of the “charged” makie ji ti is superior
Porsche Macan Turbo. Mustang is built on a new platform,
which will soon lie in basis and other electric cars
company. gloibel electric triphide 2, which is modernized
C architecture version 2 used by models
Focus and Kuga. Front – Racks McPherson, and at the back – multi-link
suspension and stabilizers lateral stability.
In the top versions of the electric car received adaptive shock absorbers. sloping roof line resembling
coupe profile appeared thanks to black plastic
overlays on top of sidewalls, that go into the spoiler
fifth door and visually hide the comb
high roof over the rear in places. All optics’ electrocross
LED light. Traced in appearance
kinship with the Ford crossover Kuga, although Mac is bigger and
tailored differently. By size he is close to Mercedes ge el ce
Coupe: Wheelbase – 2984 mm, length – 4712 mm, height
– 1597 mm. Ground clearance is 145 millimeters for an ordinary
crossover and 135 millimeters – the GT version. Crossover
two luggage racks: rear volume – 821 liters under the shelf and 1
688 liters when folded rear seats. One more
135 compartment under the hood. Instead of door knobs
on the roof racks. After their pushing the door a little
jump out of the openings. Mac will be equipped
discs from 18 to 20 inches and aluminum calipers
FlexirA Brembo. Learn Mustang in the interior
only barely noticeable symmetrical “wings”
on the front panel. Display appliances – horizontal
10.2 inches center – vertical by 15.5 inches.
Interface design and there and there is rather office – very
strict and emotionally neutral. Platform
SON FO took a step forward and now possesses an enviable
flexibility – for example, connect Apple Phone
CarPlay is possible without cable and at the same time use
car navigation and music interface
iPhone. electrocross is possible equip system package
Security CO PILOT 360 2.0 Mustang MAK IE will have two rear-wheel drive
modifications: basic with 75.7 kilowatt battery
and a 255-horsepower unit, as well as a more capacious battery
at 98.8 kilowatt hours and motor 282 power. Besides
In addition, the line will include all-wheel drive options with the same batteries
and 332 horsepower. Power reserve depending
from version varies from 340 to 600 kilometers, and acceleration
from 0 to “hundreds” – from seven up to 5.5 seconds.
As for the very the powerful Mustang MAK IE GT, in
which installation composition two electric motors will enter
total capacity 465 forces, then he put the battery
capacity of 98.8 kilowatt hours. power reserve of 500 km. Claimed
acceleration time by 0 to 100 kilometers per hour – 3.5 seconds. superfast charging functions
MAK IE does not support – a maximum of 150 kW when refueling
direct current, Fordovtsy explain this by the fact that in
80% of electric vehicles still charging at home
and it will be more reasonable to offer customers choice from different
home stations. The model is already available for
order: at the first stage Ford will launch a limited
FEST EDISION series with full driven, panoramic roof
with infrared protection and an extended list of equipment.
The cost of such a performance – 59.9 thousand dollars, and
prepayment is 500 dollars. To car dealerships
the model will end 2020 and will appear simultaneously
in the USA, China and Europe.

17 thoughts on “Ford Mustang Mach-E: первый электрокроссовер марки

  1. машинка без сомнения хорошая, но это всё что угодно, только не мустанг. поклонники культовой марки сожрут этих дурных маркетологов за такое кощунство. и ведь будут правы.

  2. И так платежи за свет космические, хз сколько будет выходить если ещё и машину заряжать…

  3. На Форде фантазия совсем закончилась? Ну придумайте вы новое имя для своего электрического кроссовера – зачем легенду трогать?

  4. Как жаль, что Форд ушел с РФ! Мне очень нравился мондео. Сейчас бы потестить новый фокус! Эх!

  5. Он какой-то уродский, особенно сзади. Дизайнеры знатно деграднули…

  6. Куда катится мир -Лансер теперь переднеприводный кроссовер, мустанг – полноприводный электрический кроссовер…

  7. Да ну не, только не мустанг. Что угодно только не мустанг. Электро ещё и кроссовер.

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