FP Postbase 30 Postage Meter

Kyle Mitchell with whitaker brothers and this
is the FP postbase 30 semi-automatic postage system from whitaker brothers it’s a very special
machine unlike your old school analog phone line postage machines that
have to dial up through an internal modem in order to get their postage this runs entirely off the internet so
if you put this into a data poured into the wall it will download its postage it’ll download
updated postage rates and it will also download updated software as it
becomes available and it’s all done completely over the
internet so no more hogging up a fax line or anything like that I think the easiest way to demonstrate a
person’s chance to show you how it works and take this letter which just after
the number sheets of paper and I’m going to weigh it and I’m gonna see
how much it costs so here we’ll weigh it there we go it’s one
ounce but here’s the thing we gotta tell it
that we want to send it first-class and we want to send a standard letter we
could add insurance or COD or certified mail I as other fun things if we wanted to but for now 46 cents is what this costs and im gonna hit OK and except that and now I’m just gonna show
you how quickly this machine can operate so I’m going to enter it through the first one the ink cartrages have to un park but after
that’s done its gonna go just about as fast as I can feed it so there you go but what happens whne I’ve
got something larger like this obviously we can put this through a feeder so that’s why we have other
options so we can send a parcel so again a touch the same button I’m gonna touch the money
button I know we’re gonna send this first class
but this time it’s a package it’s not a letter it’s gonna be a package so I touch that I’ll weigh it there we go $2.07 and at this point again so it won’t go
through their I have to create it as a label and there you have it I would just peel this on
stick it to this box and as long as I’ve got the address on the box the United States Postal service will take
it no problem that last thing we really like about the
post base series is it is completely upgradeable this comes but a five-pound scale standard but if
you need to make a ten or fifteen pounds no problem this starts as a semi-automatic unit but
if you want to add a sealer or if you wanna make it fully automatic
so that it it goes to the envolopes by itself you can do that it can go all the way up to eighty five
pieces per minute if you like same thing applies to the accounting
software we can go up and over 200 accounts if you want to and all of these updates
can occur completely over the Internet so its software unlocked it can be done within about 24 hourI so
again this is the postbase 30 from whitaker brothers thanks for watching

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  1. Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but who pays to the postal company?  Would that be Francotyp Postalia?  If so, does Francotyp Postalia have some special pricing  with the local postal company where they make few cents per each postage?

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