Fraldinha à Parmegiana

Hello Friends of Ogros S/A channel. Welcome, everyone! I’m Baco. And today I’m here to make Parmegiana’s Flank Steak on the barbecue. This is a recipe that fills your eyes and
it makes the belly snore! So now let’s see the ingredients and
begin the preparation of this beauty. Here are the ingredients for our Flank Steak.. Are they: 2 pounds of Flank Steak. 1 egg. 1 cup of wheat flour. 1/2 pound of grated mozzarella cheese. 1 tomato. Oregano and salt to taste. In addition to soybean oil to
way later. Let’s prepare! Let’s put the Flank Steak in a bowl. Season with salt. Then we put the egg. Rub the egg well. Then we sprinkle the wheat flour. Then she had a good time on the Flank Steak. We’ll also leave the tomato sliced. Let’s get a shape and put on a grill in the barbecue and put the oil. Put enough oil to give a 1/2 inch layer. Let’s let this oil heat up. Now let’s put the Flank Steak on. A lot of calm in that hour or a lot of time in that calm !!! Also the tomatoes. Ten minutes on each side is enough
to reach the point of the flesh (medium-rare). Before turning the meat we will remove the tomatoes that are already ready. Now let’s take the form … and put on the grill to dry the oil. Three minutes on that side. Let’s turn. Put the cheese. And the tomato. Finished with oregano. And now let’s put the turned shape to melt the cheese. Wait another 5 minutes. Our Parmegiana´s Flank Steak was ready.
Now let’s cut and see what you gave. And that’s it! If you liked the video of today give a like down here. See you next Thursday!

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  1. Meu amigo sempre inovando e trazendo coisas novas em seus cardápios. Parabéns e cada vez mais sucesso pra ti guerreiro. Felicidades!

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