Francigena Update 85 | La Storta to Roma 19 km

Day eighty-five, La Storta to Roma. Left the Ostello at 5:45 am. I’m going to miss having croissants and cappuccinos for breakfast every day at bars and gas stations. It didn’t take long for the morning rush hour hit, but I’m thankful for the sidewalks on both sides of the street. Come on, seriously, compare to what I’ve been through before, this is a joke. After an hour, a detour took me back into a lost world. With Low-level fog, some of the worst obstructions of the trip but I pressed on and came out the other side into Rome. A special cappuccino from two friendly baristas and I was making my way up the observatory where I got my first views of the city and the Vatican. The streets of Rome were a madhouse with large crowds of tourist roaming the capital. I relived my pilgrimage with every stamp I touched and finally after three months, 2,000 km I reached Saint Peter’s square. I put my scallop shell to work and had a celebratory toast to a job well done. The Pilgrim’s office is a couple of steps away, and I got my Testimonium in Latin with the Vatican’s seal and all. It was time for Gelato. That was some good Gelato. Guys if you liked the videos please don’t forget to subscribe, hit the like button and share the videos with your friends. I would like to thank everyone that was with me from the beginning. Especially those who donated and sent me encouraging messages when I was camping in France or walking in the heatwave or the rainy days. You know, your thoughts, you know really pushed me to go all the way. I will be going on another trip in a couple of months. hint, hint! So, check out the link on the description below if you want to be part of the adventure. And that was my day in a minute, and it only took a minute of your day, see you on the next adventure.

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  1. Efren, I am so happy for you having accomplished this pilgrimage but sad at the same time as it is over. Everyday i would expect a notification saying that your day's adventure was up. Thanks so much. Good luck!

  2. $3,000 goal? I've done the Camino Portuguese. You don't need that much to walk it dude. I gave you money for the VF because it's not as well supported but the Camino is.

  3. Bravo Efrén! I wish I could have donated more $$, but I was between jobs this summer. The content you create for all of us is actually priceless. Your humor, passion and overall zest for life is infectious and inspiring. I’m adding the VF to my bucket list and like I’ve said before, whenever I’m homesick for the Camino, I binge your videos. Merry Christmas and happy new year. 🎄🍷⛺️🥾

  4. Fantastic, you made it. Good luck on your next adventure, the CP. I've done two of them and each were unique. Good luck on whatever route you choose. I did the Central in 2016 and the Sende Litoral in September last. It's pretty hard to say that one is better than the other but if you would like my thoughts on each just let me know. Buen Camino Efren.

  5. Hi Efren, my boyfriend happily donated expecting the same type of videos as your very inspirational Elcamino vlogs and daily (or close) updates AS you walked, this was pretty much implied.
    We get that you were living in the moment when you disappeared and that is the idea of a camino but you kinda said something different with the Gofundme wording and instead of videos like the Elcamino we got 1 minute per day AFTER its all over for a large portion of your walk and no more mention of the longer videos.
    Now you are asking you ask for more to do another journey that 'does' have the support you claimed you needed the funding for on the Francigena.
    There are many deserving selfless people doing it hard in life financially & emotionally yet many still managing to fund a single camino walk and would love to be able to do 3 different walks

    There is absolutely no malice meant with this post and we still love your Elcamino videos AND your 1 minute videos as well but we cannot give again.

  6. Whow that was an awesome trip. I enjoyed every step of it. Thanks you your beautiful videos i walked this year from Bayonne, France via Santiago,Finisterra to Porto Portugal. Respect for the video work what you do wile walking. It can take a lot of time.
    I’m planing on walking in Turkey 🇹🇷 next year.
    Have a beautiful Christmas holiday and i keep following you.
    Greetings from the Netherlands 👊🏻

  7. We add our congratulations on finishing, and praise the sustained quality of your vlogs. Looking forward to the full editions which we find are some of the most entertaining on YouTube. You know you have made it when the trolls start slagging you off! Have a good Xmas break with your family.

  8. Quelle épopée depuis ton passage au Moulin de la Fleuristerie. Merci pour ce reportage journalier unique de Canterburry à Rome pour tous les futurs pèlerins de la ViaFrancigena!!!

  9. Hi Efren, Great news and a great challenge overcome! You have been a huge inspiration, to the extent that my wife and I will be walking the Camino from SJPP to Santiago next spring? We leave SJPP a couple of days before Easter – perhaps we'll see you in Santiago? Best wishes for Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  10. Wow eres increíble tío!! Y ahora vas a hacer el camino de Santiago que es de las mejores experiencias que he vivido en mi vida. Te va a encantar. De donde sacas el dinero para hacer estas aventuras? Me encantaría poder hacerlas yo también . Un saludo y fuerte abrazo!!

  11. Felicidades Efren!, después de hacer una peregrinación de 3 meses, cualquier camino de 2 a 4 semanas suena como juego de niños. Esperamos ansiosos tu siguiente serie, las jornadas diarias con tu manera de relatarlas adquieren un tono mucho más interesante.

  12. Congratulations for reaching Rome, now also as a vlogger. You really did a great job, surviving heat, rain, steep climbs and long distances.

  13. Felicitaciones, Efrén. Realmente gocé con tus videos, especialmente el tramo de Gran San Bernardo a Roma porque es un recorrido que quiero hacer el año próximo.

  14. Brilliant! Congratulations on completing such a mammoth journey! I have been so happily entertained by your 'day in a minute' and was happy to donate to support you. I am so eager for the next adventure – I hope you get some serious down time and an opportunity to relax with your family.

  15. So happy for you, I hope I see you on the Camino Portugues, we going to do the same Camino at the end of May, hope to see you around ❤️

  16. Today, we finished watching your vlogs on the Francigena way. BRAVO Efren 👏👏👏 for an amazing accomplishment you have done. Not very many can say they have done the francigena way! You are among the few lucky ones. With your perseverance and grit. Very well done pilgrim👏👍🎉. I hope you make a documentary of your Francigena Journey. Of course we are one of the very many who will want to see/buy it for sure. 😃 Good luck on your next Camino. Keep inspiring as many people to start their own journey. Just like you did to us when we got inspired to do our own Camino❤️ God bless!— tg and alex

  17. Good work mate.
    My wife and I have loved every minute of your day. And it only took a minute of our day.
    We walked the Frances in 2016 and the Portugues this year.
    Good luck on your next adventure. It’s a hard one.

  18. Congrats, Efren! It must have been a great experience!

    BTW, would you consider making a review about the Wheelie V Cargo Braked? I´m considering its purchase for the Camino, but it´s quite expensive and there´s very little info out there about it. I´m sure not many people in the world have walked as many miles with it as you have, so your opinion would be extremely helpful.

    Anyway, sólo una idea (interesada… :P) Cuídate!

  19. Efren, congratulations, you made it. Great videos, I have watched them daily. Looking forward for your next adventure. Maybe we meet in Santiago. I will start the Camino frances early in May 2019.

  20. Which Camino will you be tackling this year? Any update on the schedule?
    Also, it would be interesting if you would do a gear review of how your kit for the via francigina faired, and another for your next Camino?

  21. I'm just wondering why you would be redoing old videos first instead of working on the Via Francigena vlogs you had people donate towards.
    You'll be on your next camino before you get the Via Francigena vlogs done and you're asking for money again already and on walks that as a few below are saying is well supported but you seem to have afforded very nice cameras & equipment around the time of the last gofundme
    I am wondering yes viewer donations paid your camino costs while you spent your own money on equipment

  22. Well done, wow what an achievement!
    Your CF videos gave me a great insight into what to expect on my walk SJPDP to Santiago back in May 2018. I loved every step so much I’m now planning CP in Sep, so look forward to your videos for more insights into that route if you do it in Spring as mentioned here. Happy to donate…

  23. What an achievement! Happy to been able to support you a little through this massive journey! Congratulations! When does your next adventure begin?

  24. Efren, congratulations on an epic walk and a great VLOG. Let me know about your next pilgrimage and I may be able to provide some sponsorship. Buon Cammino. – Randy

  25. Wow ! That was 89 minutes of my day ! Well done , very enjoyable video. Love your naration ! . Very envious !

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